The Truth About Hypnotic Amnesia

There are a lot of hypno kinksters who love the idea of being made to forget. I always found that baffling. If you had a good time, wouldn’t you want to remember it?

But I’ve experienced it now, and I see the attraction. There’s a sense of deep submission – when you know someone has taken that level of control and planted suggestions inside you and you don’t know what they are. That at any moment you might be acting under control, and might not even know it. That’s pretty hot!

At least that’s my response. It might not be the same for everyone.

But there are a lot of misunderstandings about hypnotic amnesia – both how it works, and what you can use it for. And there are common mistakes that people make with amnesia, which I’ll be mostly talking about here.

I need to get one thing out of the way first. A Hypnotist cannot plant ideas that you are strongly opposed to, and use amnesia to hide that knowledge from you. While this post is about hypnotic dangers and things to avoid, this is not really a practical danger. I’ll be talking about a different misuse of hypnosis in this post.

The Facts About Hypnotic Amnesia

A very rare few hypnotic subjects have an affinity for it and even experience it spontaneously. But they are rare exceptions. For most people, hypnotic amnesia is something that takes years of practice, and many subjects never experience it at all.

This can’t be overstated – of all suggestions a hypnotist can give, amnesia is probably the least likely to work.

Furthermore, it takes two to tango. Amnesia (and hypnosis in general) is not like you read about in sexy mind control stories. The hypnotist and subject need to be on the same page, and both willing for the suggestion to work. This means – counterintuitively – for the best chance of success, the hypnotist needs to tell the subject what the amnesia will be about before the suggestions are given!

For smaller suggestions (“You will forget the number three”) this isn’t always necessary, but for anything bigger (“You will forget this entire session”), it’s probably not going to work without the subject’s knowledge and acceptance.

Finally, amnesia is erratic and unreliable. Even if it works, it is usually temporary – the memories come back in a while. It’s best if the hypnotist deliberately creates a trigger for the memory’s return (“you will remember everything after this session is over,” or “Your memories will return at the end of the month”).

I think by giving the subconscious such an out, the hypnotist increases the chance that the amnesia will last longer, but that’s just a theory.

For these reasons, competent hypnotists will often test whether the amnesia has worked, at least in subtle ways.

So given all these limitations, what is this post about?

Hypnotists Who Overreach

When a hypnotist tells you to forget something, this nearly always reveals one of two things:

  • They are roleplaying, and expect you to play along.
  • Everything they think they know about hypnosis cames from fantasy

Both of these can be fun, and just because they are roleplaying doesn’t mean you have to. The line between hypnosis and roleplay is blurry, and some of my most fondly remembered trances come from people who didn’t consider themselves hypnotists, but had read enough fantasy to play the role of an erotic hypnotist.

But it is a red flag. Hypnotists who think hypnosis can do magical things might easily go too far when they get you in a vulnerable state, drunk on power. And roleplayers who are genuinely hypnotizing you might not really appreciate that you are genuinely vulnerable. To them, it might be just a sexy game, so again they can easily go too far without thinking of your vulnerability.

So if someone gives you suggestions like these it’s a clue that you need to be careful, and be on your guard. You can’t really relax and let yourself be vulnerable, because you know that they won’t – or can’t – look after you properly.

In reality, the biggest danger from hypnotic amnesia is dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing – and letting such people into your mind is not safe!

In my experience, sadly, people who don’t really understand hypnosis, and don’t properly care for their subjects, are very common. They make things a lot less fun and pleasant for those subjects who are good hypnotic subjects.

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