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How To Find a Hypnotist

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Are lonely and frustrated? Do you long to meet hypnotists in your area? It’s more likely than you think!
Here’s an article giing some down-to-earth tips on how to improve your chance of meeting a hypnotist.

Close Your Eyes

A surprisingly common mistake that hypnotists on Second Life have made when trancing me.

Flying High With Cyriacus

Remembering a lovely, hypnotic balloon ride over the Grand Canyon, with the hypnotist Cyriacus…

Design Finished!

Whew, finally finished all the back-end design work (after thinking I’d finished it earlier this week). So now nothing is stopping me from adding new posts – apart from writing them of course. To commemorate, I added a post about HypnoDolls, a very important place in the history of Hypnosis on SL, and a quick …

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A Database for Trances, Trance Toys, and Hypnotic Places

One thing I’ve wanted to add to this blog is a series of reviews of the different hypnosis gadgets available in SL, along with reviews of trances and places of interest to hypnosis enthusiasts. I’ve just spent the last two weeks updating the site’s backend to make it easier to handle those articles, and made …

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Three Hypnosis Communities In One

People tend to think of the hypnosis scene on Second Life as one community. I think it might be three separate communities that happen to share the same space and play with each other. There’s a lot of overlap between these communities, and the lines between them are blurred, but there are still distinct differences. This …

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10 Tips For Getting Into Trance

Are you into hypnosis, but frustrated because trance eludes you? Here are some simple tips to help beginners get into trance the first time.

Current Affairs

None! That is, I’m not having any affairs at the moment. I’m not doing any hypnoplay at the moment, and I’ll get to the reason for that terrible state of affairs in the coming posts. But since I’m not trancing, I am clearheaded enough to write something here! And so…

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Bigger Than Ever!

I created this blog a long, long time ago, and I still regularly meet people in Second Life who recognise my name and demand to know when I’ll be writing new posts. It’s very flattering and as a part-time bimbo, it’s lovely to have the attention giggle. I thought it would be fun to take a …

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Theme Update

Just a minor update: tweaked the blog’s colours and other theme-y stuffs. I hope I didn’t break anything. Who put a bimbo in charge of this stuff?! Let me know if you see any oddities.  

Touched By Sanura

This is the third in a series of three posts about my favourite post hypnotic suggestions. Read about how Sanura gave me the Doll Stand of Mindless Bliss in last Friday’s post, Displayed To Please, and how Angel taught me to spread at her command, in last Tuesday’s post, Hypnotised to Obey – By Accident! In …

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Hypnotised To Obey – By Accident!

In this post, I’ll tell you about a couple of times I was hypnotised by accident, and finish off with one of the sexiest commands I’ve ever been given. I’ve tranced a lot. If I wasn’t able to find a hypnotist for my fix, I’d be listening to an mp3 before bed or jumping on …

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Displayed To Please

As a dedicated hypnotee (which is a polite way of saying, “slut for hypnosis”), I have picked up a fair few Post Hypnotic Suggestions in my time. I mentioned the good girl trigger in a previous post. Two of my three free favourite long-term triggers were originally set by Sanura Messmer. I’ve mentioned Sanura before. …

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Such a Good Girl

One Night at Hypnodolls

The last few Fridays, I’ve posted about some embarrassing moments caused by hypnosis. In this post, I’ll tell you about the most embarrassing for all. Something that happened in a very public place, when I was surrounded by friends and family… Nowadays, I often ask hypnotists to abide by a set of boundaries. Things like, …

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How Deep Is Deep?

Last Friday, I posted about one of my most embarrassing trance interruptions. This one is worse. Especially since I was unaware about what happened, when it happened. People often think hypnosis isn’t working on them, because they don’t feel any different. They just feel a little relaxed. As you shall see, a little relaxation can …

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Mesmerised by the Snugglubus

There are sexy demons in Second Life. Some of them are dark and devious, eager to corrupt and enslave you. Others are more playful, eager to cuddle you into blissful oblivion.  This is the tale of my encounter with one of the latter kind. Dolly: i like being cute and cuddly and softly working my …

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The Irresistible Cow(girl)

A few years ago, I was playing with a wonderful hypnodomme named Vanity Vandeverre. I was helpless against her suggestions. One day, we were chatting, and somehow, big boobs and milking came up in conversation. This is pretty normal conversation in Second Life! I think I said something like, “I can see the attraction, but …

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Hitting My Limit: Broken By Hypnosis

Not a Happy bunny

This post is a bit more serious than most of my recent ones. Believe it or not, the life of a hypnoslut is not all mindless bliss and roses! I joined Second Life because I heard there was an active hypnosis scene there. There was, and I threw myself into it eagerly and recklessly. I …

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Cattus Interruptus – a Hypnosis Catastrophe

I have had a lot of hypnotic experiences, many good, some bad, and some funny. Here’s one of the latter. Well, it’s funny now… I own (am owned by?) two cats. They often wandered in when I was trancing, and would sometimes wander across my desk or jump into my lap. In the early days …

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Big Boobed Display Bimbo

Just after New Year, I was putting together a new outfit for a domme, and bumped into an old friend, Sanura Messmer. Sanura is one of my oldest friends on SL, and when she is in domme mode, I know I am in good, safe hands. When we were playing regularly, she gave me one …

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