Second Life is a Fiasco?

“It’s official, Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system gets the prize for being the most overhyped, underperforming information and communication technology (ICT) project.”

That’s the report from Scientific America, on the first ever Fiasco Awards held in Barcelona, Spain, on Feb 26th, 2009.

What caught my eye, though, was that among those nominated was Second Life. Now, I’ve experienced my share of crashes, and inventory loss, and the sort of glitches that every user of Second Life sooner or lets gets familiar, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But then I read why it was considered a fiasco:

“The fiasco of Second Life is mainly due to the way it works. An application to be downloaded and installed leaves out of it the people who will not or can not do this process. It also makes it impossible to access it from any computer connected to Internet. Moreover, the complexity of its operation and of its initial tutorial causes rejection among users.”

The last part makes sense (after all, most people who try SL give up after 2 hours, never to return), but I am speechless at the idea that it’s ruled a fiasco simply because it requires people to install it…

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