3d Snapshots

The latest firestorm update has at least two significant updates, but the flashiest is the ability to take 3d snapshots, like this view of HypnoDolls:

You can click on it and drag it around to rotate the view more freely and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Once you save a snapshot you end up with a weird looking file like this:

Caught posing at Trance Labs

That’s not great if you want to look at your snazzy snapshot. This is the feature’s biggest drawback right now – you want to look at the snapshots you took!

One way to view them is to upload them to Flickr. They work fine there. There might be other image hosts that show them properly, but Flickr is the only one I’ve tried that worked so far. Flicker still allows a free account to have 1,000 pictures, which should be plenty, and you can share them easily with others.

There’s also probably a viewer you can download so you can view them on your own PC or device, but I haven’t found one yet. If you know of a program that does this, please tell me! 🙂

Learning about and using 3d Snapshots

You can find out more about this feature here: 360 degree snapshots.

If you’re using Firestorm, right-click your toolbar and the button for this feature is the first extra toolbar listed. Here’s a helpful screenshot:

Right-click the toolbar, find the Tollbar Buttons option near the top and click that. In the big form that appears, 3d Snapshots is the very first option. Drag that to any side of the screen to have it immediately accessible.

When taking a screenshot, you’ll have a popup like this:

A tip born from experience: whenever you change any setting, make sure to click the Create 360 image button again.

One final note: the picture you take is a snapshot – it is a shot frozen in time. Even though you can rotate your view, there is no motion. Imagine one day – the technology might be there for us to combine pictures into moving pictures. One day maybe – just a bimbo thought.

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