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That is, I’m not having any affairs at the moment. I’m not doing any hypnoplay at the moment, and I’ll get to the reason for that terrible state of affairs in the coming posts.

But since I’m not trancing, I am clearheaded enough to write something here! And so…

I’ve spent much of the last week figuring out how to work this blog-writing thing again, and updating things behind the scenes. It’s 5-10 years since the last time it was updated, and the world has moved on. The old site didn’t load very well on mobile devices, and should be more readable now.

I’ve streamlined and cleaned up the menus which now look like this:

Here’s a description of what those lead to:

  • Home: This link takes you to the front page of the site, and will show all posts. When in doubt go here.
    • Notices: Posts – like this one – are only useful for a short time. Notices of changes to the website, or sales in SL, and the like will go here.
  • Second Thoughts: posts about what it’s like to be a hypnofetishist online, and the hypnofetish community in SL especially. It’ll also include any posts that dont fit in the other categories.
  • Hypnosis: Theory and advice about Hypnosis – how it works, what it is, how it is practiced online (generally badly), tips for becoming a better subject or hypnotist, and so on.
  • Trance Tales: my hypnotic experiences, both the good and bad, the wild and sexy, as well as the frustrating and shocking. There are few fun posts in this category already.
  • Exhibition: (in the screenshot, it’s listed as Trance Matters): A collection of all posts from the three sections following. Click this link and it’ll load all of them.
    • Toys: Posts about the many gadgets and toys used by hypnosis and BDSM enthusiasts in SL.
    • Places: Fun and useful places to visit for hypnosis enthusiasts.
    • Trances (the title in the screenshot above is outdated): There are a lot of trances you can use in trance machines, and even buy for your own use. I’ll review some of them here.
  • Beyond SL: There’s a world outside of Second Life (or so I’ve heard). Here are posts from that mysterious place, that are relevant to hypnofetishists.
  • Subscribe: Want to keep updated on new posts? Click here!

So there you go. I have at least one post for each of the categories above in the works, so you should see new posts soon now that housecleaning has been done. Let me know what you’d like to hear about, and if you have any questions, ask away.

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