Jan 03

Back and Bigger Than Ever!

I created this blog a long, long time ago, and I still regularly meet people in Second Life who recognise my name and demand to know when I’ll be writing new posts. It’s very flattering and as a part-time bimbo, it’s lovely to have the attention giggle.

I have been pretty much avoiding trancing with people the last two years, but I feel like I’m ready to get back into it. I made a New Year’s Resolution to start actively exploring my hypnosluttery again. It’s only three days in, and I already have stories!

There’s a lot of my old experiences I still want to get written up, Maybe now that I’m active again, I’ll have the motivation (or maybe I’ll be so blissed out, I wont remember how to write. Hmmmm.).

But before all that, I thought for this first post it would be fun to take a look back, and see how things have changed since my early days.

One of my earlier posts reported on a worrying tendency I had started to notice, entitled Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger.

Flat Giggli

I started out looking like the picture on the left, and had blossomed into the picture on the right. I had seen a lot of other girls grow into much more shapely women, and was wondering if Second Life had some strange effect on women’s chests. Especially those women who did a lot of trances, affecting their desires and self-perceptions…

I recently made myself a new profile picture, and I think I can safely put this worry to rest. There might have been some minor development, but nothing that seems unusual or eye-catching. Whew, that’s a relief. Bring on the New Year!




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  1. Tj Dannitza

    Welcome back. I have seen your name pop up on my radar, but I don’t know you, personally, other than from here. Keep giggling 🙂

  2. Giggli

    Thank you! Giggling is one of the things I do best!
    I’ve seen you around in SL, I think we move in similar circles 🙂

  3. Tj Dannitza

    We do. I won’t feel so hesitant about saying hi, now. 🙂

  4. Mistress Kasumi aka Wrigglesandgiggles

    Omg! 2016 is going to be amazing! This just proves it 😀 thanks for sharing! X

  5. Giggli

    Giggles, thank you Miss Kas 🙂

  6. rodimus

    Great to see you back posting Giggli. Looking forward to hearing more of your oh so fun stories.
    Also knowing you’re getting back into the hypno-fun makes me want to get SL up and running again. Been a while since I’ve been on

  7. Ezmarelda

    Glad to see my good girl is up and at it again in the blogging department. I’ll have to be sure and provide you with lots of…..material ~_^

  8. Mesmeretto

    Glad to call you a friend 🙂 Stop by sometime, and relax with me 🙂

  9. Arthur

    Hi I saw this blog a long time ago and was hoping you’d eventually continue! 🙂 In addition to being hypnotized, do you also hypnotize people? If so, how can I go about being hypnotized by you? Thanks and keep up the amazing stuff ! 🙂

  10. Malia

    Awesome! As someone who has just become interested by hypnotism in SL (this week!), this blog has proved to be a goldmine. Hope to see you in-world sometime, Giggli. 🙂

  11. Giggli

    That’s awesome! Feel free to drop me a line inworld 🙂

  12. Giggli

    Thanks for the encouragement. About hypnosis: I belong on the other side of the swinging pendant 🙂 Good luck in finding a hypnotist!

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