Hypnosis Sale at Hypnotic Magic


Here’s an announcement for fans of hypnosis machines!

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This Valentines Day will bring some sweet deals from Starfire Desade’s Hypnotic Magic!!!

We will be having a store wide sale beginning on 14 February 2012.

The first day of the sale, EVERYTHING in the store will be reduced 50%. This includes ALL TranceStar Engines and Cores, including value packs. And you might want to make it to the sale on the first day, because…..

The second day of the sale (15 Feb 2013), EVERYTHING is still on sale, but the discount is reduced to 40%…
The third day of the sale (16 Feb 2013), the discount is reduced to 30%…
The fourth day (17 Feb 2013), the discount will be 20%…
The FINAL DAY of the sale (18 Feb 2013), the discount will be 10%.

As you can see, there will be wonderful deals every day, but the earlier you take advantage of this sale, the greater the value.

Special notes: Since this is a sale, certain restrictions apply. Discounts only available at our in-world store, not the marketplace. No discounts applied to previously purchased merchandise. If you have cores you wish us to move from an older TranceStar to one purchased during the sale, there will be a single L$500 maintenance fee.

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Check out their range at their marketplace store.

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