Better Days

On this night, three years ago, I had the trance which is my most favourite trance. It’s also my most fond memory of a domme I was falling in love with at the time, Raine Shinn. I’ve had a few trances that were more intense, more pleasurable, but none which have touched me as deeply. Though to be honest, this post isn’t really about hypnosis.

I have several fond memories of Her. For our first trance, She took me to a labyrinth in SL, and tranced me while we were walking through it. She used the imagery of the labyrinth to assist in taking me under. Naturally, there were a couple of hecklers who tried to interrupt us. Many others would have given up, and taken me somewhere quiet to continue. She didn’t break stride, sending a few witty insults their way and dismissing them effortlessly, while staying focussed on the trance.

The labyrinth was an example of Her early technique. She was a storyteller, weaving a picture in the mind which you couldn’t help but be drawn into, and lose yourself in. This is a very powerful technique to have in your arsenal in Second Life, where many people are roleplayers, eager to have their imagination harnessed and directed.

Shaped by Mistress

Shaped by Mistress

Escape Clause

Before we met, I knew of Her by reputation. A friend warned me to stay away from Her because She was, “Very dark, very scary.” Of course, this was during the period I was trancing in hypnotrons and hoping someone would take advantage of me when I came out, so it only made her sound more enticing.

I’m sure that’s why some dom/mes play up the evil side. A lot of subs really love it. And She played it very well. It was sometimes hard to know whether She was playing a role, or really had evil designs on you.

After one of our early trances, She asked how things were going. I told Her how much I was enjoying it, but also that some of Her suggestions set off my “oh oh” alert. I told Her, “I’m not sure if I want to commit myself as a full-time sub to a domme, and so I get wary when I see suggestions which can be interpreted as laying the ground work for that.”

Which was code for, “Some of your suggestions could easily be interpreted as laying the groundwork to take control of me against my will.”

She immediately took me back into trance. Inside I was thinking, “Oh oh, she is going to try to trance me to be more accepting of her control,” and getting a little panicky.

Instead, She put me under, and gave me a trigger that I could use, if ever I felt things were getting too much. When I used it, it would erase all of Her suggestions, leaving me completely free of Her influence.

I was stunned and touched. And I was excited despite myself when, during a later session, She reminded me of the trigger and asked if I’d ever thought of using it. I told Her I hadn’t, and She said (paraphrasing), “Disappointing. I hope one day that you do, so I can have the pleasure of taking you and breaking you again.”

She did like playing the role of evil domme!

Mistress of Ceremonies

She was the most effortlessly confident person I’ve met on Second Life.

I’ve seen people give room trances a few times. Sometiomes it’s planned and everyone is asked to be quiet, whiel the hypnotist trances those who want to take part. Sometime’s it spontaneous, where a hypnotist gets in the mood, starts trancing someone openly, and there’s an implicit invitation for others to join in.

I’ve never seen anyone own a room like She did. She loved the attention and playing to a crowd, and many of Her trances were public performances. She might start trancing one person openly, but she’d be slipping in suggestions to work on the crowd, and would gradually bring more of the audience into her power. Before long we’d all be kneeling at her feet, puppets on her strings. (Some of us didn’t need much persuading, of course.)

 A Night to Remember

One night, three years ago to this day, we were in Hypnodolls, a hypnosis-themed club. Things had been developing between us, we had spent a lot of time together that week. She was going to be offline for the next couple of weeks over Christmas, and so wanted to spend the last night together.

I am sure, dear reader, you aren’t interested in the early part of the night, where She and others openly played with one of my pleasure triggers, and got me to humiliate myself in public. So we’ll skip right by that.

The evening was drawing to a close, and I was sitting in Her lap, still humming from a few hours of being toyed with. My memory is a bit fuzzy about how it happened, but we were talking, flirting, and then, I felt like I was actually with Her, in Her lap and arms. Snuggling, being carressed, kissing, being loving.

It’s perhaps not as exciting a story as the tales of degradation and sluttiness normally assocated with Her, like the time She strapped me to a cross, and made me feel like I was really bound to it and couldn’t move, so that I was totally at Her mercy. (I know you’re not interested in stories like that…)

No, this night was the perfect mixture of tenderness and dominance. It’s the first time I’d felt a closeness like that with a domme, the feeling that maybe I could belong to this one. It’s my best memory on Second Life.


Sadly, things didn’t work out. Since then, there have been two dommes I’ve been close enough to start thinking about whether this is the real thing. But she was the first I really loved.

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  1. I’ve had 2. One Dom and one Domme, both hypnotists, both amazing, both had me wrapped around their finger from almost the first hello! The latter seemed like she didn’t even do inductions half the time. We’d just be talking and I’d feel myself sort of going lightheaded, not really in myself anymore, lol.

    She was the one that I felt close with and admired just like you described above. She ended up getting married in RL so we ended things, but I still think about her often. 🙂

    • Giggli on 15/01/2012 at 7:42 AM

    Thanks for your comment!
    I had a relationship with a domme like one you describe (not doing inductions much) – and as it happens, that’s for my next post!
    You have a great blog.

    • ArionVPS on 21/04/2012 at 3:21 PM

    a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

    • Runajoku on 03/04/2017 at 6:10 AM

    Hi ^~^ so how do you meet these hypnotists people and sorry of it seems like im spamming in every comment section with the same quastion but i like really want to be hypnotized.

    • Runajoku on 03/04/2017 at 8:00 PM

    Thats a cool story mandi ^-^ your lucky you found somone for a while im still searching for one. Lol

    Cant wait for your next post giggli ^~^

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