Hitting My Limit: Broken By Hypnosis

To Oblivion And Beyond!

To Oblivion And Beyond!

This post is a bit more serious than most of my recent ones. Believe it or not, the life of a hypnoslut is not all mindless bliss and roses!

I joined Second Life because I heard there was an active hypnosis scene there. There was, and I threw myself into it eagerly and recklessly. I consumed every machine trance I could find, chaining them together in sessions two of three hours long. I met hypnotist after hypnotist, and let them have their way with my minds. I did so much hypnosis so enthusiastically, friends often marvelled, “How is it you still have a mind?”

There was no mystery, really. I had been doing hypnosis for three or more years before joining Second Life, and had developed a set of rules of trance by. I tried to remember to inform hypnotists about them, though sometimes they’d trance me so quickly I never got a chance! But I made sure to tell them if they had bumped up against them, as soon as I had my free will back! I also made sure to list them in my profile picks.

I didn’t see an issue with people running up against my limits. I was having so much fun, that it didn’t matter too much. If they crossed a line, it was probably an accident, a failure of my part to communicate my limit, and I would tell them afterwards, and they could avoid that limit in the future.

Such naiveté!

Bunny Boiler Giggli

Soon I was playing with someone I loved, and she kept crossing the exact same limit. I’d tell her about it, she’d apologise, say knew about it but she just carried away in the heat of the moment, and it wouldn’t happen again. And inevitably, the very next session it happened again.

Finally it came to a head. We had three or four sessions, one day after another, and after the last one I just blew my top. I am embarrassed to admit, I went crazy. She was stunned by my rage, and so was I. For about a week, I had no self-control. Every message from her just incited me further, especially when she seemed baffled about why I was angry.

I have never lost it like that, before or since, online or offline.

It happened during one of the most stressful and uncertain periods in my offline life. I was dealing with a lot. I was insecure about my future, and felt powerless. There was no one I could strike out against, and I can see now, I was unleashing all my frustration on her, and I regret it immensely.

She was also my first D/s Love, the first dominant I was starting to feel I could belong to. I hadn’t realised how strongly it’s possible to feel for someone you’ve only met online, and so the intensity of those feelings took me completely off guard.

We kissed and made up afterwards, and insisted we would remain friends. Of course, things were never the same and we drifted apart. I miss her, and still get excited when I bump into her once a year or so. But she remains aloof, no doubt thinking, “Oh god, it’s that crazy woman. Stay polite, and back away to the door.”

So, there were reasons for my intense reaction that weren’t her fault. But that doesn’t absolve her of the inciting issue: a complete disregard for the boundaries I had clearly communicated. That was a betrayal of trust.

It’s Hard Being a Hypnoslut With Boundaries

That was the first time I got disenchanted with hypnosis. It wasn’t last. My Second Life has been on an up and down cycle. I’d get in the swing of things, meeting hypnotists, having fun.

During these fun parts, i had a lot of great experiences. Like the time I almost got brainwashed into becoming a gynoid in real life, or the tranceathon where I had nearly twenty sessions with hypnotists in a single week. I’ll describe some of those periods in future posts.

But the party would end, as hypnotist after hypnotist crashed into my boundaries. The first few times, I’d laugh it off, but the drip-drip effect of it continually happening was so wearying. I’d get frustrated, and stop enjoying hypnosis.

I’d then retreat, maybe take a short break from Second Life, and the return to spend a few months locked in machines. I’d be avoiding people for a while. Then, a hypnotist would approach me when I was starting to feel comfortable again, and fun would be had. That would unleash my interest, and I’d start seeking out hypnotists or at least making myself available again.

And then, inevitably, my boundaries would start getting hammered once more.

Oh No, They’ve Broken Giggli!

By the start of 2012, my subconscious had had enough. I was playing with three intensely exciting dommes around the same time, and they all started hitting my boundaries. And I stopped making a fuss. I had gotten so worn down by the inevitability of it that I was beginning to give up and just letting it happen.

Then one day, I found I wanted to play, but I just couldn’t enter trance.

I love trance. If I am not playing with people, I spend a lot of time in machines or listen to mp3s. I probably average one trance a day, if not more. Some days I don’t trance at all, but other days I make it up with three or even six trances.

Not a Happy bunny

Not a Happy bunny

But now I found I couldn’t trance at all. Not even in machines, not with mp3s. I was just so frustrated and dissatisfied, just the idea of trancing brought up so many negative emtions that I couldn’t relax. I’d reached breaking point. Maybe also my subconscious was protecting me. I didn’t trust anyone, and I didn’t trust myself.

I was not a happy bunny. I started to wonder if I would ever be able to trance again. I wondered if I even wanted to, because I’d just be going back into this toxic cesspit. That’s how I was thinking at the time. Imagine the thing you love most in your life, and then imagine you couldn’t do it any more because of something other people had done to you. Not a pleasant place to be.

So, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2012 didn’t start well…

To Be Continued!

It took me much of 2012 to learn to trust again, and find joy in hypnosis once more. Much of that is due to a Mistress named Bambi Hanly. You’ll learn how that happened in The Love Pet Diaries.

There was also a delicious fling with a domme called Beth, whose romantic dominance did a lot to thaw my bitter, shrivelled heart.

And of course, there was the Enchanted By Elizabeth episode, which I’ll continue at some point and explain how it fits into this troubled year.

Now, at the start of 2013, I’m still not fully recovered. When I trance now, it’s very easy for someone to say something that I’ll interpret in a way they possibly didn’t mean, and it will knock me out of trance.  The defensive, analytical side of my mind is hyperactive, constantly scrutinising every suggestion a hypnotist gives me. I’ll describe more about this and how I see it as frustrating, but not a completely bad thing, in a later post.

I’ll also talk about the specific ways in which my boundaries were being challenged, and try to figure out whether I was just unlucky with dom/mes, or whether there’s something about the online hypnosis scene or Second Life that encourages this kind of behaviour. Or maybe, whether the blame for my hypnotic breakdown needs to placed much closer to home.

But that’s for later. Now I need to go trance…

Check back in on Friday for the tale of Irresistible Cowgirl!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had such rough experiences with hypnotist. I’m sure I haven’t had anywhere near as much experience in trance as you have, but I have had people bail on me when I refuse to disclose personal information.

    I hope that things are going better for you this year than last.

    Still, the fantasy of having no limits at all…. being completely under someones control….mmmmmmmm

    • Giggli on 27/02/2013 at 3:14 AM

    Thank you! Things are going better, thank you. It’s all been a learning experience.

    And yes, I too fantasise about doing away with those silly limits that keep getting in the way, things would be so much easier *giggle* It’s a great fantasy, sadly a little impractical though.

    • Mandy on 02/03/2013 at 8:00 PM

    We have all been there I think. I sort of bottom out every now and then. After all the time on SL, I sometimes just need a break. I don’t log into SL for the longest time, and then I’m back, rediscovering old worlds and trance machines, bumping into old friends again (like you!), seeing how every thing has changed and how every thing has remained the same. I had a hypnotist once that I was crazy about. He was amazing and we played for well over a year. And one day, to my shock, he ignored my limits. I was devastated. He’d lost my trust. I was hurt partly because I liked him so much and had come to trust him so much, but also because I knew that I’d never trance with him the say way again. But, he talked me into it, apologized, explained….and I BELIEVED him (not completely, but still). Then he did it again and that was it. It really bothered me. After all the time we spent together, then he decides to do that. Oh well. After some recovery, I found other wonderful playmates, but never him again.

    • Giggli on 02/03/2013 at 9:31 PM

    I’m sorry to hear about that. It is so shocking when it happens. It’s worse when it’s someone you’ve known a long time, because of course, the, “I didn’t realise that would upset you” explanation doesn’t work. The reason you were together for so long was because you thought you did know each other so well – and that makes the shock and maybe feeling of violation much worse.
    And of course when they apologise, you naturally want to believe them. But it doesn’t take much after that to reach a point where the trust is gone, and cant be regained. The relationship is forever altered and the feeling just isn’t there any more.

    • conrad1on on 29/06/2013 at 5:42 AM

    Talk to a subject who’s been part of the hypno scene for even a short time, and you’re likely to hear a number of stories about what some character tried to pull with them, either during an agreed session, or even upon first meeting.

    There’s not a day goes by that I don’t hear a tale about somebody deliberately pushing someone’s boundaries without agreement, trying to ‘stealth trance’ an unwitting or non-consensual subject, or any of a number of other behaviours ranging from rather dubious to the outright unethical. In short though, I’d say it’s emphatically not just you.

    • Giggli on 21/07/2013 at 2:37 AM

    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    You’re absolutely right. I spent a lot of time being irritated at hypnotists, then I saw that some of my habits were enabling their behaviour. After that, I felt more responsible than I should have and totally overlooked that I was kind of victim-blaming (with me as the victim).
    Once I started acting responsibly as a sub, and being forthright about boundaries, etc – it made no difference at all to how much hypnotists in general (not all, just most!) ignored those things and tried to do whatever they wanted anyway.

    • FormlessDragon on 05/09/2013 at 7:54 PM

    I think it’s beautiful that you’re getting a true sense of your own integrity as a submissive. I’m a submissive myself for over a decade, and am just now contemplating exploring the other side of things. This post was very helpful to me, because I never want to betray another’s trust. To do so would be to betray myself. I personally would make it a point to get to know the other person’s limits and let them know that if anything ever feels wrong they are free to bring it up for discussion. As submissives, too often we become afraid to express ourselves in fear of inviting disapproval. But I consider fixing someone in a position where they are afraid to ask questions and express their concerns to be compromising to both parties. This should be a practice which is enjoyable and uplifting to both the hypnotist and the subject, and I consider the suppression of another’s spirit to be the worst kind of offense. We walk the line with these practices, so integrity is of the utmost importance.

    Thank you for your post and for allowing me to express myself.

    • Giggli on 14/09/2013 at 12:46 PM

    Thank you for your fantastic post. If only more dom/mes had the same attitude!

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