I’m a SLebrity – get me outta here!

After the heavy posts over the last few weeks, let’s talk about something different. Though, I guess it’s still kind of heavy, just in another way.

Since I created this blog, I’ve had numerous people come up to me and say things like, “You’re that Giggli! I love your blog!” These people clearly have fine taste.

I also have met a few people who tell me that my blog was one of the things that swayed them into signing up for Second Life or investigating hypnotism. That makes me feel very good. I think the only way it could make me feel better, is if some evil hypnotist had programmed me to encourage people to come on to Second Life so they would fall into his or her web…

But seriously, it’s nice to know people – including a few hypnotists and dominants – have joined SL or are benefitting from hypnosis at least partly because of me. I’m a celebrity! Yay! (Or a SLebrity maybe?)

People sometimes also ask me for advice or guidance about hypnosis. Which trances are good for them, what’s a good place to meet hypnotists, what toys are good, whether hypnosis is real, etc. I love questions like this, and I try to answer such questions as best I can. I like to be of service! (Maybe I should have an Ask Giggli column *giggle*.)

All these things are nice and fun, and rewarding. There are downsides to being super-famous though. One thing, in particular, bugs me.

Every now and then someone approaches me, and after complimenting me on my blog or otherwise buttering me up, says something like, “Can you introduce me to some hypnodommes?” Or more blatantly, “Can you ask some hypnodommes to hypnotise me?”

This request always made me feel weird. My instinct is always to launch into something of a mini-rant which might go something like this:

“What? No, you have to chat them up yourself.

When you ask me to introduce you to someone, you’re really asking me to recommend you to them as a potential playmate.

But i don’t know you. I don’t want to be put in the position of recommending someone I can’t vouch for. You might be a trouble maker or a pest. I don’t know. How can I recommend you without knowing you?

Also, it’s like you’re assuming that I have dommes hanging on my word, ready to hypnotise anyone I recommend. That’s not the case. If you want to meet dommes, there’s no shortcut. You have to actually meet them yourself.

You managed to approach me with this request. You can approach them too.”

Of course, I don’t say that. What I actually say is more like, “No, I don’t do that. I can tell you a few places and groups you can join where hypnotists can be found, and you can approach them yourself. “

The whole thing makes me feel weird. I think this is a very presumptuous thing to be asking. It feels like I’m being used. What do you think? Is it kind of weird people that ask this of me?

As a footnote, I wouldn’t mind living in that fantasy world of their imagination where I had my own stable of hypnotists ready to hypnotise me at my whim. If that were the case, though, I’d be spending a lot more time in a hypnotic daze and probably wouldn’t be in any condition to recommend people…

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How I Became a Sex Doll and Size Queen

I first met BadBoy a few years ago. I wasn’t in the mood for playing with anyone, but he won me over with his charm and considerate manner.

Later that day, I fantasised that he had tranced me that day and had his wicked way with me, and now I’m sure (90% sure) that really did happen, and that was not simply a daydream but a memory surfacing.

We met a lot after that, and our meetings had a similar pattern. We’d meet up, I’d sit and talk with him, end up horny as hell, and go somewhere with him for sex. And later, I’d fantasise or dream about him, and in those fantasies, he’d be using trance to turn me on.

I realise now at least parts of those daydreams were resurfacing memories of his trance. There were also times when he was sloppy or just didn’t care if I noticed. He’d neglect to give suggestions to forget, or phrase things in contradictory ways which meant my mind was confused, thinking, “Am I supposed to forget this?”

He also started using a really long trance that had a huge section of triggers. That was too much to take in at once, and I couldn’t help remembering some of them. Fir a while anyway – over time, it got easier to drift and I forgot them.

But even though I remembered bits that made me distrust his motives, I kept playing with him because it felt so damn good.

I should probably describe how he used his cock to entrance and pleasure me, and addict me, but I don’t want to remember it too vividly and retrigger myself…

I’m not generally into sex on Second Life – it gets in the way of trance! But with Badboy it was different. I found myself hungry for sex and, um, his huge cock.

That’s the Last Time, Again…

We didn’t spend enough time just enjoying each other’s company. There was always something demanding attention…

He was openly talking about addiction, and the idea of making me addicted to him and his cock. I kept telling him that was not for me. I’d get frustrated and tell him things were over. He’d accept with grace, then we’d meet up again a few weeks later, and I’d somehow end up back in bed with him.

We broke up at least five times – I’ve honestly lost count. Looking back, I was obviously affected by addiction suggestions. I was finding reasons to give in to him. It was harmless after all, since he wasn’t using the opportunity to really enslave me. He wasn’t doing anything too bad, just having sex. Over and over again.

I know that he was trancing me, maybe every time we met before we had sex, but I have fuzzy memories of those trances and am kind of inferring the suggestions from how I was acting and the things I’d dream about or fantasise about later.

An Assortment of Triggers

I loved our days at the beach. So romantic!

Here are some suggestions that I’m pretty sure he gave me, judging from my behaviour:

  • After every meeting, I have vivid and extremely sexual fantasies and dreams of our time together.
  • As I talk to him or spend time with him, I get hornier and more submissive, eager to be with him and forget about whatever else I was doing at the time.
  • His touch drives me wilder than even his words, and it works fast! We are talking, he fondles me, and instantly I’m overcome with lust and passion and need to strip and, erm, fuck…
  • An orgasm trigger, which he uses when we are having sex, a lot. I’d say making love, but fucking is a better description. Sometimes it hits me when I’m just looking at his cock, or, um, sucking it. But mainly it’s while he is thrusting into me, over and over…
  • Obsession with his cock. He wasn’t subtle about this. I remember him telling me to look at it, over and over. But even though I knew what he was doing, it was still working, (And what a cock…). Later, he’d just mention it or hint at it, and I’d start feeling those submissive cravings.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with orgasm, and feeling full of submissive love and desire for him. (Especially on our beach trips.)
  • And at least one very obvious trigger that would be easy for others to hijack, so I’ll not mention it here.

You might notice a trend here. There were probably a bunch of others, but the ones I remember were all very clearly about sex and wanting it more and more…

Badboy is All I Need

Yearning, Longing, Needing…

I’ve pointed out before that if someone tries to make you do something you really don’t like, you’ll reject the suggestions. I’m pretty sure that’s still true here. But he never tried to take more control over me – he never tried to make me do anything. It was just about sex. We’d meet up, have sex, maybe with a trance, and then go our separate ways till the next time. So he never pushed me to the point I’d reject his suggestions.

It was the strangest, sluttiest relationship I’ve ever had. But the addiction suggestions were building up.

I was starting to long for him when I wasn’t with him, and neglected other relationships and obligations to have opportunities to spend time with him.

So it was affecting me when we weren’t together, and locking me in a dead-end relationship.

I was seeing three hypnotists at this time, Sparrow, Mesmero, and Badboy, and now I started avoiding the others. I only wanted to see Badboy.

I knew if I saw them, it might weaken Badboy’s control, and I didn’t want that. I wanted to be enslaved by him. I needed him.

At this realization, I broke things off again with him yet again, telling myself it was the last time. Honest.

Edging Over Christmas

Coming to my rescue…

I didn’t see him for ages. Then a funny thing happened.

At Christmas, literally the day before Christmas Eve, I fell on the ice and broke my shoulder so I couldn’t use my right arm. Over the next few weeks, as I healed, I started getting really horny. I couldn’t get myself off – any time I got close, I’d move my shoulder too much and the pain would hit me like a cold shower.

There are those stories of girls being taken to the edge of orgasm and not allowed to cum, and being kept in that stage, turning into horny and submissive sluts, eager to obey.

Well, it wasn’t like that. It was a torment. I hated it. As soon as I was able, I started logging on to SL, planning to try to use some trance machines in the hope of getting some satisfaction.

And who would I bump into but Badboy? He was sympathetic and wrote me a trance to keep me immobilized while he used his words, and his avatar, and his avatar’s cock, to take to the edge of orgasm and beyond.

And it worked really well!

Addicted and Corrupted and Surrendered

He made me feel so affectionate…

In the weeks following, I got dependent on him. I needed him more than ever. It kind of broke something in me. By the time my shoulder healed, I had completely stopped resisting him and was thinking of myself as his bimbo sex slave.

I let him do whatever he wanted, being completely compliant. He could easily have taken the opportunity to plant more controlling suggestions, but he was only interested in sex. I remember he’d fuck me, and I wanted to stay with him, to cuddle and worship him, but he’d had his pleasure. He’d got off and so logged off, leaving me wanting more.

I was fantasising about ways he could increase his control over me – my fantasy got so intense, they were scaring me. I wanted to tell him these fantasies and hoped he’d use them against me.

Remember also that I was doing the Devoted trance with Mesmero. I was very submissive with badboy now, and the suggestions from that trance to want your dominant to push your limits and take greater control were bleeding over into this relationship.

Luckily he wasn’t really interested in me, I think he just wanted a warm body when it was convenient. He didn’t push me to talk about my dreams and fantasies, and a part of me hung on to them. I knew I could easily be persuaded to tell him my fantasies and corrupted desires, but I didn’t offer them up.

If there’s one thing I always have, it’s some degree of inhibition.

And then the Peachey thing happened and shocked me out of that state. It made me take a long hard look at what I was accepting, and I realised I needed a break from hypnosis and Second Life.

I unfriended her, and the three men mentioned in this series. With all of his addiction suggestions, I didn’t trust myself to talk to Badboy again, so I did what I should have done a long time ago and blocked him so he couldn’t message me.

And that’s it. I haven’t tranced since that encounter with Peachey – no people, no machines, no mp3s. I’m starting to miss it again. Oh dear…

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Hypnosis and Addiction and Hypnosis Addiction

It’s amazing (and disappointing) how common it is for tists to use addiction suggestions. It’s incredibly selfish and self-serving – when a tist uses addiction suggestions with someone they have only recently met, it really is the perfect evidence of how they are really out for themselves and don’t care about their subjects at all.

What is an addiction suggestion?

The word ‘addiction’ might not be used. The tist might give you a suggestion to need to see them more often, to crave them, or get pleasure from being in their presence or even just when you think of them.

Basically, the idea is the tist gives you a suggestion to want to see them more, and it affects you when you are not with them.

If you’re a manipulative tist who wants to make sure you have a subject ready to play with you whenever you want them, and you don’t care what they’ll feel like when they don’t see you, this is perfect.

If you’re a subject who wants to have a life when you aren’t with the tist, it’s not so ideal.

Remember too how casual many online relationships are. Both tist and subject log in when they are able, or when they feel like it, and have often busy lives outside of each other – they might like to spend time with friends, go shopping, go exploring, or even get mired in their inventory. They might even play with other people.

An addiction suggestion completely changes this dynamic: it forces the subject to have their life revolve around the tist, constantly checking if they are online, and dropping plans with their friends to see the tist.

Make no mistake: this is what the tist wants – they want you to be available whenever they want you, and they don’t care how it affects you.

Meanwhile, the tist goes on with their life as normal – they log in when they feel like it, and play with whoever catches their fancy at that moment. They have no obligation to spend time with the subject, and if they get bored of them, or find another subject that is more exciting, they can put off the addicted subject as long as they like.

And this happens a lot. I have known quite a few subjects who are used and discarded by their tists – but kept on a distant leash, in case the tist is bored and has nothing else to do. While the subject is left to pine for the tist, abandoning any chance of finding a good Second Life in the process.

Even when the tist and subject actually get along and want to spend all their time together, it’s a one-sided imposition that puts a burden on the subject and none on the tist.

A Clarification

I said above that a tist might not use the word Addiction. I’m very sincere about that. You’ll find a lot of tists and machine trances giving suggestions like, “The more you do this trance, the more you want to do it” or “You love my trances and want to experience them more and more.”

There’s a very blurry line here because hypnotists are trained to use language like this. I’m more hardline than most on this topic and say, “Any suggestion that even hints at addiction is a no-no.”

Most suggestions don’t need to be that restrictive. The important thing is to identify whether a tist is trying to trap you into being devoted to them and put them first, or is simply using similar language to make the trance experiences easier and more intense.

There’s no easy dividing line you have to make that judgement for yourself. But usually, in Second Life, it’s very easy to tell which it is. And usually, the selfish, abusive explanation is the right one.

How To Know You Are Dealing With Addiction?

Are you putting aside things you use used to care about, and people you want to be with, just in the chance the tist will spend time with you, and when you know they are spending time with other people?

If you reach that state it’s time to stop – do whatever you can to break things off. Unfriend them, block them, take time off Second Life if necessary, fill your time with other things (maybe write a blog…) – the feelings will fade, you’ll just have to go through some unpleasant longings for a while.

Remember, you don’t owe them anything. They have been using you selfishly, and as much as you think there is a connection there, it’s purely artificial and purely for their benefit. They are abusing you, and you don’t owe them any explanation, or any kind of closure. Just break things off, and avoid all contact with them.

The most important thing: are your actions giving you satisfaction? Not pleasure, but genuine satisfaction. Are you happy,? If you’re dealing with unwanted addiction suggestions, you might be feeling pleasure but still be unhappy and dissatisfied.

It’s also important to realise that addiction doesn’t have to be obvious overpowering cravings. You might find yourself choosing to do things you had previously been sure you wouldn’t, and then justifying it to yourself.

So follow the suggestions in the previous Red Flags post – keep a journal, have a confidant, anything to keep you grounded and remember what you really want.

Addiction vs Submission

Some people will respond – but isn’t that what submission is about? The subject doing things for the tist?

Let me say very clearly that no, this isn’t a healthy power-exchange relationship with an ethical tist and subject – it’s an abusive relationship.

If you have a long-term relationship with someone (like, months or years of seeing each other regularly), and you have discussed safeguards, and want to pursue a relationship that includes hypnotic addiction – then more power to you. That is good.

Safeguards to discuss before doing this include considering what happens when the subject and tist aren’t able to see each other for a while, or what happens if the relationship breaks up. Yes, a good tist will consider these things and make sure the hypnosis “switches off” in such cases.

If you are meeting someone online, casually with no idea when or how often you’ll meet up, and that someone gives you addiction suggestions: that is abuse, plain and simple. They are being selfish, and not remotely considering your feelings.

Hypnosis Addiction is abuse.

How to Break Free

The good thing is, all hypnosis needs reinforcement. If you stop playing with the hypnotist that is addicting you, the feelings will fade.

The tricky part sometimes is breaking away and making sure you don’t see them anymore. This is easier said than done.

I’ve experienced weeks of longing and yearning, feeling uncomfortable cravings for someone I don’t want to see. I’ve felt my mind playing tricks with me, suggesting, “Maybe we can see them just one more time.” Trust me, I know what it’s like.

But these feelings and thoughts do pass. They’ll get weaker in time, you just have to wait them out.

If your hypnotist is online, block them on all contacts, and resist the temptation to contact them again.

What are your experiences with addiction? Any good or bad stories to share?

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Devoted To Master

The First Time

I met Mesmero Crystal in my first years on Second Life, and my experience with him was very mixed.

He used machines a lot, but back then I was so inexperienced and desperate for trance, I took everything I could get. I was a slut for hypnosis

I fondly remember calling him Daddy and being his babygirl. I liked him encouraging me to be more bimbo-like, and using suggestions to make me enjoy his attention. I recently discovered those suggestions were still active…

He also wanted me to be sexually aggressive, to actively seduce him – and I saw that (incorrrectly) as him trying to train me to be more dominant, and I constantly rejected those suggestions.

This was a bit of a thorn in our relationship, with me sometimes blatantly telling him to stop it. He’d then say things like he got carried away, and it wouldn’t happen again, so I’d relent and then it would happen again.

I’m a lot more familiar with that kind of excuse these days and recognise it for what it is.

I mentioned he used machine trances a lot. He started “training” me with a series of three Hypnotic Magic trances. It started with Submission, which made me feel submissive to him and more amenable to his commands. Then came Slave, which was even more controlling (as you can tell from the name). And finally Devoted. I’ve described this in an earlier review, but essentially it encouraged me to want him to push my limits, to want him to take more and more control.

That was kind of a tipping point. That Devoted trance was messing with my head. I didn’t want to do it again and said so, but he kept pushing me back to doing it – and it has that suggestion to make you want your dominant to push your limits. So I kept giving in.

But at some point, I snapped and told him I wasn’t going to play anymore, and I definitely wasn’t going to do that trance ever again, and I broke things off with him.

He didn’t accept that easily – he kept messaging me, knowing that every time we spoke it was reactivating the suggestions of submission to him. So I told him I’d had enough and blocked him.

This was at least ten years ago and feelings fade. At some point unrelated to this, I decided I wanted a fresh start and cleared my block list, and restarted my hypnolife.

A New Meeting

Going deeper and deeper

And then, a few years ago, I bumped into Mesmero again, and what a difference time makes. He started out with some friendly flirting and praising my appearance, and whether intentionally or not, was reactivating old dormant suggestions, I found myself getting giggly and squirmy with him, and really enjoying his company.

We did a lot of exploring of Live Trance Labs together, which has a lot of hypnosis things that I could watch while he could talk to me in a very seductive, and hypnotic way.

A very pleasant surprise: he’d learned to do hypnosis himself without relying on machines, and he was really good at it! I spent a lot of time on those trips to Live Trance Labs drifting away in a very happy fog.

Another pleasant surprise: he didn’t seem to be focussed on sex, and was happy just to trance me, again and again. Which was perfect for me. There’s nothing better than trance!

I started thinking of him as my Protector, and it was a nice feeling.

And he’d seemed to have grown in other ways.

Scarlet Letters

One day, he asked me about notes I’d been sending him. I felt confused but also a dawning realisation.

You see, it turns out I had a suggestion set by a previous hypnotist to send “my dominant” letters describing how I was feeling, and what I found sexy. And then I’d forget all about those letters. That way, I didn’t have to be inhibited in the things I said – since I wouldn’t remember them, and wouldn’t feel shame about anything I said, I could say whatever came into my mind…

Now, I had been fantasising about sending Mesmero those letters (and some to other people) but hadn’t realised I had actually been doing it. Anyone who is reading this blog can tell I enjoy writing, and this suggestion harnessed that part of my mind. And the loose language (“my hypnotist”) allowed my subconscious to cling to this pleasurable suggestion and keep it going with other people.

The way the subconscious works is fascinating!

Anyway, I realised then that I’d been sending letters to multiple people, telling them my fantasies and desires. That was embarrassing! Plus, a very unscrupulous hypnotist could have used the vulnerability this exposed in very sinister ways (that’s foreshadowing – look for the tale of Sven Minoptra).

I’m not upset with any of the previous people I’d sent letters to. Most people didn’t respond to them in any way. For all I know, they were embarrassed or thought I was roleplaying, or just didn’t know how to react.

So a very concerned Mesmero asked about the letters and that made my conscious mind realise what was happening (or maybe, face the truth of what I was doing – hypnosis can make issues of agency and responsibility a bit murky). That broke the spell (and soon after, my experience with Sven killed the suggestion even deader).

So I’ll always be grateful to Mesmero for that. It would be sexy to have a suggestion like that with someone I trusted, but having it be very open and applying with just anybody is going too far.

Deeper and Deeper

A common sight at Chataeu Mesmero

Many people over the years have talked about, “Going deeper than you have with anyone else ever before,” and similar. But I have a lot of experience, and also once enjoyed a trance that was over 5 hours long, involving constant fractionation (I’ll have to tell the tale of Vanity Vandeverre at some point), so this is never ever true.

And earlier in my Hypno career, I told people, “No I’m not,” and that could challenge egos. Hypnotists really didn’t like not being able to take me deeper than someone else. So I learned to just comply and say yes, even if it wasn’t true. It turns out you don’t have to tell the truth in hypnosis! (One of many misconceptions about hypnosis.)

And fantasy is a big part of hypnosis – not just the fantasy of the sub, The hypnotist often has their fantasies too.

But with Mesmero – he was taking me really deep and really did take me deeper than I’ve ever been before. We would meet up, and he’d spend our entire time together just dropping me deeper and deeper. It was bliss.

My fantasies kicked into action, and I imagined him taking me deep, and while I was completely in his power, planting suggestions to control me that I’d forget. And one day I encouraged him to do that, to make me forget something, and to be honest, he kind of fumbled it by phrasing his suggestions in a way that pretty much guaranteed I’d remember them.

So, on the one hand, I was disappointed, because the idea that he’d been planting suggestions I didn’t know about was sexy, and I realised now that wasn’t happening.

But on the other hand, it was really good, because I now knew those deep trances were exactly what they seemed to be – being dropped deep, and deeper, and deeper, and I could let go and really abandon myself to them.

Unfortunately, that was when he stopped doing them. Maybe he was embarrassed by his failure. That was a big shame, because I really, really loved those. And when someone else says, “You are going deeper than ever before,” I’ll have a new memory when I internally think, “Nope.”

Home Sweet Home

Losing myself… So good to let go….

By now I was visiting Mesmero at his home. In the old days, he had a suggestion that I’d get more submissive and compliant there, and he was strengthening that now. Every item of clothing I dropped would make me weaker and more submissive, so I spent a lot of time there naked…

He had a lot of hypnotic things around the house to entrance me with, so the relationship was heavenly. I could talk a lot about the fun times there, but this post is already long.

But then things took a turn.

He started using machine trances again, and at the same time, I started getting hornier and hornier – I started fantasising about sex with him. It’s natural to think one thing there led to another, but I think there’s more going on.

By now I was playing regularly with Sparrow and Badboy (the previous tale in this series, and the next one) and both of them were making me feel a lot more sexual. I think their suggestions were bleeding over to my time with Mesmero (including one very sexual one from Badboy).

I was starting to associate hypnosis with sex, and so when Mesmero tranced me, I’d feel sexual urges. It was funny – sometimes he’d be trancing me, and I’d find myself thinking, “God I’m so horny, fuck me now!” and he’d just keep trancing me.

I normally wanted trance more than sex, but here I was being tranced, and wanting sex with him. It’s funny to think of how easily he could have had that sexually assertive, even aggressive, bimbo sex slave he desired, if he knew what was going on in my mind.

Now, Mesmero isn’t completely innocent here – a lot of the stuff he had around the house was very blatantly sexual and was adding to these feelings.

But then, the idylls came to an end…

Devoted to Master

Mesmero had stopped using his own trances and started encouraging me to use his machine trances. One of those trances was the one I’d vowed never to use again, Devoted.

An assortment of toys for Master Mesmero

I told him this but he persuaded me to use it anyway, and I was feeling compliant and wanted to obey. It felt good to obey.

And that trance made me want even more for him to push my boundaries, to take greater and greater advantage and started to bleed over into my other relationships. I was being corrupted and wanted to be taken more advantage of, to be pushed into things that I knew I would rebel against, to feel their increasing power over me, and my growing weakness…

I wasn’t really happy – I knew I shouldn’t be doing it. But I wanted to and was craving it.

Then came the experience with Peachey, and shocked me out of my compliant state. It made me look at the stuff I was accepting, even encouraging, and decided to end them.

Mesmero was online when I was unfriending people, and asked me about it, so I told him what was going on. He wasn’t happy but accepted it. But in subsequent days, he kept messaging me, checking up on me. Each time he messaged me, it was retriggering desires to serve and please him. So I told him that I need him to stop messaging me to get some space to recover, and he complied. He hasn’t messaged me since.

So that is that. For now…

The Hypnotic Machine looks so lonely now…

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You Are Being Corrupted!

What is Corruption? What is Brainwashing? And how are they different from “ordinary” hypnosis?

This one is a tricky topic because recognising it when it’s happening isn’t always easy, and describing it often leads to misconceptions. Everyone might have a slightly different definition of what it is.

Let’s say you don’t like the colour red, and your hypnotist gives you the suggestion to like red and to start wearing it. And it works! That’s conditioning; a standard thing that happens in hypnosis.

Now let’s say your hypnotist gives you the suggestion that you feel horny when you see the colour red and feel submissive towards anyone wearing it. That’s corruption.

But it is also conditioning! In fact, there’s no real difference between corruption and conditioning – except for the context. Corruption is just conditioning, with the added fantasy of being transformed, being changed from thinking or acting in one way to thinking and acting in another.

It can be a small thing or a big thing. It can be something you are aware of and chose for yourself, or something you’re oblivious to and is being done to you. The transformation is the important part.

Here’s something from my own life.

Pink Is Perfect

When I joined Second Life I was kind of a stereotypical goth girl. My favourite colours were black and red, and I wasn’t concerned about looking sexy. If anything, I went for looks that were a little sinister.

Now look at me:

My current profile picture
One of my most sinister looks, these days…

At some point, I noticed that my entire wardrobe had become pink, and it was creeping outside of Second Life. Pink was now my favourite colour (and still is!).

The thing is, I know this has happened. I didn’t notice it when it was happening, but I recognise it now. I know it’s a change I’ve gone through.

But I don’t want to change back. I find it fun. I like it. I actively resist any attempts to undo it.

And that is the essence of corruption.

Does it Really Matter?

I have had at least two hypnodommes tell me that if I keep playing with them, they will corrupt me into being a bimbo slut who is driven to spend her free time exclusively looking for sex.

When the first domme said this, years ago, I laughed it off as a sexy fantasy. When the second said it, I wasn’t so dismissive – I was concerned and wondered if that could really happen. And then by the time of the Peachey incident, after ongoing corruption through the events of The Memory Remains saga, I took the idea very seriously indeed (and maybe freaked out a little bit).

I do have a life in Second Life – friends who I care about and want to keep in touch with. I don’t want to abandon them all just to satisfy a momentary fling. And even if I didn’t have active friendships, I want the freedom to have relationships and interests that don’t revolve around sex and submission.

But that’s what accepting corruption like this would mean. It would be, um, what’s the word – oh yes, corrupting.

Dealing With Corruption

So, here are some things everyone into hypnosis should do:

  • Create a list of limits, things you know you would never do or absolutely do not want to do.
  • Review this list periodically, and see if you now want to do some of them.

It’s as simple as that. If your list of limits is purely hard limits, you know you are being influenced. You’ll almost certainly know who is doing it and should cut dies with that person.

It helps to have a friend that you talk with about your experiences. A confidante can point out when you are doing things out of character.

Hypnosis is inherently temporary. Once you stop exposing yourself to suggestions and start immersing yourself in things that are genuinely your interests, the power of those suggestions will fade.

Acquiring new fetishes isn’t necessarily as easy to deal with. This goes back to my overriding advice: as soon as someone does something that crosses a limit, stop playing with them.

Be Careful Out There…

I often argue that the dangers of hypnosis are overstated – that people love to exaggerate what hypnosis is capable of. And that is very true, especially in the roleplay-heavy environment of Second Life – most of the time. Corruption is probably the number one aspect of hypnosis you really do need to be careful about.

If someone crosses your boundaries, they’ll often say it was an accident and they got carried away, and it won’t happen again.

As a decent person, you’ll want to give people a second chance but resist that urge.

People who use excuses like this are good at justifying their own actions and usually interpret any second chance as permission to keep doing what they were doing. The corruption fetish amplifies this tendency – the whole point of the corruption fetish is to change you. They get off on pushing your limits.

You might like the person, and think they aren’t a bad person. But if they are into the corruption fetish, they can be manipulative and good at strategies like gaslighting. They often try to make you think, “It’s what you really wanted,” because that’s sexy to them, and you just can’t trust them.

As I advised in the first post in this series, follow this advice always: if someone ignores a clearly stated boundary, even once, never play with them again.

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How Could I Forget I’m a Gynoid?

This is the start of a series of three posts, describing my experiences with three separate men I was playing with at the same time. As far as I know, they don’t know each other, but their programming had a kind of overlapping and cumulative effect.

I first met Sparrow Meriman in my first year in Second Life, nearly 15 years ago, and we have bumped into each other many times over the years, with gaps of months and a few years here and there. For most of that time, when we played, it was very casual. Back in the early years, he’d usually put me in a trance machine, and I’m guessing enjoy the thrill of power that came from the submissive state that put me in. (Or so I am guessing – I’m not a Dominant. I don’t fully understand what they get out of dominating others, but it works for them, and it works for me, so yay!)

I couldn’t help noticing he had a type – I’d have had to be even more oblivious than normal to miss it! The trances he chose were usually bimbo themed, and he liked the subjects to feel or become bustier. One of the trances installed the phrase Big Tit Bimbo, and that phrase always came to mind when I met him. And with that phrase came a desire for him to say it, to trigger me into a Big Titted Bimbo…

Playing Around

A few years ago, we met up after an absence and started to meet up more regularly, sometimes several times a week. He had learned to perform hypnosis directly, without a machine and was very good at it!

We often met at Trance Labs, and our sessions often started at this hypno chair:

The old hypno-chair at Trance Labs – sadly it isn’t there anymore.

He’d use the chair to deepen me and then take me upstairs to the place I affectionately thought of as The Red Room, and trance me some more while I looked at the flickering firelight.

My memory of our times got increasingly fuzzy, and I know I was getting conditioned to feel more sexual around him and especially in the Red Room.

I don’t like to touch myself when I’m online or doing hypnosis – the feeling of my body distracts me from the pleasure of hypnosis! But I found myself starting to touch myself when I was with him, and especially in that room. Whenever we entered that room, I’d strip my avatar and strip myself in real life, and as I sat on the chair, I’d start to play with myself, imagining him watching me…

I know this must be a result of hypnotic suggestions, but I didn’t think about it. I just did it, and it felt so natural and sexy.

There was another naughty suggestion. Naughtier than I usually talk about on my blog…

Whenever he showed me his cock, I felt a desire, a need to suck it, but I couldn’t until he gave me permission. I found it hard to think about anything else. When he gave permission, and I pounced on him, I dropped deeply into trance. The act of sucking him was a sleep trigger.

Ordinarily, I will choose trance over sexual antics every time. But I remember getting so needy and aroused that I didn’t want to drop, I wanted to be awake so I could please his cock. But he didn’t permit it. I just dropped, becoming mindless and deep…

Gynoid Programming

Sparrow spent some time getting me to internalise these commands. Here I am posing with my fellow model, Sanura.

I recognised that we were doing a lot of amnesia play – I was remembering less and less of the sessions we had together. At some point, I discovered that he had installed a separate inner personality, my inner gynoid.

I’ve had a fantasy about being programmed as a gynoid, inspired by a set of trances I encountered on Second Life in my first year here (and that’s a topic for another story). The basic idea is I’m a human who has had a chip installed in my brain, turning me into an obedient slave. When the chip is active, I believe my waking self is just a personality program on the chip, and the chip has total control over me.

It’s a hot fantasy, but also scary. I have suggested playing with this fantasy with only one hypnotist before, and that hypnodomme very sensibly chose not to pursue it. It implies a lot of responsibility.

I don’t know how Sparrow learned of this fantasy, nor how he installed the programming. I think it would take a long time, but we were playing for a long time.

It also needs a lot of trust on my part to accept it. My experience over the next few months suggests that trust was well-placed. He didn’t abuse the control this gave him, and as far as I can tell, used it to protect me. When I was playing with other people who might have been a bit pushy, he had safeguards so that the personality chip would take over and make sure I kept myself safe.

So it started out being a really good thing, but unintended downsides started to creep in.

First, I knew the chip was there on some kind of subconscious level. I started playing more riskily than I normally do, and I think that was at least in part because of the subconscious sense of safety that gave me.

Also, Sparrow got sloppy – he’d wake the chip up, and then move on to other play without properly shutting the chip down. And he’d start deliberately combining instructions so suggestions that affected my waking self also affected the chip, but this blurred the lines between the two parts of me.

I think that’s how I discovered the existence of the chip. I remember scenes where he woke me up, and I was confused thinking, “Should I remember this?” And wanting to forget that I was a gynoid.

But I also remembered how hot it felt, to feel absolutely obedient. Like my waking self was just a persona that had dropped away, and now I was totally controlled and had no ability, and no desire, to say no to anything he said.

We broke up at some point, and I think the chip was the main reason why. I think I got scared at how much control I’d let him have, and needed to get some distance to clear my head. That’s what I think, But honestly, I can’t remember. My memory of that time is so fuzzy, I don’t remember much.

I don’t think there was any anger or animosity. I don’t feel like I was taken advantage of. I still trusted him – though a part of me wonders if I was programmed to think that? and then another part wonders, but is that just fantasy and paranoia? Memory play can be very confusing!

Master Sparrow

So we had broken up and didn’t see each other for a while. But the Second Life hypno world can be a small place, and we bumped into each other again. We had a long chat about trust and stuff like that, and I realised I missed him and still wanted to play with him.

Honestly, I could probably benefit from some therapy. Hypnotherapy…

We planned to start off carefully and tentatively, but His suggestions were still working really well. I dropped so fast and easily for Him, and we jumped back into heavy play. I think we both got excited and carried away.

I found myself calling him Master. I was still playing with other people (as the next two posts in this series will show), but when I wasn’t actively playing with anyone else, I’d slip into thinking of Sparrow as my Master.

I have a lot of hypnotic HUDs and you can set the name of the hypnotist on them, and I set Sparrow as the default trainer on all of them. As far as I know, I did that by choice. I was starting to wonder how to make our relationship official.

It’s funny looking back now how much I was thinking of Him as my Master when my life really didn’t change. I still did all the same things I used to do, but I looked forward to seeing Him when our schedules allowed it, and internally, was thinking about Him in the role of leader.

I was thinking so much about being better for him. I worked hard on updating my avatar and making it more pleasing and was thinking of outfits he might find pretty, even while outside of SL. And for His part, he kept trancing and pleasing me…

The Gynoid Domme

During this time, there was one incident that really made me uncomfortable. He had a suggestion that made me more submissive (maybe more slutty too?) at his home. He didn’t invite me there very often – a missed opportunity, perhaps…

Anyway, on one of the few days he took me home, He had me deep in trance and in gynoid mode, and ordered me to dominate him. Absolutely anyone who has hypnosis experience with me knows that’s an absolute no-no. I never, ever take the role of a domme, even when ordered. It’s a testament to how much control he had that I didn’t snap out of my trance immediately.

We moved on from that, but it stayed with me. From that and other things said over the years, I knew he really wanted someone to dominate him. It made me wonder if we were really right for each other- I probably couldn’t satisfy him in the way he really wanted. That and other things made me wonder if this was a dead-end relationship, one which we were both settling for, but was limiting both of us.

Getting ready for a date with Sparrow… or cleaning up after…

Crossing a Line

Last Christmas 2021 (the day before Christmas Eve actually), I took a nasty fall and broke my shoulder and right arm. And as I recovered, my mother was sick and needed a lot of care. Both of these facts meant I was on SL very little at the start of this year.

Things did get back to normal and I started to see Sparrow again. But our schedules weren’t matching up. I saw him mostly just before he went to work, and so we usually didn’t have much time.

Sometimes we didn’t have enough time to do more than meet, and for me to strip for him, and for Him to fondle my boobs…

I wanted to show myself to Him, to be admired by Him, to be sexy for Him… I wanted to suck His cock, and be used by Him…

And now He had a trigger to take me to the edge of orgasm and used it sometimes (maybe more times than I remember). I was loving it and always wanted more.

But was that really what I wanted?

Sparrow started to plant sneaky suggestions to want to see him more and to want to be played with by him more. This is pretty mild by Second Life standards, and it’s the same kind of addiction suggestion that others were giving me and I was accepting. But I wasn’t happy about it, deep down.

A funny thing about amnesia (and all hypnotic suggestions, really): if they cross strict boundaries, they usually don’t work. Your mind rejects them. There’s so much I’ve done with him that I don’t remember, and yet it doesn’t truly concern me, because I feel that if there was anything I found upsetting, I’d remember it.

But this – this I remembered.

So there I was, starting to get frustrated and unhappy, and then I had that encounter with Peachey. That event gave me the proverbial kick up the ass and made me take a long hard look at what I was accepting from everyone. So it was once more time to take a break and start writing on this blog again. My loss is your gain!

Looking Back

I can only guess at his reasons – maybe he was frustrated at how little we were seeing each other, and since I had been accepting of many things with him, he didn’t see this as going too far. But for me, any hint of addiction will always be that step too far. Especially when hiding that behind suggestions of amnesia.

I am still very fond of Sparrow. On the scale of “friendly fun hypnotist” to “evil predator hypnotist,” he was very close to the “friendly fun hypnotist.” On the scale of things that go on in Second Life, he never did anything bad, he just crossed a boundary I feel very strongly about, at a time I was feeling upset with others doing it.

Maybe things would have been different if we’d talked more, and tranced less. Now that’s crazy talk!

Happier and cuddlier days.

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The Truth About Hypnotic Amnesia

There are a lot of hypno kinksters who love the idea of being made to forget. I always found that baffling. If you had a good time, wouldn’t you want to remember it?

But I’ve experienced it now, and I see the attraction. There’s a sense of deep submission – when you know someone has taken that level of control and planted suggestions inside you and you don’t know what they are. That at any moment you might be acting under control, and might not even know it. That’s pretty hot!

At least that’s my response. It might not be the same for everyone.

But there are a lot of misunderstandings about hypnotic amnesia – both how it works, and what you can use it for. And there are common mistakes that people make with amnesia, which I’ll be mostly talking about here.

I need to get one thing out of the way first. A Hypnotist cannot plant ideas that you are strongly opposed to, and use amnesia to hide that knowledge from you. While this post is about hypnotic dangers and things to avoid, this is not really a practical danger. I’ll be talking about a different misuse of hypnosis in this post.

The Facts About Hypnotic Amnesia

A very rare few hypnotic subjects have an affinity for it and even experience it spontaneously. But they are rare exceptions. For most people, hypnotic amnesia is something that takes years of practice, and many subjects never experience it at all.

This can’t be overstated – of all suggestions a hypnotist can give, amnesia is probably the least likely to work.

Furthermore, it takes two to tango. Amnesia (and hypnosis in general) is not like you read about in sexy mind control stories. The hypnotist and subject need to be on the same page, and both willing for the suggestion to work. This means – counterintuitively – for the best chance of success, the hypnotist needs to tell the subject what the amnesia will be about before the suggestions are given!

For smaller suggestions (“You will forget the number three”) this isn’t always necessary, but for anything bigger (“You will forget this entire session”), it’s probably not going to work without the subject’s knowledge and acceptance.

Finally, amnesia is erratic and unreliable. Even if it works, it is usually temporary – the memories come back in a while. It’s best if the hypnotist deliberately creates a trigger for the memory’s return (“you will remember everything after this session is over,” or “Your memories will return at the end of the month”).

I think by giving the subconscious such an out, the hypnotist increases the chance that the amnesia will last longer, but that’s just a theory.

For these reasons, competent hypnotists will often test whether the amnesia has worked, at least in subtle ways.

So given all these limitations, what is this post about?

Hypnotists Who Overreach

When a hypnotist tells you to forget something, this nearly always reveals one of two things:

  • They are roleplaying, and expect you to play along.
  • Everything they think they know about hypnosis cames from fantasy

Both of these can be fun, and just because they are roleplaying doesn’t mean you have to. The line between hypnosis and roleplay is blurry, and some of my most fondly remembered trances come from people who didn’t consider themselves hypnotists, but had read enough fantasy to play the role of an erotic hypnotist.

But it is a red flag. Hypnotists who think hypnosis can do magical things might easily go too far when they get you in a vulnerable state, drunk on power. And roleplayers who are genuinely hypnotizing you might not really appreciate that you are genuinely vulnerable. To them, it might be just a sexy game, so again they can easily go too far without thinking of your vulnerability.

So if someone gives you suggestions like these it’s a clue that you need to be careful, and be on your guard. You can’t really relax and let yourself be vulnerable, because you know that they won’t – or can’t – look after you properly.

In reality, the biggest danger from hypnotic amnesia is dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing – and letting such people into your mind is not safe!

In my experience, sadly, people who don’t really understand hypnosis, and don’t properly care for their subjects, are very common. They make things a lot less fun and pleasant for those subjects who are good hypnotic subjects.

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Trance to Devoted

This is a Hypnotic Magic trance. Since that store has closed down, it might not be available for sale anywhere anymore. You can still find it for use in Hypnotic Magic machines that people bought before the store shuttered.

This is the 3rd trance in a series of extreme submission trances. So it works best if you have already listened to the Hypnotic Magic trances called Submission and Slavery.

It’s a long trance, about 70 minutes. The first half of the trance is devoted to sinking you into a deep trance state, and it does this really well. It’s even more effective if you have listened to other Hypnotic Magic trances and have their sleep trigger set in your mind.

It uses this trigger to fractionate you – sinking and waking, then sinking you and waking you again. I don’t know any trance fan who doesn’t like fractionation, and it’s done very well here.

And then the trance moves on to the real subject. It assumes you have developed feelings of submission and slavery to your Dominant, and makes those feelings stronger. Now you want their control more and more, and to feel that, you want them to push your boundaries. You will feel pleasure when your hypnotist pushes you into situations you initially objected to.

You should easily spot the potential for problems here! The trance does tell you that you should already have talked to your Dominant about hard limits so that you don’t violate them. In my opinion, this is little more than a token gesture – the trance doesn’t do enough to ensure that your hard limits are protected.

That’s the one downside in what is otherwise a very well-written and very arousing trance. If you are into corruption and brainwashing, you’ll enjoy it. A lot. But if you care about hard limits you should avoid this trance, or make sure it is only used with a hypnotist you trust.

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Visit the Live Trance Labs

Live Trance Labs might be the current hub of hypnosis on Second Life. There are places that sometimes have more people in them, like Cranial Lust and The Pink Institute, but they don’t have much discussion. (That said, I need to check out The Sleeping City, the newish place for the You Must Obey group – it seems reasonably active.)

The lounge at Trance Labs is often populated with people who are happy to chat, and there are occasional group trances. This place best captures the magic of the old HypnoDolls.

Not to mention, there are a lot of interesting things to explore here, if you want to do more than sit, chat, and trance. Or you want more intriguing places to do those things in…


Upon arrival, you’ll face this board.

Pay attention to the notice to the left. The lab is run by responsible people who will eject irresponsible people.

The board to the right is a set of teleport links. Live Trance Labs acts as a hub for a bunch of smaller locations that are connected to Trance Labs but might be run by different people. They can vary a lot in character, and the list changes from time to time as people come and go.

The teleport board isn’t the only way to reach these satellite locations – there are secret passages and teleporters scattered around the lab for explorers to discover.

A word of warning: Trance Lab is an ADULT site, and there are some very explicit images here and there. Including the landing area. I’ve suggested that might not be the best place for explicit adult imagery, especially since most of the other stuff in the welcome area is very PG. Oh well…

Go ahead and explore, and meet people interested in hypnosis. There really is a lot to see here, and it changes every now and then so there’s always a reason to come back. The sim creator, Jess Cloud, is friendly and is often here. On a quiet day, you might find a certain bimbo posing for attention…

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OMG, I am, like, a total bimbo!

The other day I met up with an old friend, and she complimented me on my body, saying I was hot and had obviously put a lot of work into it. And I felt giddy and excited at her praise. I’m feeling it now as I remember it.

This is a very pronounced change. Way back in the day I made the first Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger post as a joke. The second post was still kind of a joke but had more of a touch of reality to it. And now I’ve gone all-in on looking like a bimbo.

I’m wondering now where this sheer bimbo glee came from. I have been working on my look for at least a couple of years, off and on – at first to look better for Sparrow, and later for him, Mesmero, and Badboy. I wanted to look more and more like a sexy bimbo. (See the upcoming posts on those three.)

So I’m wondering if it’s a result of some specific suggestion one or more of them planted, or if it’s just the cumulative effect of all the bimbo hypnosis I’ve done over the years.

I used to be very prudish. This is going to sound silly since Second Life isn’t real, but it feels real to me. A long time ago, a domme friend, Starfire Desade, had a naked beach party. She said, if you come onto this beach, you have to be nude. And I said, “Okay, I’ll stay in the water.” I swam 15 metres out and kept my modesty.

And now, I’m posting topless pictures of my avatar in a recent Hypno Tale, Slave to Pleasure, and didn’t notice it was out of character until thinking about this post.

That friend who complimented me earlier? She used to be really shy on Second Life. If anything kinky or sexual was mentioned, she’d quickly make her departure. But now she spends her free weekends jumping on Second Life to find the biggest cocks she can (her words), and eagerly jumps into sexual situations.

I do wonder how much of that is her just becoming more comfortable with sex play online over time, and how much is due to the hypnosis she’s been doing to loosen her inhibitions. I also can’t help wondering if any of this crosses over into her offline life. I know I’ve had suggestions affect me in offline life.

So it’s interesting to notice things that used to bother me, that now turn me one. I wonder just how correct Peachey was when she called me a Slave to Pleasure

I might as well give in to that bimbo urge to show off my current appearance.

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When They Violate Boundaries

After a recent hypnosis experience, covered in Slave to Pleasure, I had kind of a knee-jerk angry reaction and made a post about Consent. I’m still thinking about that experience and it’s brought some thoughts into focus. I might as well ride that wave of anger and frustration into writing a series of short posts about things that both (a) really piss me off about hypnosis online, and (b) are objectively bad practices that have somehow become normalised.

These will appear every second Tuesday at the same time.

The first topic of the series is Consent, or more specifically:

Breaking Consent or Violating Boundaries

I’m going to first give some advice, and then some thoughts. First, the advice:

If anyone breaches any of your clearly described boundaries, even once, stop playing with them.

This seems ridiculously harsh, and I used to say, well, once might be a mistake or an accident, and they are always apologetic or contrite afterwards, so it would be too harsh to judge them so quickly.

However, I’ve been very hypnotically promiscuous, and the number of people I’ve tranced with is well into three digits. (That’s not as promiscuous as it sounds – it’s over 20 years – a hypnotist looking for subjects could easily have several subjects a day, and could be into four digits, but I digress.)

I’ve been with a lot of hypnotists, and something I’ve learned is this: if anyone ever breaks your boundaries even once, they will do it again, and when you forgive them the first time, it just gives them license to do it again.

They have seen you will let them get away with it once, and no matter how contrite they appear to be, they know they can do it again.

Conversely, good hypnotists are actively thinking about your boundaries at all times. If they don’t know you well, they are on their best behaviour, trying to make a good impression. And if they do know you, they care about you and are thinking of you and your boundaries. They simply do not make mistakes of this nature.

Now I want to be clear here: I’m talking about boundaries you have explicitly stated. It’s very possible – even inevitable – for something to come up that trips your boundaries, even with someone you know very well and have good reason to trust implicitly. People cannot read your mind, and you may have limits or boundaries that you didn’t realise were boundaries or triggers.

So when someone trips over these landmines, it is an accident, and you can forgive them, and try again.

But when you have described a limit, and your hypnotist crosses it, that’s it. You should not listen to any excuses they make, and should not give them another chance.

In most cases, the person doing this is not (strictly speaking) a malevolent predator, they are just someone who got carried away – but the key thing here is, they put their own momentary lust ahead of any respect they have for you, and they will keep doing it.

I imagine you are thinking these could be just mistakes, and people can learn and improve and do better, and the relationship can become a good, respectful relationship. People deserve a second chance, after all.

But I have twenty years of experience and have experienced this many times. I have never, ever seen a single case where someone violates one of my clearly stated boundaries and goes on to be someone worthy of trust. It just doesn’t happen, and in fact, it can’t happen.

I’ll explain in a later post why this is true, but for now, take the benefit of my experience and follow this simple advice:

If anyone breaches any of your clearly described boundaries, even once, stop playing with them.

I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts and experiences on this.

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3d Snapshots

The latest firestorm update has at least two significant updates, but the flashiest is the ability to take 3d snapshots, like this view of HypnoDolls:

You can click on it and drag it around to rotate the view more freely and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Once you save a snapshot you end up with a weird looking file like this:

Caught posing at Trance Labs

That’s not great if you want to look at your snazzy snapshot. This is the feature’s biggest drawback right now – you want to look at the snapshots you took!

One way to view them is to upload them to Flickr. They work fine there. There might be other image hosts that show them properly, but Flickr is the only one I’ve tried that worked so far. Flicker still allows a free account to have 1,000 pictures, which should be plenty, and you can share them easily with others.

There’s also probably a viewer you can download so you can view them on your own PC or device, but I haven’t found one yet. If you know of a program that does this, please tell me! 🙂

Learning about and using 3d Snapshots

You can find out more about this feature here: 360 degree snapshots.

If you’re using Firestorm, right-click your toolbar and the button for this feature is the first extra toolbar listed. Here’s a helpful screenshot:

Right-click the toolbar, find the Tollbar Buttons option near the top and click that. In the big form that appears, 3d Snapshots is the very first option. Drag that to any side of the screen to have it immediately accessible.

When taking a screenshot, you’ll have a popup like this:

A tip born from experience: whenever you change any setting, make sure to click the Create 360 image button again.

One final note: the picture you take is a snapshot – it is a shot frozen in time. Even though you can rotate your view, there is no motion. Imagine one day – the technology might be there for us to combine pictures into moving pictures. One day maybe – just a bimbo thought.

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Looking Backward, Inward, and Onward

I’ve been doing some introspection lately and found a post I wrote back in 2012 but never posted. Now, 10 years later, it is just as true as it was then. So I might as well post it.

Continue reading

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Slave To Pleasure

I was playing with a domme yesterday who identified something about me that I hadn’t realised before, but which is blindingly obvious in retrospect. I am a Slave to Pleasure.

First Session

I met Peachey for the first time a few weeks ago and seemed to hit it off straight away. She talked about her methods as a Hypnodomme, and talked about respecting boundaries and consent – “I am not the type to abuse power.” I was excited about playing with her.

We met up again about a week later, and this session was enjoyable, but had a lot of red flags and left me with misgivings.

For instance, at the time I had in my profile that I have some interest in Consensual Non-Consent play, which is a specific kink where you pretend to give up consent, for a specific time, with pre-arranged limits.

  • Peachey: “I see you have an interest in Non-Consensual Play.”
  • Me: “Erm, Consensual Non-Consent. The Consensual part is important!”
  • Her: “Consensual Non-Consent. Hmmmmm.”

She also said things like, “Nothing I do will be long-term until you ask for that,” and “We know your body is already addicted to me, your mind just needs to catch up.”

Meanwhile, I was saying things like. “I’m not keen on the idea of addition without safeguards,” and “I always want to be a good girl, but I don’t know you well enough to know if I want to be your good girl.”

It’s clear looking back that one of us was trying to be a seductive domme, appealing to those who are turned on by corruption and control, while the other was oblivious to that and earnestly talking about boundaries. We were talking past each other. I wonder if everything I said about limits was being interpreted as a challenge, not as a serious boundary.

It’s funny how well this ties into a recent post about Gender and Dominance. I have mostly played with male hypnotists the last few years and forgot how much you have to be aware of this when playing with female dominants.

All that said, the session itself was a lot of fun. She planted a trigger, “Would you kindly,” that she could use for obedience, for dropping me back into trance, and lots of other things. The trance was tested to the pleasure and satisfaction of both of us, and I set my misgivings aside and looked forward to the next session.

Becoming a Slave to Pleasure

The first thing she did when we met up again was to apologise. “I might have pushed where I shouldn’t have,” and she tweaked her obedience trigger and set a block so that her suggestions only applied when we were together. I was thrilled by these changes and set aside my misgivings.

Then she dropped me back into trance to reinforce her obedience trigger and told me that whenever she used the phrase Good Girl, I’d feel a rush of amazing pleasure. The old classics are classic for a reason – who wouldn’t love that?

Then she talked about how since I enjoyed it, I would want to find out what she liked and want to keep her happy, so she would say it again. Ordinarily, this would hint at addiction and corruption, so I’d be resistant, but she had set that block limiting the scope of her suggestions, so I happily, excitedly surrendered to it.

She toyed with me, giving me hypnotic pleasure, and I was loving it. Then she commented as if realising just then that the thing I like most is not hypnosis or submission, but pleasure. I respond so easily and so well to pleasure. I was a Slave to Pleasure.

I was thinking at the time that this is a profound insight – I do readily accept pleasure suggestions more easily than any other triggers, and “Good Girl” has long been a favourite trigger of mine.

But now, looking back, I wonder if this was the kind of mental trickery that hypnotists routinely engage in (and there’s no criticism here!). She had first given me pleasure triggers and suggestions, and then told me I was a slave to pleasure – that perfectly fits the way I was feeling at that moment. So naturally, I believed and accepted it.

The Gloves Come Off

And now, once I was overcome with pleasure, very compliant and eager to obey, the gloves came off…

Bit by bit, she dismantled the safeguards she had placed earlier that same session. Planting suggestions that I was addicted to her, that being a slave to pleasure was my innermost nature, that Her commands had no limits, that anytime she contacted me I’d be under Her control, and I wanted to find ways to please Her always.

Kneeling for her seems like such a natural thing to do… Wait, where did my clothes go…

Now let’s say you have had your brain emptied out, and all that’s left is a slave to pleasure, and your hypnotist tells you, “Imagine a bad dom found out how much of a pleasure slave you are, and put you in a pleasure sim – you would be stuck, wouldn’t you?”

I really felt completely overwhelmed with lust, and completely helpless. She had also planted the command that I couldn’t say no to her, but at this point, I really couldn’t imagine saying no to her.

When I logged off for bed, I was so, um, worked up, it took me a couple of hours to burn off some excess, um, energy so I could get to sleep if you know what I mean.


But the next day it all sunk in. I realised what suggestions she had given me, and immediately unfriended her.

It made me think about the other people I was playing with at the time. There are three guys I’ve played with off-and-on for years, but they’ve each been doing non-consensual things to me, so I decided to make a clean break and unfriended them too. A series of posts describing my history with them will appear soon.

I should have seen this coming, really. I look now at Peachey’s profile and it says this:

Control is my kink

Things may start off soft and gentle, then the strictness will slowly drip in, eventually you will be addicted to my control and completely unable to say no.

Here you will be helplessly trapped in a life of RLV, ownership and isolation, your broken mind only understanding one thing:


I originally assumed that was roleplay, but remember, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

It’s a shame really because she does seem to be interested in many of the things I have long been interested in, desires and fantasies which have gone unfulfilled because I haven’t found anyone safe to play with them. I guess they will have to stay unfulfilled.

It’s been over a week since then, and I have been tormented by feelings of lust and cravings – mostly for her, but also for the men I unfriended. If anything, that confirms the decision was the correct one. As I write this, the feelings are slowly fading, and I’m focussing on writing for the blog again as a way of keeping myself distracted!

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Gender Presentation and Dominance

I’m going to talk about a trend, not a hard and fast rule. But a funny thing I’ve noticed is the difference between people who present as male and people who present as female, in the hypnokink community.

  • Dominants who present as male in second life tend to be much more focussed on sex, and hypnosis is just either a means to get it, or used to enhance it and make it more real.
  • Dominants who present as female are much more interested in control and use hypnosis to enhance that. Sex still happens, but it’s not the primary focus.

I find this fascinating because it seems to be completely separate from and independent of gender identity.

I want to be clear here: when I talk about this trend, I’m talking about presentation – the gender you choose for your avatar on Second Life.

  • I’ve met a lot of people who identify as men in RL, and take female avatars in SL.
  • I’ve known a lot of people who some people think are male in real life, but are actually female (trans people), and presenting as a woman in second life is being their authentic selves.
  • I’ve known one cis woman who presents as a man in second life.
  • And of course there are many who lie outside of SL as men or women (cis or trans), who take the same presentation inside Second Life.

Transphobes will claim that all women in SL are actually men, but the reality is way more complex and nuanced (some of those ‘men’ are roleplaying, and others are actually women, and yes, some of them are cis women.)

Forget all of that, think of just the avatar in second life – that’s what I’m talking about here. It seems that those drawn to choose male avatars want sex more than anything else, and those drawn to female avatars want control more than anything else. And this is completely separate from how they identify outside of second life.

Isn’t that interesting?

Note: this doesn’t talk about nonbinary people at all, it’s just about presenting specifically as male or female.

Also, if you don’t know, cis is short for cisgender, which simply means “not trans”.

I also want to repeat that this is a trend – not a universal truth. I’ve played with enough hypnotists to notice it, but I’ve also seen exceptions. It’s just fascinating how often it happens.

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My First Hypnotic Griefer?

Early last year I had one of the weirdest hypnosis experiences. I can’t figure out an explanation for what happened. What was my hypnotist going for? Was it some misguided attempt at blackmail roleplay, or an actual griefer? Or something else I can’t begin to guess at?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s what happened.


I was at Sin-Labs, a sim focussed on people who like to be artificial, and had just finished a doll trance in one of its trance machines.

I was messaged by a stranger, MagnusSpartan, and assumed that he’d seen me in the trance machine, and thought I was vulnerable due to trancing, and so would be an easy target for play. I was anticipating having to fend off amorous advances.

And so his opening message addled my already addled mind:

“I saw it’s an A record to redirect of your tumblr”

It took me a few moments to realise this – and the conversation that followed – wasn’t meaningless gobbledegook, but was, in fact, geek-speak (gobbledegook with meaning!).

Magnus was trying to engage me in a discussion of how traffic is directed across the internet, and how my Tumblr is set up. Let me tell you, after you’ve been in a trance and made to feel submissive, being plunged into thinking geeky techie things is not fun! I’d have preferred having to fend off over-eager amorous advances…

“I was just in a trance machine and came out a bit addled, and this conversation is clearing my head very well.”

And so we engaged in an entirely too-long discussion of something I have no interest in. Let me tell you, trance-induced submission isn’t fun when the polite deference it engenders keeps you in a conversation like this:

MagnusSpartan Resident: So a poor man’s Google Drive
MagnusSpartan Resident: So when it comes to hosting, it’s upload. It’s trash
MagnusSpartan Resident: I could get Fiber and that would help.
MagnusSpartan Resident: /me runs his fingers through your hair.

He kept running his hands through my hair while talking about the technical aspects of running a home server. It was a very clumsy and inappropriate attempt at flirting. And let’s be honest here – he was talking at me not with me. I barely contributed to that conversation, while he monopolised my time.

The funny thing was, because he’d caught me after a very deep trance, I was kind of enjoying the affection. It kept me attentive for a while, but combined with the geeky talk, it was just bizarrely awkward, so I made my excuses and logged off.

An Overlooked Red Flag

The next morning, I log on and am immediately greeted by:

MagnusSpartan Resident: /me runs his fingers through your hair.
Giggli Galore: I’m not going to be able to talk this morning
MagnusSpartan Resident: Why is that?
Giggli Galore: I’m meeting someone
MagnusSpartan Resident: Fascinating

Giggli Galore: why is that fascinating? 🙂
MagnusSpartan Resident: Friends usually means that you are getting fucked.
Giggli Galore: in my case its more likely to be tranced
MagnusSpartan Resident: And I can easily do that.
Giggli Galore: well, i was meeting a friend, someone i already knew, who trances me

I’m posting this conversational snippet to highlight a bunch of red flags that I didn’t pay attention to at the time. See the bits in bold.

First, the assumed familiarity and intimacy with the constant stroking of my hair. That was making me a little uncomfortable – not quite creeped out, but getting there.

Second, the passive-aggressiveness here. I’m meeting someone, and there’s a hint of touchiness that it’s not him.

This followed by suggesting that I must be meeting someone to get fucked, and again, it’s not him. The “nice-guy” vibes are coming through loud and clear as I re-read this. Never mind the language.

And finally when I say I’m off to be tranced, “I can easily do that.” Yes, that might be true – but why would I want to do that with you? I don’t know you, and I already have a date with a friend.

The entitlement here is very strong, once you look for it.

Finally, the Very Weird Incident this Post is About

I was waiting for a friend to come online, but they weren’t showing up, and I kept talking to Magnus – or more accurately he kept talking to me.

Honestly, the fact that his approach the day before caught me when I jumped out of the trance machine, had me feeling a little submissive towards him. All that running his hands through my hair, while pretty clumsy, had felt nice.

And he started that up again now, but started to use trancey language (no mention of internet servers to distract me!), and did a decent job of painting a scene and getting me in a relaxing state of mind.

So I started to drop, and then he starts on the pleasure suggestions, building me up, leading to…

MagnusSpartan Resident: Feels so good, so natural, doesn’t it?
Giggli Galore: yes
MagnusSpartan Resident: That’s all you want…
MagnusSpartan Resident: Something so… right…
MagnusSpartan Resident: How does it feel, Giggli?
Giggli Galore: mmmm hot
MagnusSpartan Resident: You’re so close aren’t you?
Giggli Galore: no still good
MagnusSpartan Resident: Good girl…
MagnusSpartan Resident: I found your alt…
Giggli Galore: that would be clever

So, he is giving me a pleasure trance, building me up, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, throws out a bizarre statement claiming to know something secret about me.

My immediate and automatic reaction was, “Hah, that would be clever”, but after I said it, the weirdness of it started to sink in. My alt? What?

Trying to Make Sense Of It

For those unfamiliar with SL, it’s common for people to have alternate accounts (alts). You can have several alts that are completely separate accounts, with no connection to each other. I spend all my time in just one – managing just one inventory is nightmare enough!

My instinct is to say I don’t have any alts, but then I remember that I created a temporary alt years ago to go undercover to investigate Toy Slaves Brothel, where they use hypnosis to train the working girls… Maybe I’ll write about that one day. I can’t imagine anyone would be interested…

And when the Resident surnames were introduced, I snapped up Giggli Resident, so no one else could have it. That’s MINE!

But apart from that one purely journalistic exploration years ago, I don’t use them. So there’s no way he could have known about them. This statement was a lie.

The funny thing is in our chat just before the trance he admitted to having had an alt of his own – Maximillion Foehammer.

Why would he give me a trance, start giving me pleasure suggestions, and then throw in a bonkers claim about knowing my alt?

I have struggled to make sense of it. Was it an attempt at blackmail roleplay? But if so, it would be a good idea to have some discussion about that first.

Or was he just throwing out that claim in the hope of getting blackmail material through hypnosis – get me to admit I have an alt, identify it, and then hold it over me (all the while assuming I’d want to keep it secret).

But that’s a stretch.

Or maybe he’s an actual griefer. The first hypnosis griefer!

There are griefers in Second Life – people who try to mess up other people’s fun. Usually, it takes the form of harassing and trying to break things, and generally being pests.

So there’s could be hypnotist griefers. Hypnotists who get you into trance and then deliberately ruin the experience for their own fun. If so, this would be the first I’ve heard of, but it’s possible – if weird.

But this is all just me clutching at straws. I genuinely have no idea how to make sense of this. I did ask though…

Waking Up

So after that question, and my “That would be clever” response, he went completely silent for a few minutes. Possibly he expected a different reaction and was feeling just as awkward as I was.

The confusion and the silence were easily enough to wake me up.

Giggli Galore: confused by that statement and lost the feeling
MagnusSpartan Resident: Good.
Giggli Galore: what did you mean? what alt?

And after that enigmatic “Good,” he went silent again, and the silence dragged on. I started getting more and more creeped out as I thought about it, and so left him a final abrupt message:

Giggli Galore: I’m logging off, a little creeped out
Giggli Galore: If you want to talk again, let me know where you were going with that. Otherwise dont bother.

And that was that. He hasn’t been in touch to explain, and it’s been nearly a year.

This isn’t one of my sexier stories, it’s just weird. I have included his name, because until he explains what he was up to, I don’t think he’s a safe person to trance with, and people ought to know that. Plus, he mentioned his previous alt was banned, which might be a reason for concern.

So my personal take-away – pay attention to red flags, and don’t talk to strangers immediately after a deep trance!

Now if only I had remembered both of those takeaways – they might have saved me from the events of my next post…

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Over the years I’ve used my profile picks to describe what kind of play I’m looking for and tell people what I really don’t want. I have written and rewritten these picks so many times, to no avail. But I just saw a screenshot from Twitter that gets to the heart of it so well, so this has gone in my profile:

if ur a hypnodom and you use hypnosis to try to override a subs consent or attempt to use hypno to coerce or push past a subs limits in a scene as a way to assert ur control over their mind thats not an expression of hypnokink thats straight up abuse/assault

Source: brainlessbambii on Twitter.

There’s a lot more that could be said about consent in hypnosis (and believe me, I have a lot more to say on that subject), but that tweet gets to the heart of it very well.

People regularly ask me to write more stuff for my blog, but the truth is it gets depressing. Pretty much every story I have to tell is about a violation of consent – there are so many of them. But looking back, some of them are sexy too (in retrospect!), so who knows, maybe I’ll write some of them up.

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Kero’s Toybox

The store of Kiro Yifu, a creator – nay inventor of marvellous gadgets and games.

This store is the home of the revolutionary KnK HypnoHud, and Trance-O-Matic. Before their introduction, the hypnosis scene was divided between the trance machines of three companies, HypnoDolls, Rygel & Lustbaby, and Hypnotic Magic. With the introduction of the Trance-o-Matic that changed overnight – suddenly Trance-O-Matics were everywhere. Another post will describe why that happened.

While this blog focuses on hypnosis stuff, this store is not just for hypnosis fans. Kero is a mad scientist and inventor, so you can find doll display cases (where you are the doll), RLV bondage traps, and doll factory; a portal gun, and objects to transform your avatar into motorbikes, picture frames, plants, and more.

There are even playable games. Or you can sit back and watch the bunny minions work away in the toybox:

Getting back to hypnosis, you can also pick up some trances for the KnK HUD and the Trance-O-matic.

In addition to the trances above, there’s also a vendor for Hypnotropolis trances, fully compatible with the KnK hypnodevices.

There’s a public Trance-O-Matic just below the sign above which contains all the trances listed. You can try them all out for free here!

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The Hypnosphere is one of the more familiar hypnotic devices you’ll see as you wander Second Life’s hypnosis scene. It was made as a centrepiece for the HypnoDolls store around 2008, and you can still find it there – but you can also find it in other places like Live Trance Labs.

It’s a great addition to public places, because if the conversation is lacking, you can always just gaze up into the sphere and relax and drift…

It is a non-spiral based hypnotic focus with a binaural beat and a nice looping particle effect which will play a short sequence read from notecards inside it. In many ways, it is quite primitive as far as LSL development has come but it is no less effective now than 13 years ago, and it really seems to resonate with what people want from a focus.

The HypnoSphere creator, Ariel Lycia-Messmer

And it really has stood the test of time.

The pretty sparkly particle effects are nice to look at, almost mesmerizing on their own, and the gentle relaxing text appearing in the centre, visible no matter where you are in the room, can help susceptible victims relaxing patrons slip the rest of the way.

But it wouldn’t be a Second Life Toy without some extra features. If you click on it, you get a menu like the one to the right.

  • Access: this lets the owner set who can access this menu and change options. A Public HypnoSphere can be altered by anyone.
  • On/Off: These switch on or off the particle effects. Do you want a featureless blac orb, to make the text more striking? You can do that.
  • Channel: This is where the real fun begins. If you type messages to the Sphere’s Channel, that text will appear in the hypnosphere. This allows hypnotists to use it for group trance experiences – imagine someone speaking through the HypnoSphere, while everyone watching relaxes and allows themselves to be programmed…
  • Edit Playlist: Finally, the onwer of HypnoSphere can add their own trance scripts, by dropping notecards into the object. The Edit Playlist allows them to choose which script to run. The text of that script will then appear in the Sphere.

This is a great device for public trance experiences, but might not really be the best thing to put in a lounge. Unless you’re okay with everyone going quiet as they watch the orb…

Buying the HypnoSphere

It wasn’t apparent to me how to buy it, so I’ll give instructions here. You can buy the Sphere by right-clicking on the HypnoSphere at HypnoDolls.

The sphere costs 500L, which like most things in Second Life is very cheap (around $2 in real money). It’s a great addition to any public hypnosis-themed places, or even to the home of any discerning hypnosis addict.

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How To Find a Hypnotist

People often assume that I have hypnotists on call, ready to trance me at my whim. Honestly, there have been times where this was true, and the tips I’m going to describe are a big part of the reason why.

That said, most of the time it’s not like that! Still, these tips will help you find people to at least talk to, and may lead to hypnosis.

I have no idea what hypnotists see in me…

Use Your Profile

Back when I was new to Second Life, and despairing of ever meeting a hypnotist that wasn’t a hypnotron, I got talking to a wonderful girl named Kia Lorefield. We were chatting about what we each wanted on SL, and when I told her my goals, she said, “You should stick that in your profile – hypnotists will be lining up for you.”

I laughed, but that turned out to be the best advice anyone has given me on SL. I am not exaggerating – every time I logged on I was getting people chatting me up. A good profile works wonders.

Second Life is big – no matter how strange or weird your fetishes may be, there are plenty of other people who share them. You might, like me, be a little shy about discussing them – but adding them to the profile means you don’t have to! People will know what you want. So it’s a good thing.

There can be a dilemma if you have friends who aren’t in the hypnofetish scene – you might be wary of including personal stuff in your profile. In that case, this tip might not be much help to you – and that’s unfortunate, because this is THE most important tip, and all the rest build on it. (Though the Use Groups Proactively tip might still help.)  So, I’d encourage you to find a way of at least hinting what you’re looking for, that won’t cause problems for you with your friends.

When I say use your profile, I mean everything on your Profile page. Use your Group List and Favourite Picks. People can see what you’re interested in, and learn something about your character.

Having anything at all is better than a blank screen. But also, Be Honest. Don’t write things that aren’t true just to get people’s attention. When people meet you, they’ll learn pretty quickly if it’s not true, and their disappointment will count against you.

By all that’s sexy – have a Profile Pic

Profile Pic

Also, as part of making your profile useful, please have a Profile Pic. Find a place in Second Life that flatters you, and get a friend to take a good pic if you have no talent.

Make it a Second Life snapshot – don’t use artwork, and don’t use a RL pic (the First Life tab is for that). People want to see who they’ll be meeting in Second Life – only a Second Life snapshot works for that.

If it’s a blank pic, people will assume you don’t care about your appearance, and trust me, that’s a no-no in the very visual world of Second Life.

Also as an addendum, it’s worth actually taking some care over your avatar. If you have a newbie avatar, even a non-mesh avatar in this day and age, chances are no one is going to be interested.

Disclaimer – My Profile

After reading these tips, you may jump to my profile to get ideas (or even steal my words, haha). But bear in mind, I’m not following my suggestions and there’s a good reason for that.

I deleted my profile because I didn’t want people to contact me. I was going through some personal stuff, and wanted alone time. So I cleared my profile, to stop people contacting me. And it worked!

Let that be a lesson – if your profile is empty, you aren’t going to meet your dream hypnotist.

Lie In Wait

A common tactic is to hang around in hypno-themed places like Live Trance Lab or Cranial Lust. These places often have a comfy lounge where people can sit around, waiting for a hypnotist or subject to come along and catch their fancy. I have met a few hypnotists this way, and it has led to good experiences.

As methods go, this is a good standby, and you can do it at any time. But of the methods I can think of, it’s probably the least rewarding – it takes a lot of time. I’d advise using this selectively. Say, if you have just been hanging out with a friend and that friend has gone offline, visit one of these places and hang out for 10 or 20 minutes. Maybe you’ll strike up a fun conversation, and pass the time pleasantly, and maybe you’ll hit it off with someone and find yourself being tranced.

But – this is very important – as soon as you start getting bored, make your excuses and leave.

One thing a lot of people do, which I strongly advise against, is to go to these places, and then leave the keyboard.

You need to be at the screen, looking at the profiles and group lists of people who pass through, and be willing to respond to any conversation that starts up. A lot of the people sitting around silently are waiting for someone to say something, and when they see you are not idle, they may approach you in IM. That has happened to me many times.

But if you’re idle, people won’t attempt to talk to you, and the chance will pass you by.

So hang out, while you are alert and interested, but once your interest starts to fade, move on.

Join Likeminded Groups

Whenever you meet someone, have a look through their groups. If you find one that catches your eye and seems to speak to you, join that group – and don’t hide it.

After I filled in my profile, I started getting people IMing me as Kia had predicted. It would come and go in waves – sometimes I’d have 2 or 3 in a night, and then weeks might pass before it happened again. These were people who had not met me, and had never been in the same sim at the same time as me. It was baffling. Then one of them told me she had browsed the one of the groups she belonged to, looking at profiles for people she might like.

So, if you have a helpful profile, and join groups that have plenty of hypnotists (or subs if that’s what you are looking for), you can sometimes get people approaching you out of the blue.

This has never stopped happening for me – even after I wiped my profile, I’d still get the very occasional chat up from a group member. Just being in a group tells people you have that shared interest, and that may enough to lead to conversation.

I can’t recommend specific groups, since everyone’s taste is different and by Linden, there are too many to list. By checking people’s profiles, you’ll keep finding new ones. So many…

Use Groups Proactively

But you can do more than just being a member of a group! There are two ways you can use your groups more productively.

First, you can use Group Chat: if you’re a hypnotist, you can ask in the group channel if anyone fancies a hypno-session (someone always will – you’ll probably be inundated!). I’ve seen subs ask for hypnotists and get responses too, though that’s a lot less common.

This has the drawback of being indiscriminate – you are never sure what kind of people you’re going to meet. But, don’t let that put you off. If you need to meet ten people before you find one you really want to have fun with, you do still have to meet people. And this way you might meet people you would normally not give a second glance to, and have a pleasant surprise.

But you don’t have to be so single-minded. Most groups are starved for fun conversations, so if you just start talking, it can lead to interesting conversation, and making friendships, which can lead to trance eventually. There are plenty of times over the years where I’ve joined in a chat about pretty much anything, and soon after had an IM from someone wanting to trance me.

The second way is the reverse of my previous tip: actively browse the group’s members and look at their Profiles. Find people who you might like, and approach them. The group list shows you who is online, so you can meet people immediately if they are willing.

This method does rely on other people having filled in their profiles, but some people do.

However, don’t send messages that you are looking for someone to trance you. Everyone already knows that – everyone in the group is also looking for someone to trance them. It just makes you look desperate. And boring.

That said, if you are very charming, and funny, and sexy – it can work.

Things To Avoid

Don’t Be A Pushy Sub

A classic strip – Oglaf: Submission (warning – very NSFW)

Oh my god, this is a biggie. And I see so many subs doing exactly this, especially with female hypnotists. This is too big a topic to tackle here, but in short, don’t be selfish. Remember that hypnotists don’t exist for your pleasure – they are people who have their own interests and desires. You have to be worth their interest – don’t demand their attention, appeal to it.

Never, ever say you’re bored.

If you tell people you are bored, you are telling them you are only talking to them because it’s marginally better than watching paint dry.

Trust me on this, no-one wants to hear your bored.

If you’re bored – log off and do something fun. Then come back when you’re actually interested and interesting.

Lern 2 spel. Srsly. And avoid text speak.

Hypnotists love language. That means full complete words, in sentences, occasionally if only by accident forming correct grammatical structures. They spend a lot of time using words – picking specific words or phrases to evoke a certain mood or response. So, you’ll get short shrift if you are don’t use at least basic spelling and grammar.

I’m not being snobby here. There are places where it’s appropriate to use shorthand, text speak, and so on – but second life is not one of them. You are going to be sitting at your computer or laptop – use that keyboard!

Don’t Hang Around SL When You’re Bored

I’ve touched on this already, but I really can’t stress this enough. If you’re bored, people can tell, and you will come across as desperate or boring. People will not want your company.

If you’re in SL, find something to do that you find interesting, partly to keep you engaged, but also so that when people reach out, you have something to talk about.

I repeat: if you are bored, or idling, log off.

These rules don’t apply if you’re a hypnotist – because people will give you a lot more leeway. You’re in demand.

But if you’re a sub, there are many, many more just like yourself – you need to stand out. You need to be making the best impression, and if you’re bored, that won’t happen.

It might not be fair, but it’s the reality. You get just one chance to make a first impression – make it count.

In Summary

These are the tips anyone can use. Many of these tips might seem very basic and obvious, but if you’ve never thought about the things mentioned here, give them a try.

But also, if you have any talents or other assets you can use them too.

If you take good snapshots, have a portfolio in your pics, and use that as part of your chat up – ask people if they want a snapshot taken, or want to see your gallery. “Hey babe, come back and see my etchings.”

If you have your own land, make sure you have something interesting there, and invite people to see it.

Here’s the big secret behind this post – when you’re looking for a hypnotist, you are dating. You are doing the same kind of things you would do in Real Life when looking for a fun companion or a partner – just adapted for Second Life.

That means you want to present yourself well, and be the the best you that you can be when meeting people.

And it also means you can’t expect everything to come to you. You have to put some work in. There’s no avoiding that.

And of course, getting the attention of a hypnotist is only the first step. It gives you an opportunity, but you now have to show that you’re worth the hypnotist’s attention. Maybe I’ll make a Hypno-Dating in Second Life series to help with that step… (Spoiler: it’s about having self-respect and treating people with respect. And being humble and sexy like me.)

Do you know of any good places to hang out, or fun, active groups to join? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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