My First Hypnotic Griefer?

Early last year I had one of the weirdest hypnosis experiences. I can’t figure out an explanation for what happened. What was my hypnotist going for? Was it some misguided attempt at blackmail roleplay, or an actual griefer? Or something else I can’t begin to guess at?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s what happened.


I was at Sin-Labs, a sim focussed on people who like to be artificial, and had just finished a doll trance in one of its trance machines.

I was messaged by a stranger, MagnusSpartan, and assumed that he’d seen me in the trance machine, and thought I was vulnerable due to trancing, and so would be an easy target for play. I was anticipating having to fend off amorous advances.

And so his opening message addled my already addled mind:

“I saw it’s an A record to redirect of your tumblr”

It took me a few moments to realise this – and the conversation that followed – wasn’t meaningless gobbledegook, but was, in fact, geek-speak (gobbledegook with meaning!).

Magnus was trying to engage me in a discussion of how traffic is directed across the internet, and how my Tumblr is set up. Let me tell you, after you’ve been in a trance and made to feel submissive, being plunged into thinking geeky techie things is not fun! I’d have preferred having to fend off over-eager amorous advances…

“I was just in a trance machine and came out a bit addled, and this conversation is clearing my head very well.”

And so we engaged in an entirely too-long discussion of something I have no interest in. Let me tell you, trance-induced submission isn’t fun when the polite deference it engenders keeps you in a conversation like this:

MagnusSpartan Resident: So a poor man’s Google Drive
MagnusSpartan Resident: So when it comes to hosting, it’s upload. It’s trash
MagnusSpartan Resident: I could get Fiber and that would help.
MagnusSpartan Resident: /me runs his fingers through your hair.

He kept running his hands through my hair while talking about the technical aspects of running a home server. It was a very clumsy and inappropriate attempt at flirting. And let’s be honest here – he was talking at me not with me. I barely contributed to that conversation, while he monopolised my time.

The funny thing was, because he’d caught me after a very deep trance, I was kind of enjoying the affection. It kept me attentive for a while, but combined with the geeky talk, it was just bizarrely awkward, so I made my excuses and logged off.

An Overlooked Red Flag

The next morning, I log on and am immediately greeted by:

MagnusSpartan Resident: /me runs his fingers through your hair.
Giggli Galore: I’m not going to be able to talk this morning
MagnusSpartan Resident: Why is that?
Giggli Galore: I’m meeting someone
MagnusSpartan Resident: Fascinating

Giggli Galore: why is that fascinating? 🙂
MagnusSpartan Resident: Friends usually means that you are getting fucked.
Giggli Galore: in my case its more likely to be tranced
MagnusSpartan Resident: And I can easily do that.
Giggli Galore: well, i was meeting a friend, someone i already knew, who trances me

I’m posting this conversational snippet to highlight a bunch of red flags that I didn’t pay attention to at the time. See the bits in bold.

First, the assumed familiarity and intimacy with the constant stroking of my hair. That was making me a little uncomfortable – not quite creeped out, but getting there.

Second, the passive-aggressiveness here. I’m meeting someone, and there’s a hint of touchiness that it’s not him.

This followed by suggesting that I must be meeting someone to get fucked, and again, it’s not him. The “nice-guy” vibes are coming through loud and clear as I re-read this. Never mind the language.

And finally when I say I’m off to be tranced, “I can easily do that.” Yes, that might be true – but why would I want to do that with you? I don’t know you, and I already have a date with a friend.

The entitlement here is very strong, once you look for it.

Finally, the Very Weird Incident this Post is About

I was waiting for a friend to come online, but they weren’t showing up, and I kept talking to Magnus – or more accurately he kept talking to me.

Honestly, the fact that his approach the day before caught me when I jumped out of the trance machine, had me feeling a little submissive towards him. All that running his hands through my hair, while pretty clumsy, had felt nice.

And he started that up again now, but started to use trancey language (no mention of internet servers to distract me!), and did a decent job of painting a scene and getting me in a relaxing state of mind.

So I started to drop, and then he starts on the pleasure suggestions, building me up, leading to…

MagnusSpartan Resident: Feels so good, so natural, doesn’t it?
Giggli Galore: yes
MagnusSpartan Resident: That’s all you want…
MagnusSpartan Resident: Something so… right…
MagnusSpartan Resident: How does it feel, Giggli?
Giggli Galore: mmmm hot
MagnusSpartan Resident: You’re so close aren’t you?
Giggli Galore: no still good
MagnusSpartan Resident: Good girl…
MagnusSpartan Resident: I found your alt…
Giggli Galore: that would be clever

So, he is giving me a pleasure trance, building me up, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, throws out a bizarre statement claiming to know something secret about me.

My immediate and automatic reaction was, “Hah, that would be clever”, but after I said it, the weirdness of it started to sink in. My alt? What?

Trying to Make Sense Of It

For those unfamiliar with SL, it’s common for people to have alternate accounts (alts). You can have several alts that are completely separate accounts, with no connection to each other. I spend all my time in just one – managing just one inventory is nightmare enough!

My instinct is to say I don’t have any alts, but then I remember that I created a temporary alt years ago to go undercover to investigate Toy Slaves Brothel, where they use hypnosis to train the working girls… Maybe I’ll write about that one day. I can’t imagine anyone would be interested…

And when the Resident surnames were introduced, I snapped up Giggli Resident, so no one else could have it. That’s MINE!

But apart from that one purely journalistic exploration years ago, I don’t use them. So there’s no way he could have known about them. This statement was a lie.

The funny thing is in our chat just before the trance he admitted to having had an alt of his own – Maximillion Foehammer.

Why would he give me a trance, start giving me pleasure suggestions, and then throw in a bonkers claim about knowing my alt?

I have struggled to make sense of it. Was it an attempt at blackmail roleplay? But if so, it would be a good idea to have some discussion about that first.

Or was he just throwing out that claim in the hope of getting blackmail material through hypnosis – get me to admit I have an alt, identify it, and then hold it over me (all the while assuming I’d want to keep it secret).

But that’s a stretch.

Or maybe he’s an actual griefer. The first hypnosis griefer!

There are griefers in Second Life – people who try to mess up other people’s fun. Usually, it takes the form of harassing and trying to break things, and generally being pests.

So there’s could be hypnotist griefers. Hypnotists who get you into trance and then deliberately ruin the experience for their own fun. If so, this would be the first I’ve heard of, but it’s possible – if weird.

But this is all just me clutching at straws. I genuinely have no idea how to make sense of this. I did ask though…

Waking Up

So after that question, and my “That would be clever” response, he went completely silent for a few minutes. Possibly he expected a different reaction and was feeling just as awkward as I was.

The confusion and the silence were easily enough to wake me up.

Giggli Galore: confused by that statement and lost the feeling
MagnusSpartan Resident: Good.
Giggli Galore: what did you mean? what alt?

And after that enigmatic “Good,” he went silent again, and the silence dragged on. I started getting more and more creeped out as I thought about it, and so left him a final abrupt message:

Giggli Galore: I’m logging off, a little creeped out
Giggli Galore: If you want to talk again, let me know where you were going with that. Otherwise dont bother.

And that was that. He hasn’t been in touch to explain, and it’s been nearly a year.

This isn’t one of my sexier stories, it’s just weird. I have included his name, because until he explains what he was up to, I don’t think he’s a safe person to trance with, and people ought to know that. Plus, he mentioned his previous alt was banned, which might be a reason for concern.

So my personal take-away – pay attention to red flags, and don’t talk to strangers immediately after a deep trance!

Now if only I had remembered both of those takeaways – they might have saved me from the events of my next post…

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    • Serinea on 14/04/2022 at 2:04 PM

    Hmm, one of those names rings a bell, but I can’t recall will have to check when I get home I think. This sou do li,e it was a very strange and somewhat creepy experience, I hope that fun bounces around in other ways soon for you

    • Giggli on 14/04/2022 at 7:06 PM

    It was very strange. I was creeped out initially and it left me cold, but later, I was just kind of baffled and bemused – and not in the fun bimbo way.

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