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Ruminations on hyponosis, kink, relationships, etc in second life

How To Find a Hypnotist

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Are lonely and frustrated? Do you long to meet hypnotists in your area? It’s more likely than you think!
Here’s an article giing some down-to-earth tips on how to improve your chance of meeting a hypnotist.

Three Hypnosis Communities In One

People tend to think of the hypnosis scene on Second Life as one community. I think it might be three separate communities that happen to share the same space and play with each other. There’s a lot of overlap between these communities, and the lines between them are blurred, but there are still distinct differences. This …

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Bigger Than Ever!

I created this blog a long, long time ago, and I still regularly meet people in Second Life who recognise my name and demand to know when I’ll be writing new posts. It’s very flattering and as a part-time bimbo, it’s lovely to have the attention giggle. I thought it would be fun to take a …

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Hitting My Limit: Broken By Hypnosis

Not a Happy bunny

This post is a bit more serious than most of my recent ones. Believe it or not, the life of a hypnoslut is not all mindless bliss and roses! I joined Second Life because I heard there was an active hypnosis scene there. There was, and I threw myself into it eagerly and recklessly. I …

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Collars in SL

A post about the way subs and doms relate to collars, and how that relationship can be used to enrich a BDSM relationship in Second Life (SL).

Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger!

An in-depth journalistic investigation of a serious phenomenon – the expanding breasts of Second Life!

Slavery and Submission in Second Life

Is there a difference between slaves and submissives? This is my answer to a question that isn’t asked often enough in Second Life.