You Are Being Corrupted!

What is Corruption? What is Brainwashing? And how are they different from “ordinary” hypnosis?

This one is a tricky topic because recognising it when it’s happening isn’t always easy, and describing it often leads to misconceptions. Everyone might have a slightly different definition of what it is.

Let’s say you don’t like the colour red, and your hypnotist gives you the suggestion to like red and to start wearing it. And it works! That’s conditioning; a standard thing that happens in hypnosis.

Now let’s say your hypnotist gives you the suggestion that you feel horny when you see the colour red and feel submissive towards anyone wearing it. That’s corruption.

But it is also conditioning! In fact, there’s no real difference between corruption and conditioning – except for the context. Corruption is just conditioning, with the added fantasy of being transformed, being changed from thinking or acting in one way to thinking and acting in another.

It can be a small thing or a big thing. It can be something you are aware of and chose for yourself, or something you’re oblivious to and is being done to you. The transformation is the important part.

Here’s something from my own life.

Pink Is Perfect

When I joined Second Life I was kind of a stereotypical goth girl. My favourite colours were black and red, and I wasn’t concerned about looking sexy. If anything, I went for looks that were a little sinister.

Now look at me:

My current profile picture
One of my most sinister looks, these days…

At some point, I noticed that my entire wardrobe had become pink, and it was creeping outside of Second Life. Pink was now my favourite colour (and still is!).

The thing is, I know this has happened. I didn’t notice it when it was happening, but I recognise it now. I know it’s a change I’ve gone through.

But I don’t want to change back. I find it fun. I like it. I actively resist any attempts to undo it.

And that is the essence of corruption.

Does it Really Matter?

I have had at least two hypnodommes tell me that if I keep playing with them, they will corrupt me into being a bimbo slut who is driven to spend her free time exclusively looking for sex.

When the first domme said this, years ago, I laughed it off as a sexy fantasy. When the second said it, I wasn’t so dismissive – I was concerned and wondered if that could really happen. And then by the time of the Peachey incident, after ongoing corruption through the events of The Memory Remains saga, I took the idea very seriously indeed (and maybe freaked out a little bit).

I do have a life in Second Life – friends who I care about and want to keep in touch with. I don’t want to abandon them all just to satisfy a momentary fling. And even if I didn’t have active friendships, I want the freedom to have relationships and interests that don’t revolve around sex and submission.

But that’s what accepting corruption like this would mean. It would be, um, what’s the word – oh yes, corrupting.

Dealing With Corruption

So, here are some things everyone into hypnosis should do:

  • Create a list of limits, things you know you would never do or absolutely do not want to do.
  • Review this list periodically, and see if you now want to do some of them.

It’s as simple as that. If your list of limits is purely hard limits, you know you are being influenced. You’ll almost certainly know who is doing it and should cut dies with that person.

It helps to have a friend that you talk with about your experiences. A confidante can point out when you are doing things out of character.

Hypnosis is inherently temporary. Once you stop exposing yourself to suggestions and start immersing yourself in things that are genuinely your interests, the power of those suggestions will fade.

Acquiring new fetishes isn’t necessarily as easy to deal with. This goes back to my overriding advice: as soon as someone does something that crosses a limit, stop playing with them.

Be Careful Out There…

I often argue that the dangers of hypnosis are overstated – that people love to exaggerate what hypnosis is capable of. And that is very true, especially in the roleplay-heavy environment of Second Life – most of the time. Corruption is probably the number one aspect of hypnosis you really do need to be careful about.

If someone crosses your boundaries, they’ll often say it was an accident and they got carried away, and it won’t happen again.

As a decent person, you’ll want to give people a second chance but resist that urge.

People who use excuses like this are good at justifying their own actions and usually interpret any second chance as permission to keep doing what they were doing. The corruption fetish amplifies this tendency – the whole point of the corruption fetish is to change you. They get off on pushing your limits.

You might like the person, and think they aren’t a bad person. But if they are into the corruption fetish, they can be manipulative and good at strategies like gaslighting. They often try to make you think, “It’s what you really wanted,” because that’s sexy to them, and you just can’t trust them.

As I advised in the first post in this series, follow this advice always: if someone ignores a clearly stated boundary, even once, never play with them again.

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