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I have been a way for a while, but I’m starting to get back into the groove. Hopefully you’ll see more articles from me in the following weeks. In this post, I have news of of a big change coming to Second life, and also an awesome set of freebies.

A big change is coming to SL soon, possibly as soon as June. Large areas of SL are going to be off limits to people who have unverified accounts, as a result of a new push to introduce “adult” zoning restrictions in SL.

There’s a very detailed blog post on how the changes will affect you here at Satiated Desires.

There is already one casualty. Darien Caldwell, maker of quality scripted collars, blindfolds, gags, and similar, is closing her shop, Dari’s Haus, and has shed light on why these changes are being pushed through – Linden Labs is responding to US government pressure. See Darien’s revelations here.

I learned about this at Deirdre and Lelo’s excellent Second Life Fetish Fashion blog, and there is more information about US Congressional involvement in that post.

Since Darien is closing down her shop, she is very generously releasing her products into the public domain. You can find all her products in a big box here:


Dari's Haus

When you visit her land, click on the big wooden obelisk to get the goodies, and pause a moment to view the flowers and other well-wishes people have left Darien Caldwell.

You can also get the box here:


These products are being released with full permissions – Mod, Copy, Transfer – and there are some truly beautiful items.

One thing you need to be aware of. The collars poll the www.darishaus.com website every time you teleport. Sooner or later, Darien will close that website, and when that happens, the collars will start producing errors. Fortunately, Darien has made available a simple step-by-step guide to remove the error at her site here.

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