Category: Places

Places of interest to hypnofetishists, and maybe some other places too.

Kero’s Toybox

The store of Kiro Yifu, a creator – nay inventor of marvellous gadgets and games. This store is the home of the revolutionary KnK HypnoHud, and Trance-O-Matic. Before their introduction, the hypnosis scene was divided between the trance machines of three companies, HypnoDolls, Rygel & Lustbaby, and Hypnotic Magic. With the introduction of the Trance-o-Matic …

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Learn a little bit about the place that was once the living, breathing heart of hypnosis community on Second Life, and the kind of crazy shenanigans that used to take place here.

A Crooked House

I stumbled across a really clever place, last night. There’s a nice relaxing platform in the sky, and a comfy seat to relax to the calming sound of the wind whistling past. What a great place to be hypnotised, I think. Then, I notice the strange shape floating in the sky in the distance. Some …

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Landing view for Hypnotropolis

The Store of Elizabeth Boissay, a very prolific trance writer. You can find her scripts, as well as a variety of stuff from other vendors.