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Design Finished!

Whew, finally finished all the back-end design work (after thinking I’d finished it earlier this week). So now nothing is stopping me from adding new posts – apart from writing them of course. To commemorate, I added a post about HypnoDolls, a very important place in the history of Hypnosis on SL, and a quick …

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A Database for Trances, Trance Toys, and Hypnotic Places

One thing I’ve wanted to add to this blog is a series of reviews of the different hypnosis gadgets available in SL, along with reviews of trances and places of interest to hypnosis enthusiasts. I’ve just spent the last two weeks updating the site’s backend to make it easier to handle those articles, and made …

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Current Affairs

None! That is, I’m not having any affairs at the moment. I’m not doing any hypnoplay at the moment, and I’ll get to the reason for that terrible state of affairs in the coming posts. But since I’m not trancing, I am clearheaded enough to write something here! And so…

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Theme Update

Just a minor update: tweaked the blog’s colours and other theme-y stuffs. I hope I didn’t break anything. Who put a bimbo in charge of this stuff?! Let me know if you see any oddities.  

Coming Soon

The site’s new menu (just below the banner at the top of the page) is a subtle hint to stuff I’ve been working hard on the past few weeks. Not the menu itself, silly-  but those word thingies it contains!

Hypnosis Sale at Hypnotic Magic

Announcing the Valentine’s day sale at Hypnotic Magic, with 50% off all trances and machines.

New Post Announcement

Hi hypnofans! To those of you have been pestering me to update my blog, here it is. Whew, this writing stuff is hard work, but at least it’s done now so I can go and forget it for a few months! … What, you want more? You slavedrivers! (Wait, I like slave drivers. Hmmm…) What …

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How to Subscribe Anonymously

GMail Settings

A step-by-step guide to sunbsrcibing to blogs (especially this one) and other sites, without giving those sites your email address.

I am adult content

I have been a way for a while, but I’m starting to get back into the groove. Hopefully you’ll see more articles from me in the following weeks. In this post, I have news of of a big change coming to Second life, and also an awesome set of freebies.

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