Big Boobed Display Bimbo

Naughty Schoolgirl Outfit

School uniforms get racier every year

Just after New Year, I was putting together a new outfit for a domme, and bumped into an old friend, Sanura Messmer.

Sanura is one of my oldest friends on SL, and when she is in domme mode, I know I am in good, safe hands. When we were playing regularly, she gave me one of my favourite long-lasting hypnotic suggestions. That suggestion was that I’d feel her touch in Second Life, as it was real.

Sanura commented approvingly about my outfit, as I complained, “I can’t put my collar on without knocking my boobs off!”

(For those unfamiliar with SL’s quirks: you can wear breast implants to allow bigger boobs than normally possible. But objects often clash with each other, and wearing one can knock another off. Only in SL can you say something like, “I can’t put my collar on without knocking my boobs off!” without people thinking you are mad.)

So, I was fiddling with my collar and Sanura joked, “I hold your breasts down as you add the collar.”

I laughed, and then I started to feel something. That old suggestion was still active…

She knew what was happening, and started to describe how she massaged my breasts, asking if I was feeling better. Sanura and I have great rapport – when she starts treating me like this, I can fall instantly into a suggestible, semi-trancy state, responding to everything she says as if it was a hypnotic suggestion. I don’t notice it happening, I’m just suddenly responding.

So, as she massaged me, I was soon gasping and squirming, and feeling more and more submissive. As she thumbed my nipples and massaged my breasts, Sanura asked, “Doesn’t that feel good? Think of how it would feel if they were even bigger?”

I couldn’t help moaning, as she tugged on my nipples, giving me the suggestion that as she tugged at them softly, they were growing.

I did feel them swelling, in real life, and at the same time felt a compulsion to make my in-game boobs grow too. I was squirming so badly it was hard to concentrate, and it was an effort to hit the boob size button, and make them a little bigger. But I was compelled, over and over again, each time  she tugged.

Then she started suggesting, “Big boobies help you giggle,” and started easing me into a bimbo mindset. “The bigger the boobs, the more you giggle.” And she continued urging me to grow, and each time I clicked that button, I felt a little more pleasure.

Then she gave me another of my favourite suggestions, an orgasm trigger. I am squirming and panting now as I remember it. As I was coming down, she asked, “I bet the right person could just milk your brains right out.”

She continued squeezing, and massaging, milking my boobs and describing my thoughts pouring and squirting out. Making me feel like a ditzy airhead. Then she hit me with another orgasm trigger.

It was so intense, and when it was fading, i felt so dazed, dizzy, horny, barely thinking, just floating in the sensation.

Sanura told me what a big boobed bimbo I was, and ordered me to remove my panties. I didn’t think twice. Actually, I probably didn’t think at all….

Then she told me to show what a good bimbo I was, and sit on the love chair. This chair:


A Bimbo on Display under Sanura’s commanding gaze

She hit me with another orgasm I obeyed, and ordered me to take my top off. I had enough modesty to give her a pleading look, and she ordered me to obey.

As I complied, she told me, “Good bimbo, you make a lovely bimbo display,” and her her approval was almost enough to trigger another orgasm. “Just think of all the eyes that will look at you,” she told me, “lusting over you.”

Then she told me she had to go for a little while, but would be back soon. In the meantime, I was to stay nice and displayed, till she got back, drifting in a giggly bimbo pleasure haze.

Every now and then while she was away, she would tell me to change poses, and I discovered the chair contained a dildo, and I was soon feeling it working on me. Lost in a haze of lust, I was vaguely aware of other people around, but Sanura’s occasional messages were just frequent enough to keep me in that state of uncaring bliss.

A bimbo works herself into a frenzy, heedless of her audience

A big boobed bimbo works herself into a frenzy, heedless of her audience

Then she returned, and the sight of her caused me to shudder with excitement. She reinforced what she had been doing, telling me I was a big boobed display bimbo, and having me repeat her words. As she urged me to grind my body on the devious chair’s dildo, she mused, “Mmmm, maybe I should leave you like that until you pass out or someone comes along to fuck you.”

I was so only aware of my need to obey and orgasm, and she finally rewarded me with a the most intense orgasm yet. As sometimes happens with an intense hypnotically orgasm, as the intensity faded, I started falling into a deep trance. Just sinking and floating.

I would have liked to enjoy that feeling longer, but she had me stand up and join her, and what I could do but obey? She had moved to chat with two of her friends, Bubbles and Sierra. She told me she had to go, and did something which is an example of why I love her, and find it so easy to trust her and relax with her.

Sanuras Friends

Conservative clothing at The Pink Institute

She asked me if I was comfortable with Bubbles and Sierra. She was clearly planning to leave me in their ‘care’, but was sensitive to my boundaries.  Many dominants wouldn’t have thought to ask, and would have just told me to play with them. I told her I barely knew them, so she released me and let me wake. We said our sweet goodbyes, and that was that – my first hypnotic experience of the new year. The best way to usher in the new year!

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    • Giggli on 20/12/2012 at 8:06 AM

    Thank you! It really was! I have had quite a few encounters with Sanura, and now that I’m working on the blog more, you may just see them here! (Sorry for all the exclamations – it’s a bimbo thing *giggle*)

    • Kyra Hyde on 20/02/2013 at 5:32 AM

    That sounds like an absolutely lovely experience!

  1. I certainly hope to see more! ^_^ I love reading bimbo-esque writing! It gives me a nice ditzy buzz like your bimboness is contagious *giggle*

    • Giggli on 20/02/2013 at 6:54 PM

    *giggles* I like to be a positive influence and role model. Or something like that.

    • Mandy on 02/03/2013 at 7:51 PM

    And of course it didn’t help that you were at the pink institute, which seems to be all about making people feel subby and pink and bimbo-like and so on. I haven’t noticed my boobs getting bigger (okay, maybe a little), but I have noticed I like to be really short on SL for some reason. In RL I’m a little tall. But I do love those friends and acquaintances that have that little electric connection with you. They show up smile, and I turn to butter, lol. When they decide to play, just like you described above, I really do feel like just a toy for them. mm

    • Giggli on 02/03/2013 at 9:25 PM

    Yes, the pink institute probably had some effect 🙂
    Yum. That’s a lovely feeling. That buttery feeling *giggle*

    • KasumiKeyes on 22/06/2013 at 2:20 PM

    I’ve played with sissy bubbles deeply a few times 😀 oodles of fun my little weak sissy is 😉

    • Giggli on 22/06/2013 at 2:25 PM

    I don’t know Bubbles that well, but the word “deeply” gets my attention…

    • Runajoku on 03/04/2017 at 5:57 AM

    Like how do you know these hypnotists could you like introduce me to them so they can hypnotize me since most things dont seem to work?

    • Giggli on 02/06/2021 at 2:32 AM

    This is a few years late, but I’ve only just restarted the site. I can’t help you there, unfortunately.

    For the record, I don’t introduce people to hypnotists I know. If someone I introduce turns out to be a pest or worse, that reflects badly on me and the hypnotist has good reason to be upset with me. By introducing someone, it is implicitly a recommendation, and I need to know someone well before I can decide whether it’s a good idea to recommend them as a fun subject.

    If you want to meet hypnotists, the only way is to do the work and get involved in a hypnosis community.

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