Dec 17

Second Life Privacy Warning

This short post is to bring to your attention a feature introduced in SL some time ago that will have privacy implications for some residents. Click to Read More »

Dec 12

How to Subscribe Anonymously

I imagine most of the readers of this blog are Second Life residents, and some of you don’t like to link real world information with your Second Life account. In this post I will show you a very easy way to subscribe to this blog, and others, without using your real world identity. Click to Read More »

Dec 11

Turned into a Bunny Girl – In Heat!

Back in October, I fell into the clutches of the domme, Elizabeth Boissay, and using hypnosis, she turned me into a sex bunny, complete with a lust-crazed heat cycle based on time of the month. Want more details? I bet you do.

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Aug 01

Collars in SL

What the well dressed bimbo is wearing this season

What the well dressed bimbo is wearing this season

Second Life has a wide variety of scripted collars, that are great fun to play with and can enrich an online BDSM experience or relationship. But this article isn’t really about them. I want to talk about the concept of collaring – that is, a submissive giving themselves to a dominant, and accepting a collar to show their position in the relationship.
It seems to me that many subs in SL get collared far too quickly. People get to know each other, have a bit of fun, go straight to collaring, and then a week or two later, split up and go their separate ways. Now, this is fine for those who enjoy that, but I’d be looking for a deeper experience. I find myself very reluctant to call anyone my owner, even just for play in a scene – it’s not a term I use lightly, and if I ever do use it, I want it to mean something.

Some time ago, I came across Inara Pey’s excellent page on collars in SL which was a real eye opener. (The whole blog is worth reading – she has probably already covered anything I could think of to say on BDSM in SL, and better – the link is at the end of this article.) In that page on collars, she brings her offline BDSM experience into SL, and puts forward an approach to collaring that makes it the kind of courtship I think it should be. Her article is well worth a read, but here is the part I found most intriguing: Enter Me »

Mar 13

The dangers of being hypnotised by a bimbo

This entry is part of a series, Hall of Fame»

My friend Hallie is a bit of a bimbo fanatic. She wants to be hypnotised into being a sex-crazed, shopping-mad sexy giggly brainless bimbo.
It’s something I’d like to experience being triggered into, temporarily, as well.
Hallie is also learning to be a hypnotist. So… Click to Read More »

Posts in this series:
  1. The dangers of being hypnotised by a bimbo

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Mar 06

Second Life is a Fiasco?

“It’s official, Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system gets the prize for being the most overhyped, underperforming information and communication technology (ICT) project.”

That’s the report from Scientific America, on the first ever Fiasco Awards held in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb 26th, 2009.

What caught my eye, though, was that among those nominated was Second Life. Now, I’ve experienced my share of crashes, and inventory loss, and the sort of glitches that every user of Second Life sooner or lets gets familiar, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But then I read why it was considered a fiasco:

“The fiasco of Second Life is mainly due to the way it works. An application to be downloaded and installed leaves out of it the people who will not or can not do this process. It also makes it impossible to access it from any computer connected to Internet. Moreover, the complexity of its operation and of its initial tutorial causes rejection among users.”

The last part makes sense (after all, most people who try SL give up after 2 hours, never to return), but I am speechless at the idea that it’s ruled a fiasco simply because it requires people to install it…

Feb 20

Hypnotron – the ultimate Second Life hypnosis machine?

There are hypnosis machines in Second Life – objects that when you sit your avatar in them, you get hypnotised in the real world. They are soooo cool! They come in a wide variety, from alien slave pods to entrancing paintings, and even brain implants. I plan to review them all. But for this first review, I’ll start with perhaps the most common of them all, the device that sets the standard by which all others are judged. I am talking, of course, of the Hypnotron. Click to Read More »

Feb 18

Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger!

This is a phenomena that demands serious study! Second Life seems to be making my boobs bigger! Don’t laugh, I have photographic evidence. Click to Read More »

Feb 18

The Pursuit of Happiness

Often, those of us who spend time in online worlds are told to “get a life,” as if ‘living’ in a virtual community is somehow less rewarding or wholesome than, say, spending our evenings in a pub getting wasted. (Of course, it’s not an either/or situation – we can do both! Sometimes at the same time!)

But on the “get a life” criticism, here is an interesting article from Reuters: Click to Read More »

Feb 16

Slavery and Submission in Second Life

“But doesn’t a small part of you wish … to be so totally enraptured with someone that you don’t even want to say no, much less think it.”

“If you could have a total brainwashing with anyone as the mistress, who would it be?”

I was asked these very intriguing questions within an hour of each other, by two friends who happen to be SL hypnodommes. There’s a hidden assumption in these questions, one which highlights a very interesting difference between the traditional BDSM world, and the hypnosis community of Second Life.

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