Cattus Interruptus – a Hypnosis Catastrophe

Cute Black Cat

My Nemesis

I have had a lot of hypnotic experiences, many good, some bad, and some funny. Here’s one of the latter. Well, it’s funny now…

I own (am owned by?) two cats. They often wandered in when I was trancing, and would sometimes wander across my desk or jump into my lap. In the early days this was distracting enough that I’d wake up. Over the years, as I got better at trancing, I was able to stay under. Part of my mind would wake up, register the presence of the cat, and then fade away again. I still tried to remember to lock the cats out if it looked like a fun scene was developing in Second Life, but wasn’t too concerned if I forgot.

That was a mistake.

It’s never fun to be woken suddenly from trance. But trust me, it’s less fun when a whirling dervish of claws jumps on your head.

So there I was, being tranced, feeling like I was going really deep, when I saw the cat wandering up on my desk. She walked back and forth in front of the monitor, and part of my mind woke, and I felt the urge to push her out of the way. But I was just too relaxed, too heavy, to care enough to move.

Then she jumped on the chair’s arm, and I jumped a little too – nearly waking. But she hopped up onto the head rest of my chair and settled into her perch. She often lies there. Sometimes when you wake a little in trance, and then sink back down, you go deeper than you would have done otherwise. This process is called fractionation, and many hypnotists use it deliberately.

Poised to Strike

Poised to Strike

So after that near waking, I sinking heavier and quicker. The cat had lulled me into a sense of peace, and waited till I was so deep, I was struggling to keep my eyes open and focussed on the screen. Then she pounced, leaping from her perch on to the top of my head (and then immediately bounded away, having had her fun).

It was such a shock. I was so far gone, and had no idea what had happened. I may have screamed! *giggle*

Needless to say, the trance was ruined, and the door stays locked now when I have a trance.

One of this is fun to meet in trance. The other - not so much.

One of these is fun to meet in trance. The other – not so much.

The cats are more cunning than me though, and sometimes they hide. So I start a trance thinking I’m safe, and they wait for their moment to pounce. In a battle of wits, a bimbo is outmatched by a cat. So much so, that the exact same thing has happened once more, when I started a trance forgetting that the cat was already on the headrest of my chair, sleeping. They won’t catch me a third time! (I hope.)

 Note: Thank you to Lexie and Sanura for being my photographic models.

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    • Mandy on 02/03/2013 at 7:53 PM

    YES!!! I have a kitty that just meows incessantly when I’m trancing. He’s ruined more than once trance.

    • Giggli on 02/03/2013 at 9:22 PM

    Mandy! Squeee!
    Cats can be so infuriating sometimes. 🙂

    • Bay on 17/04/2013 at 7:31 AM

    So, how does one meet the hypno crowd on SL? what times? what locations?

    all a bit complex to me!

    Great blog!

    • Giggli on 17/04/2013 at 7:44 AM

    That is a bit tricky to answer quickly – sounds like a subject for a blog post! Which in a curious bit of synchronicity, I’m already writing. So watch for that in the next week or so.
    Hypnodolls is a good place to start, and SL is international so people can be on any hour of the day. Though most places tend to be a bit more active during US leisure hours. (Lots of people visit while at work too, naughty people.)
    If you’re new to SL, you might have overlooked the search tool – a lot of interesting places can be found with a search for hypnosis, doll, bondage, etc.

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