Status update

Just a minor update: tweaked the blog’s colours and other theme-y stuffs. I hope I didn’t break anything. Who put a bimbo in charge of this stuff?!

Let me know if you see any oddities.



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  1. Carrie D

    Oh Giggli, the theme you had before 4/12 was so much better. Unless that was a wordpress issue i saw today on the front page.

  2. Giggli

    Oh no! *whimper*
    What did you see? I installed some speedy-uppy thing last night which might have done funny things (sorry for using such techie terms – I’m a web designer now!).

    Does it look okay now?

  3. Carrie D

    It looks fine now! Not sure what happened. It just as easily could have been on my end. I’m not the smartest when it comes to these things either *giggles*

  4. Julie

    It *seems* you are no longer blogging (based on the age of your most-recent post), Giggli, which is a shame. I just discovered your blog, have dabbled in SL hypnosis, had become a little disillusioned with it, but found your stories inspiring. I hope you decide to pick up the blogging again if you have time. It’s a fun and educational read.

  5. Giggli

    I’m very happy to hear that. Thank you 🙂

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