A Crooked House

I stumbled across a really clever place, last night. There’s a nice relaxing platform in the sky, and a comfy seat to relax to the calming sound of the wind whistling past. What a great place to be hypnotised, I think.


Then, I notice the strange shape floating in the sky in the distance. Some kind of crooked house… And lo, just beside me is a granite cross thingy, with a teleporter to the house. How could I resist?

Crooked House - the Table

And here I am, in some cosy room, with a table and two mysterious devices on it. A mysterious red button (“oooh, shiny,” reaches for it…) sealed under  a glass case, with the word, “Reset” floating above it. And another cross thing, telling me to touch it to get the focus, or something. I like to focus on things, so I touch the cross, ignoring the free offer offer of a parachute. I would regret that later…


Hmm, nothing seems to happen. Well, I guess I can explore. There are several doors, I’ll take this one.


Nothing much here. Nice stove, I guess. I’ll keep walking in a straight line.


Hmmm, I can go upstairs. Maybe later. I’ll keep going straight forward.


Nice sink. I wonder where that trapdoor in the floor goes. I’ll check it out later, maybe. But for now, I’ll keep going straight on, let’s see how long this house is.

Crooked House EntryNice room, interesting table, ooh pretty button- WAIT! Haven’t I see that before??? I’m back where I started!

Then I started taking different directions, going up and down, it got very interesting. I had a moment when I was walking along the ceiling that I realised I was trapped, unless I could find my way back to the starting room, and wasn’t sure I was going to be able to…

You have to see it for yourself: the Crooked House.

Anyone who has read Robert Heinlein’s classic, “-And He Built a Crooked House” will have an idea what to expect. I’ve been fascinated by tesseracts ever since I heard of them. Trying to imagine what a 4-dimensional hypercube must be like makes me feel stupid. Only hypnosis is more effective at making me feel like a bimbo!

I love this house. My criticism is that the rooms are a bit too small, it’s a bit cramped for the way your camera moves about in SL. But it’s still a great place to visit.

That link again: the Crooked House.

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