How Deep Is Deep?

Last Friday, I posted about one of my most embarrassing trance interruptions. This one is worse. Especially since I was unaware about what happened, when it happened.

People often think hypnosis isn’t working on them, because they don’t feel any different. They just feel a little relaxed. As you shall see, a little relaxation can go a long way.

One day, I was watching a machine trance. Well, okay, I was watching three trances, chained together, for around two hours. I do that sometimes. I’m a hypnoslut…

While watching, I didn’t feel like I was very deep. My mind wandered several times, and I had to remember to focus back on the trance. But still, it was enjoyable, I felt good by the end of it. Nothing too special, just nice. Then when I got up and looked around, I noticed the door into the room was open.

“That was odd,” I thought. “I’m sure I closed that.”

Later that day, my dad looked a bit embarrassed, and told me that he had gone out to do some shopping, and had come in to ask me if I wanted anything. He had actually touched my shoulder, given me a gentle shake, but – “There was a big spiral thing on your screen, and you seemed to be asleep or hypnotised or something, so I left.”

I was speechless.

I was also alarmed. For at least part of the time, one of the images on the spiral was.. um.. this:

Spiral Of Lust

Not something Daddy expects to catch his little girl watching…

Just to recap. he had walked into the room (my door makes a big creaking sound), shook me, asked me some things, and then left. And I remained deep in trance, completely oblivious.

And after that, I had thought, “This was a fun trance, but I didn’t go that deep.”

Hypnosis is an amazing and mysterious thing. You should never try to judge how deep you are by how deep you feel. What depth is, is an open question. Some people feel high and light, rather than deep and heavy. Other people don’t feel any different at all.

I have sometimes felt really deep, but been woken by a tiny distraction. And at other times, I have felt completely awake, but found myself responding to suggestions that wouldn’t normally effect me. This was clearly one of the latter…

Do you have any fun hypnosis stories?


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    • Kyra Hyde on 09/03/2013 at 2:11 AM

    Wow! Now that is a deep trance! I don’t know how you manage to trance with other people in the house. I’m so paranoid about someone walking in on me. I’m glad that I live alone now.

    • Giggli on 11/03/2013 at 10:45 PM

    I have *almost* gotten them trained not to walk in on me now. It’s a life time job, the cat’s are easier to handle…
    It is kinda scary knowing now how deep I can go. Exciting, too.

    • Rayne on 25/04/2013 at 4:41 PM

    My most embarrassing trance happened when i was 8. yeah 8 years old and under hypnosis. i have never been any good at resisting trance. most anyone can get me under, once there things get interesting though. but that aside, when i was 8 i was home sick one day with my mom and watching cartoons. an episode of Sailor Moon, yes i like a girls anime, was on and in it a trapeze artist used her act to hypnotize the crowd…… and me. it didnt do much really, just put me in a deep enough trance that i couldn’t hear my mom asking me what i wanted for dinner. the embarrassing part is that right after the hypnosis scene a commercial comes on, its a commercial for “My Size Jam and Glam Barbie”. so here i am, and 8 year old boy watching a barbie commercial under trance, and it didnt make me like barbie or anything like that, it did how ever make me love the color pink, crave to wear certain types of girls clothes, and when my mother asked me what in the world i was doing i came out of trance and said this exactly. ” watching the pretty pink barbies mommy *giggle*”. thankfully she blamed it on the medicine i had taken for my illness. it wasnt until i turned 13, and saw that commercial again, that i was able to figure out why i love playing dress up in fluffy outfits and why i love pink.

    • Giggli on 27/04/2013 at 8:14 PM

    That’s amazing. I doubt one trance would have such a strong impact. It seems more likely to me that you had those desires already, and the session gave you permission to act on them. But who knows.

    • Kris on 21/08/2015 at 12:57 AM

    Yes trances can be deceiving yet feel so good

    • Runa joku on 03/04/2017 at 4:46 AM

    I watched a hypnosis video on youtube and it made me walk around the house like a zombie for 5 minutes. But thats the only thing that so far has been able to work for hypnosis which sucks ;-; i wanna be hypnotized lol

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