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Dec 17

Second Life Privacy Warning

Second Life Profile

Linden Labs recently introduced a community page, that makes it possible for anyone on the internet to view your in-world profile. Here’s how to hide your private stuff.

Dec 12

How to Subscribe Anonymously

GMail Settings

A step-by-step guide to sunbsrcibing to blogs (especially this one) and other sites, without giving those sites your email address.

Dec 11

Turned into a Bunny Girl – In Heat!

Luxuria Entertaining Guests

Back in October, I fell into the delicious clutches of the domme, Elizabeth Boissay, and using hypnosis, she turned me into a sex bunny, complete with a lust-crazed heat cycle based on time of the month. Want more details? I bet you do.

Aug 01

Collars in SL

A post about the way subs and doms relate to collars, and how that relationship can be used to enrich a BDSM relationship in Second Life (SL).

Mar 13

The dangers of being hypnotised by a bimbo

My friend Hallie is a bit of a bimbo fanatic. She wants to be hypnotised into being a sex-crazed, shopping-mad sexy giggly brainless bimbo. She had the bright idea of hypnotising me. What could go wrong?

Mar 06

Second Life is a Fiasco?

In the first Fiasco Awards, 2009, Second Life was nominated. Was it justified?

Feb 20

Hypnotron – the ultimate Second Life hypnosis machine?

There are hypnosis machines in Second Life – objects that when you sit your avatar in them, you get hypnotised in the real world. This is a review and instruction manual for the most well-known of them, the hypnotron.

Feb 18

Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger!

An in-depth journalistic investigation of a serious phenomenon – the expanding breasts of Second Life!

Feb 18

The Pursuit of Happiness

A news article describing – gasp! – the positive benefits of spending a chunk of your time online, in virtual worlds.

Feb 16

Slavery and Submission in Second Life

Is there a difference between slaves and submissives? This is my answer to a question that isn’t asked often enough in Second Life.

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