Turned into a Bunny Girl – In Heat!

Back in October, I fell into the clutches of the domme, Elizabeth Boissay, and using hypnosis, she turned me into a sex bunny, complete with a lust-crazed heat cycle based on time of the month. Want more details? I bet you do.

Treasure Trove for Trance Toys

I am always on the lookout for new trances. One fateful day, in a place called Castle Bliss, I found a treasure trove – a set of hypno stands each containing 98 trances I’d never seen before. “OMG!” I thought, “this will keep me busy all week!”

(The place is now called Bliss Moon, and the number of trances has, of this date, grown to 143. Watch for a post on them soon. For some definition of ‘soon’.)

The location and all the trances were created by Elizabeth Boissay, who also goes by Luxuria Divine, or Goddess to her friends.

Luxuria And Friends

Goddess Luxuria and Friends

A Bunny Girl Is Born

One day, a new trance appeared in the machines: “Bunny Girl”. I’d just been serving another domme as a Latex Bunny Doll Maid (a tale for another day), so I leapt at it.

The trance was a submissive bimbo bunny trance. Be aroused, sexual, carefree, and submissive to your owner. As a bunny girl, you are of course a pet, property, whose purpose is to obey your owner and, um, have lots of sex. Elizabeth asked how I enjoyed it. I loved it.

She instructed me to listen to it every day, and told me to get a Mama Allpa Female HUD. This device models a monthly cycle, and changes colour to let you know when you are fertile (or pregnant!). Elizabeth told me to tell her when the HUD showed I was fertile…

A Bunny Girl is Born

A Bunny Girl is Born

She also asked me to get a more fitting outfit for my new role, and suggested the outfit I am wearing here. Of course, how could I refuse?

So I obediently followed her instructions. I was wondering where this was going, and excitedly logged on as often as I could, trancing more than I needed to, and getting more and aroused (the trance’s suggestions to be a lusty sexbunny may have something to do with that). Then, after about a week, the HUD changed colour…

 In Heat

Upon hearing the news, Elizabeth whisked me off to her secret lair (well, her beachhouse), and took me into trance to plant new instructions. She used hypnosis to ramp up my arousal, and told me that a bunnygirl’s sexuality is tied to her cycle. When she is fertile, she is constantly horny, eager for sex, thinking about it constantly.

As long as that HUD showed I was in fertile phase, I would be in heat.

As aroused as I’d been before, it was nothing compared to how I felt now. And it was ALL the time. Both in SL and in RL. It didn’t matter what I was doing, my mind kept turning back to my lust, my heat, and my submissive need for my Mistress.

Mistress Elizabeth had also told me I couldn’t have sex with anyone else without her permission, which is fortunate. With my lustful cravings, and left to follow my urges, my good name might have been in tatters! (What? I do so have a good name!)

But imagine what that was like: being in a state of crazed lust, but unable to have sex with anyone. Such delicious torture.

Delicious Torture

At first, this was very sexy. And later – it just wouldn’t go away! I was finding it harder to concentrate on anything. In fact, this post has been very difficult to write. Every time I start trying to describe what it felt like, the feelings come back, and I find myself getting distracted and needing to, um, find some way to relax. (I’m beginning to think being a bimbo sex toy might not be all that it’s cracked up to be…) But I have perservered for your sake, dear reader!

Liz was a responsible bunnygirl owner, and helped me through the ordeal by ravishing me every now and then so that I wasn’t too frustrated… And graciously enlisted the help of her sexy pet Veda. She also was kind enough to invite one or two friends to help out, but they didn’t take us up on that offer (Which had me thinking, “Whew! I’m not kind of slut!” And also, “What? Am I not sexy enough? And I neeeeed it soooo bad!pout).

An interesting thing about SL: it has an accelerated day/night cycle. It’s something like 6 SL days per 1 RL day. So you’d expect the heat cycle would be over quickly. But the Mama Allpa HUD has a feature where, each time you log on, you have the option of telling it to not count the time you have been offline. If you have been off a day, and log on: it will advance 6 days, or no days, depending on the option you pick.

So, every time I logged on, I was faced with a temptation: click the “advance” button and end this ordeal quickly, or click the “no advance button” and spin it out as long as possible. It was getting really draining, being intensely aroused for so long. But still, I couldn’t bring myself to end it – I kept clicking the “make this delicious torture last as long as possible” button.

After a while, I was actually feeling fatigued, exhausted, drained by the constant, intense lust. My sleep was starting to get disrupted (which is a no no for me). And then, the HUD finally changed colour. Yes! At last! Thank Goddess!

I was startled at how the sensations faded away almost instantly. I was myself again! I was so relieved and, yet, now that it was gone, I was kind of sad to see it go.

Though I slept really well that night! (Yes, I use a lot of exclamation marks. It’s my bimbo enthusiasm – deal with it!)


It was quite an experience. The sexiest I’ve had in a long time. Though the brush with pregnancy was a bit scary.

  • Me: “With my bimbo tendencies, I don’t think I’ll make a good mother.”
  • Goddess: “This is Second Life, you don’t have to be a good mother.”

I’m not sure I’d be eager to do it again, because it was just so intense, distracting, and exhausting. And did I say intense? Oh my, was it intense. But I’ll never forget it. Thank you, Goddess Elizabeth!

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    • Zania Afterthought on 15/12/2011 at 6:10 AM

    No tags? For shame! But a great read!

    • carlosapa on 02/05/2012 at 2:48 PM

    great read nice little conclusion

    • Peter on 20/05/2021 at 10:37 PM

    ….another delightful and entertaining read….

    Cya 🙂

    • Giggli on 21/05/2021 at 7:18 PM

    This was one of my favourite posts to write, and the experience is still a fond memory. Funnily enough, I’m playing with someone who has kind of reawakened it, but in much saner way (it’s only active when he triggers it and only when we are together, so no ongoing torment!). Yum 🙂

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