Hypnotised To Obey – By Accident!

An Angel Arrives

A Divine Visitation

In this post, I’ll tell you about a couple of times I was hypnotised by accident, and finish off with one of the sexiest commands I’ve ever been given.

I’ve tranced a lot. If I wasn’t able to find a hypnotist for my fix, I’d be listening to an mp3 before bed or jumping on SL to watch a trance machine. Sometimes I’d go a few days without trancing, and every now and then I would spend the entire day trancing. So, I think it’s reasonable to say my average is roughly one trance a day for roughly eight years. If I hadn’t done so many bimbo trances, I’d be able to tell you how many that is! It’s a lot.

A major benefit of that… enthusiasm?… is that I go into trance very easily. I like a nice long induction, but I can slip into at least a light trance very quickly. It can also happen by accident. And has, a few times.

I have been watching the TV, or driving in the car (as a passenger!), or working, and something has reminded me of a trance. As I remember the feeling of trance, it becomes reality and I feel myself slipping away.

If I’m not busy, I usually let it happen, and enjoy a few moments of drifting. Since there is no hypnotist to give me instructions, I always drift back up before long.

Sometimes on Second Life, a dom/me hypnotises someone in public. Until recently, I couldn’t watch such a scene without falling under myself and following along.

On occasion, a dominant realises I’ve been hypnotised by accident, and takes advantage of that fact… One such tale follows below.

A Cheer for Lisey

But first, an amusing accident. Lisey Lilliehooke-Dryke is a cute and fun submissive doll, who also happens to be a hypnotist for hire. (If you want a fun time, pay her – she’s cheap and easy! Um, I mean, she’s worth it!).

Just last week, she was chatting in a group, playing around. She commented sadly that there were no trances going on, then she said this:

A perfect doll

A perfect doll

Lisey: let me try this one
Lisey: starting to sway back and forth shaking my hands
Lisey: what you do when you don’t make a peep?
Lisey: Sleep…yeah, sleep…uh huh
Lisey: what you do to avoid a creep?
Lisey: sleep…uh huh…that’s right sleep
Lisey: drive all nice in a beat up jeep?
Lisey: sleep…uh huh, you sleep
Lisey: giggle
Lisey: swaying
Lisey: jumping up and down enthusiastically and kicking my leg up high in the air
Lisey: yeaaaaah TEAM!
Lisey: curtsy

I was laughing as I was reading along, and didn’t immediately notice the tug downwards. But by the third “sleep” I was in full free-fall, dropping like a stone into trance. Lisey had meant this as just a bit of fun, and yet I dropped, and for a few minutes, I just sat there, floating, head lolling forward.

Though I was in trance, part of my mind was still aware. I knew it wasn’t a deliberate trance, and so I started drifting back up. But i just couldn’t wake up. I don’t usually have this problem. I felt so sluggish, and thinking was so hard.

I’m sure this only happened because Lisey has tranced me a few times before. It’s been a few years, but she is a GREAT and fun hypnotist, along with one of the few I’ve felt completely safe with.

I recently made a new friend, Dolly Aura. (See Mesmerised By The Snugglubus). She happened along while I was feeling like this, and I told her how muggy-headed I was feeling. I was going to log off and lie down till it cleared (which it would, you won’t get stuck in trance forever). She had a better idea. She dropped me back into trance, led me to drifting blissfully blank and mindless for a while, and then woke me up properly.


Spreading For My Guardian Angel

“One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel.”

Most of you reading this will have read my Hypnotised by a Bimbo tale. Hallie has a partner, Angel. She was there that night, and helped a little. I was lying between the two of them while Hallie led the trance. A delicious experience.

What to put here?

An enchanting view

Hallie was usually submissive, so we didn’t really play much. Angel on the hand was very dominant indeed, and very sexy too. We often played together. It’s a lot more accurate to say that she often played with me, toyed with me, and made me her helpless toy.

She had a very natural dominance, a very sensual dominance. She was sweet, playful, and only strict when she was working me up to an orgasm and making it very clear I couldn’t climax without her permission. She understood sensual denial better than anyone I’ve played with.

She started learning hypnosis while we were playing, but we didn’t trance that often. We didn’t have to – her commanding manner was itself hypnotic and mesmerising for me. I couldn’t help obeying her, but I didn’t realise I was responding hypnotically till the day something very sexy happened.

There was no overt hypnosis. She was toying with me, teasing me, just playing like you do on Second Life. She said something like I was her little slut who couldn’t help spreading my legs for her. To my shock (and excitement), I felt my legs parting, and I couldn’t close them. I tried, but they were locked in position, spread obscenely wide.

A fun time with Angel, Sanura, and Hallie.

A fun time with Angel, Sanura, and Hallie.

I had to interrupt her teasing to tell her what had happened.

She was as surprised as me, and also just as excited. This was evidence of just how comfortable with her I was, and how sensitive to her instructions.

Of course, she took complete advantage of how very vulnerable, very sexy (and, um, slutty) it made me feel.

After that, whenever she slipped the word “spread” into conversation, my legs would spread. She loved playing with that word, and I loved her doing it.


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    • Kyra Hyde on 03/04/2013 at 4:41 AM

    Silly Giggli! Cheers are supposed to get you pumped up, not tranced out. ^_^ Though, if they did get you tranced out, I’d probably have gone to more sports games in high school.

    How wonderful it must be to be so submissive to someone that even their offhand comments become undeniable commands ^_^

    • Giggli on 03/04/2013 at 9:10 PM

    I think a lot of people get kind of tranced watching those cheerleaders for some reason. Perhaps not the same kind of trance…

    • KasumiKeyes on 22/06/2013 at 2:50 PM

    Lisey is a friend 😀 she is super fun to 😉

    • Giggli on 22/06/2013 at 2:52 PM

    Yay! She really is.

  1. Never doubt a sub’s ability to find a way to totally sub out or a subject’s ability to trance out (even subconsciously) . This makes me laugh because it’s just the kind of thing that happens to me.

    • Runa joku on 03/04/2017 at 4:25 AM

    So im like trying to be hypnotized since i tried on youtube and it didnt work very well i dont have second life atm but i would totally like to be hypnotized by these people especcaly perfict dall ^~^

    • Runa joku on 03/04/2017 at 4:26 AM

    I like want to be hypnotized but i have no idea how i tried to be hypnotized on youtube but like nothing happened really so could u maby introduce me to these hypnotists?

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