Current Affairs


That is, I’m not having any affairs at the moment. I’m not doing any hypnoplay at the moment, and I’ll get to the reason for that terrible state of affairs in the coming posts.

But since I’m not trancing, I am clearheaded enough to write something here! And so…

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Bigger Than Ever!

I created this blog a long, long time ago, and I still regularly meet people in Second Life who recognise my name and demand to know when I’ll be writing new posts. It’s very flattering and as a part-time bimbo, it’s lovely to have the attention giggle.

I thought it would be fun to take a look back, and see how things have changed since my early days.

One of my earlier posts reported on a worrying tendency I had started to notice, entitled Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger.

Flat Giggli

I started out looking like the picture on the left, and had blossomed into the picture on the right. I had seen a lot of other girls grow into much more shapely women, and was wondering if Second Life had some strange effect on women’s chests. Especially those women who did a lot of trances, affecting their desires and self-perceptions…

I recently made myself a new profile picture, and I think I can safely put this worry to rest. There might have been some minor development, but nothing that seems unusual or eye-catching. Whew, that’s a relief. Bring on the New Year!


Theme Update

Just a minor update: tweaked the blog’s colours and other theme-y stuffs. I hope I didn’t break anything. Who put a bimbo in charge of this stuff?!

Let me know if you see any oddities.


Touched By Sanura

I have often wondered what Sanura saw in me

I have often wondered what Sanura saw in me

This is the third in a series of three posts about my favourite post hypnotic suggestions. Read about how Sanura gave me the Doll Stand of Mindless Bliss in last Friday’s post, Displayed To Please, and how Angel taught me to spread at her command, in last Tuesday’s post, Hypnotised to Obey – By Accident!

In this post, I’ll tell you how Sanura gave me another very sexy suggestion, the one that has most enhanced my experience of online play and hypnosis ever since.

We were discussing what sort of things I’d like to do with hypnosis. I told Sanura that some suggestions don’t work well with me, like for example, when a hypnotist tells me to visualise something that isn’t there, or when they describe touching me and tell me I should feel it.

This isn’t unusual by the way. Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is different. Some people visualise easily exactly what they are told to see, and see it as if it was really there. Most don’t. Some people strongly feel suggested emotions. (I think I fall into that group.) Some people respond to triggers automatically while others don’t.

So, Sanura suggested using hypnosis to heighten my sense of touch, so that while I was logged into Second Life, I would feel whatever my avatar felt. I’d tried machine trances with similar suggestions, but they hadn’t worked. But improving your ability to do hypnosis takes time and practice, and those trances weren’t interesting enough to me to keep using them.

Playing with Sanura was different. That was always hot! So I was excited about this idea, and eager to see if it would work. Continue reading

Hypnotised To Obey – By Accident!

An Angel Arrives

A Divine Visitation

In this post, I’ll tell you about a couple of times I was hypnotised by accident, and finish off with one of the sexiest commands I’ve ever been given.

I’ve tranced a lot. If I wasn’t able to find a hypnotist for my fix, I’d be listening to an mp3 before bed or jumping on SL to watch a trance machine. Sometimes I’d go a few days without trancing, and every now and then I would spend the entire day trancing. So, I think it’s reasonable to say my average is roughly one trance a day for roughly eight years. If I hadn’t done so many bimbo trances, I’d be able to tell you how many that is! It’s a lot.

A major benefit of that… enthusiasm?… is that I go into trance very easily. I like a nice long induction, but I can slip into at least a light trance very quickly. It can also happen by accident. And has, a few times.

I have been watching the TV, or driving in the car (as a passenger!), or working, and something has reminded me of a trance. As I remember the feeling of trance, it becomes reality and I feel myself slipping away.

If I’m not busy, I usually let it happen, and enjoy a few moments of drifting. Since there is no hypnotist to give me instructions, I always drift back up before long.

Sometimes on Second Life, a dom/me hypnotises someone in public. Until recently, I couldn’t watch such a scene without falling under myself and following along.

On occasion, a dominant realises I’ve been hypnotised by accident, and takes advantage of that fact… One such tale follows below. Continue reading

Displayed To Please

As a dedicated hypnotee (which is a polite way of saying, “slut for hypnosis”), I have picked up a fair few Post Hypnotic Suggestions in my time. I mentioned the good girl trigger in a previous post. Two of my three free favourite long-term triggers were originally set by Sanura Messmer.

I’ve mentioned Sanura before. She’s very special to me. I came close to taking her collar (which is a big step for me). Twice! Both times, it was scheduling that interfered. We have stayed friends, and still play every now and then. We have had good rapport right from the day we first met, roughly 4 years ago.

On one of our early meetings, she was showing me around the house she had back then. We were also getting to know each other, and talking about what was possible with hypnosis. She said that hypnosis could be used to make you feel me feel I was in love with her. I told her that kind of emotional suggestion didn’t work for me.

She quickly led me into trance. I can’t remember the wording she used, but she gave me that very suggestion, that I was in love with her, and then woke me up.

Sanura's house looked fairly normal. But those lured to the attic may find themselves changed... converted... improved...

Sanura’s house looked fairly normal. But those lured to the attic may find themselves changed… converted… improved…

She asked me how I felt. Upon awaking, I felt no different, but then something started to happen. It is hard to describe. It felt like my world was shifting. I was shrinking, and she was growing, becoming more important. I found myself becoming captivated by her, and growing breathless.

Then she cancelled the suggestion, and instantly, it was gone.

I was disappointed! I wanted to explore that feeling more, but it was cut off just when it was starting to get interesting. After that, I really wanted to be hypnotised by her again! Luckily I got my wish… Continue reading

Such a Good Girl

It's funny how often my sexiest predicaments start with, "and then Lexie suggested..."

It’s funny how often my sexiest predicaments start with, “And then Lexie suggested…”

The last few Fridays, I’ve posted about some embarrassing moments caused by hypnosis. In this post, I’ll tell you about the most embarrassing for all. Something that happened in a very public place, when I was surrounded by friends and family…

Nowadays, I often ask hypnotists to abide by a set of boundaries. Things like, “Don’t give me addictive suggestions,” and, “Limit your suggestions to apply just when we play.”

I didn’t always do that. I think people assume I do it because I’m worried about hypnotists trying to take control of me, and force me to do things against my will. I’m really not worried about that. These limits are to protect me from myself.

I‘ve found that certain kinds of suggestions can affect me too much, especially ones that give pleasure, and my mind will try to cling to them. Here’s an example.

One of the first hypnotists I played with gave me the trigger, “Good Girl”, and told me something like, “When I call you a good girl, you’ll feel a burst of pleasure.”

That was fun. I loved him calling me his good girl. I knew it was part of my training, that the pleasure was so good, I’d be more eager to listen to him, hoping he would say it. For a submissive like me, that was very exciting.  What could go wrong? Continue reading

How Deep Is Deep?

Last Friday, I posted about one of my most embarrassing trance interruptions. This one is worse. Especially since I was unaware about what happened, when it happened.

People often think hypnosis isn’t working on them, because they don’t feel any different. They just feel a little relaxed. As you shall see, a little relaxation can go a long way.

One day, I was watching a machine trance. Well, okay, I was watching three trances, chained together, for around two hours. I do that sometimes. I’m a hypnoslut…

While watching, I didn’t feel like I was very deep. My mind wandered several times, and I had to remember to focus back on the trance. But still, it was enjoyable, I felt good by the end of it. Nothing too special, just nice. Then when I got up and looked around, I noticed the door into the room was open.

“That was odd,” I thought. “I’m sure I closed that.”

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Mesmerised by the Snugglubus

There are sexy demons in Second Life. Some of them are dark and devious, eager to corrupt and enslave you. Others are more playful, eager to cuddle you into blissful oblivion.  This is the tale of my encounter with one of the latter kind.

Dolly: i like being cute and cuddly and softly working my demonic snuggle magic into peoples minds
Giggli: so, less of a sexubus, and more of a snugglubus?

The Lair of the Snugglubus

Last week, I was invited to supervise the construction of a new chamber hidden in the bowels of the Vault of Souls. And by “supervise”, I mean lounge around, mesmerized by the pulsating pink walls.

A trio of impressively built Snuggle Demons caught in the act of decorating, tower over the intruders. (Getting a good shot was tricky, they move around a lot!)

Are you getting frisky, Mr Bear?

It’s an interesting room, the lair of the mysterious snuggle demons. The walls really do pulsate by the way.

I have a love of pink that… um.. didn’t develop entirely naturally. There’s a fun story about that. A topic for a later post. So for me, the room’s aura of throbbing pink was already quite mesmerising, and I haven’t even got to the trance yet!

Sadly, I had to leave before they finished decorating. The next time I logged on, I stumbled across two demons lost in each other’s arms. Lisa and Dolly. I did what any respectable second life rezident would do, and took up a quiet position to watch.

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle demons Do

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle Demons Do

Or maybe that’s what I might have done if I had arrived discreetly. But I appeared in the middle of the room, and they spotted me immediately. Gulp!

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The Irresistible Cow(girl)


What is happening…
Must.. .resist

A few years ago, I was playing with a wonderful hypnodomme named Vanity Vandeverre.

I was helpless against her suggestions. One day, we were chatting, and somehow, big boobs and milking came up in conversation. This is pretty normal conversation in Second Life! I think I said something like, “I can see the attraction, but it doesn’t do much for me.”

That was like a red rag to a bull. Vanity started talking about how nice big boobs were, to feel them sway and jiggle. She told me that I would feel mine growing, and swelling, and the heaviness of my udders would pull me down onto all fours.

I found that hilarious, and started to type, “Haha, nice try but no way that is going to happen!”

But before I could finish typing it, I felt the pull. In fact, as I’m writing this post and remembering this experience, I am leaning forward, feeling the extra weight again.

I did manage to type something like, “Oh no no no!”

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Hitting My Limit: Broken By Hypnosis

To Oblivion And Beyond!

To Oblivion And Beyond!

This post is a bit more serious than most of my recent ones. Believe it or not, the life of a hypnoslut is not all mindless bliss and roses!

I joined Second Life because I heard there was an active hypnosis scene there. There was, and I threw myself into it eagerly and recklessly. I consumed every machine trance I could find, chaining them together in sessions two of three hours long. I met hypnotist after hypnotist, and let them have their way with my minds. I did so much hypnosis so enthusiastically, friends often marvelled, “How is it you still have a mind?” Continue reading

Cattus Interruptus – a Hypnosis Catastrophe

Cute Black Cat

My Nemesis

I have had a lot of hypnotic experiences, many good, some bad, and some funny. Here’s one of the latter. Well, it’s funny now…

I own (am owned by?) two cats. They often wandered in when I was trancing, and would sometimes wander across my desk or jump into my lap. In the early days this was distracting enough that I’d wake up. Over the years, as I got better at trancing, I was able to stay under. Part of my mind would wake up, register the presence of the cat, and then fade away again. I still tried to remember to lock the cats out if it looked like a fun scene was developing in Second Life, but wasn’t too concerned if I forgot.

That was a mistake.

It’s never fun to be woken suddenly from trance. But trust me, it’s less fun when a whirling dervish of claws jumps on your head. Continue reading

Big Boobed Display Bimbo

Naughty Schoolgirl Outfit

School uniforms get racier every year

Just after New Year, I was putting together a new outfit for a domme, and bumped into an old friend, Sanura Messmer.

Sanura is one of my oldest friends on SL, and when she is in domme mode, I know I am in good, safe hands. When we were playing regularly, she gave me one of my favourite long-lasting hypnotic suggestions. That suggestion was that I’d feel her touch in Second Life, as it was real.

Sanura commented approvingly about my outfit, as I complained, “I can’t put my collar on without knocking my boobs off!”

(For those unfamiliar with SL’s quirks: you can wear breast implants to allow bigger boobs than normally possible. But objects often clash with each other, and wearing one can knock another off. Only in SL can you say something like, “I can’t put my collar on without knocking my boobs off!” without people thinking you are mad.)

So, I was fiddling with my collar and Sanura joked, “I hold your breasts down as you add the collar.”

I laughed, and then I started to feel something. That old suggestion was still active… Continue reading

A Crooked House

I stumbled across a really clever place, last night. There’s a nice relaxing platform in the sky, and a comfy seat to relax to the calming sound of the wind whistling past. What a great place to be hypnotised, I think.


Then, I notice the strange shape floating in the sky in the distance. Some kind of crooked house… And lo, just beside me is a granite cross thingy, with a teleporter to the house. How could I resist?

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Coming Soon

The site’s new menu (just below the banner at the top of the page) is a subtle hint to stuff I’ve been working hard on the past few weeks.

Not the menu itself, silly-  but those word thingies it contains!

Hypnosis Sale at Hypnotic Magic


Here’s an announcement for fans of hypnosis machines!

* * *

This Valentines Day will bring some sweet deals from Starfire Desade’s Hypnotic Magic!!!

We will be having a store wide sale beginning on 14 February 2012.

The first day of the sale, EVERYTHING in the store will be reduced 50%. This includes ALL TranceStar Engines and Cores, including value packs. And you might want to make it to the sale on the first day, because…..

The second day of the sale (15 Feb 2013), EVERYTHING is still on sale, but the discount is reduced to 40%…
The third day of the sale (16 Feb 2013), the discount is reduced to 30%…
The fourth day (17 Feb 2013), the discount will be 20%…
The FINAL DAY of the sale (18 Feb 2013), the discount will be 10%.

As you can see, there will be wonderful deals every day, but the earlier you take advantage of this sale, the greater the value.

Special notes: Since this is a sale, certain restrictions apply. Discounts only available at our in-world store, not the marketplace. No discounts applied to previously purchased merchandise. If you have cores you wish us to move from an older TranceStar to one purchased during the sale, there will be a single L$500 maintenance fee.

* * *

Check out their range at their marketplace store.

New Post Announcement

Hi hypnofans! To those of you have been pestering me to update my blog, here it is.

Whew, this writing stuff is hard work, but at least it’s done now so I can go and forget it for a few months!

What, you want more? You slavedrivers! (Wait, I like slave drivers. Hmmm…)

What was I saying? Oh yes. The real announcement. I have had hosting problems for a few months with my blog, and haven’t been able to update it without a lot of tedious jiggery pokery. It put me off, big time – us part-time bimbos don’t like hard work when we could be spending that time having our minds eased away into oblivion instead! But I’ve just changed hosting thingies, so I can start working on it again.

Yay, new posts coming!

So, this post is an announcement that new posts are coming. It’s not really a new post, it’s just an announcement of one.  Regarding the new post… I’ll get right on that… Right after this trance…


There are a few places to buy trances, and trance-related toys, in Second Life. I have mentioned Mistress Elizabeth Boissay in other posts. She is a very prolific trance writer, and her trances can be found at her store, Hypnotropolis.

At the time of writing, Mistress Elizabeth is having a 50% off sale. This lasts until the end of October (that’s in 2012, if you arrive to this page after the apocalypse).  Continue reading

Enchanted By Elizabeth, Part 1

This last week has been a bit of a wild ride. At current count, I’ve listened to 31 machine trances in 6 days, and may be falling heavily in thrall to the writer of those trances. Here’s how it happened…

A few months ago, I was feeling a bit disatisfied with my experiences on SL, I was not getting what I wanted. So I took a month off, purged myself of all the suggestions floating around in my mind, and came back for a fresh start.

But to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I ended up not doing any trancing.

It Started Small

Then this last weekend, Spring arrives, and we’re suffering a heatwave. I have a week of no obligations, and am at a loose end. I’m talking to someone about the Pink Institute (a bimbo focussed sim), and they mention a trance there that I hadn’t got around to doing (there aren’t many of those). So, I thought, why not give it a try.

That trance turned out to be nothing mind-blowing, just nice and relaxing. But afterwards, I wanted more. So I naturally headed over to the treasure trove of trances at Liz Boissay’s sim, to do one of her trances I hadn’t done yet.

After I did that, i did another.
And another.
And another.

Since I was in a bimbo mood, I tried Bimbo Training 2, Barbie Bimbo 2, and after those I went for one a couple I had done before, Bimbo Party Favour 3, and on a whim, Fetish Maid.

I spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday in a fever of lust. A pink Bimbo Fever.

Pop – you’re a lesbian!

By Tuesday, I was feeling back to normal, mostly. So I thought, why not do a trance?
I remembered seeing a second fetish maid trance, and thought I’d do that one. But i couldn’t find it in the alphabetical list (It’s name was Elizabeth’s fetish Maid, not Fetish Maid), so I instead queued up:

  • Pop Goes Your Mind 3
  • Lesbian Slave Conversion

I’d done Pop 1 and 2, and knew they were fun in themselves, but that they also work very well as a deepener for another trance following them.

The imagery of the Pop trances: You blow all your thoughts and worries into a bubble, which then pops, leaving you breathless and giddy and a happy thoughtless bimbo. It actually sets a clever pleasure/bimbo trigger, without telling you it is setting a trigger. I found that out after my first listen and someone used it on me. Fun times 🙂

Lesbian Conversion

Lesbian Slave Conversion is pretty intense. It starts with my favourite of Liz’s inductions which is like 3 or 4 inductions in a row, taking you (or me, at least) very deep indeed. Then it fills you with the desire to enjoy women, and especially to worship Liz of course.

So, after these two trances, I was really, really deep. When the second one ended, I was sluggishly getting ready to wake up, when to my shock, a third trance started!


When that third trance started, I was startled, confused, but also so far gone I didn’t consider waking up. Then, I started recognising the words. Liz had created a new trance series a little while back, called Enchanted. I tried the first one, but stopped it half way through because of how over-the-top I thought the enslavement/obsession/addiction elements were. I wasn’t in the mood for that then.

This time, I experienced a moment of panic, thinking I should really wake up, but found myself surrendering to the enchantment.

It had such a strong effect that when it ended, I immediately, feverishly, needily, queued up Enchanted 2-4 and listened to them all. (I also noticed Elizabeth’s Fetish Maid 2 at this point, since it was right next to Enchanted, and so thought, “What the hell, add that to the list too.”)

Enchanted By Elizabeth

The Enchanted series gives you the idea that Liz has cast a love spell on you. A spell of love, worship, need, obsession, addiction, submission, the works. All focussed on her. It also tells you how much pleasure this gives you, and how you know you are under a spell, but you don’t care because it feels too good.

As it happens, this trance was one of my favourite fantasies. I love magical mind control. Add that to the fact it followed two trances that took me very deep, this run of trances was my deepest, most intense, most pleasurable experience in a long long time. Certainly the best I’ve had in a machine.

Note: this last frenzy of trancing was triggered by a mystery event: Someone added a trance to my queue while I was in the machine. It was once possible to do that with hypnotrons, but they removed that feature for its potential for abuse. I never saw the harm in it myself, what could go wrong? I mean, maybe it could lead to undesired side effects like suddenly getting addicted to a particular domme…

But afterwards, I was well and truly wasted. Surely that was it for the day…

Later That Day…

But before long, I was feeling so needy. I needed more!

So I was back, and this time listening to Dark Seduction and Succubus Possession.

Dark Seduction has you being seduced by a powerful vampire, Elizabeth Boissay, and turned into her blood slave. Succubus Possession presents Liz as a creature of lust, inspiring a passion in you only she can satisfy. Both fun trances, but eclipsed by the fact that when I emerged from the trance, Liz was actually there. In front of me. Capturing my attention. *gulp*

To be continued…

Better Days

On this night, three years ago, I had the trance which is my most favourite trance. It’s also my most fond memory of a domme I was falling in love with at the time. I’ve had a few trances that were more intense, more pleasurable, but none which have touched me as deeply. Though to be honest, this post isn’t really about hypnosis. Continue reading