I’m a SLebrity – get me outta here!

After the heavy posts over the last few weeks, let’s talk about something different. Though, I guess it’s still kind of heavy, just in another way.

Since I created this blog, I’ve had numerous people come up to me and say things like, “You’re that Giggli! I love your blog!” These people clearly have fine taste.

I also have met a few people who tell me that my blog was one of the things that swayed them into signing up for Second Life or investigating hypnotism. That makes me feel very good. I think the only way it could make me feel better, is if some evil hypnotist had programmed me to encourage people to come on to Second Life so they would fall into his or her web…

But seriously, it’s nice to know people – including a few hypnotists and dominants – have joined SL or are benefitting from hypnosis at least partly because of me. I’m a celebrity! Yay! (Or a SLebrity maybe?)

People sometimes also ask me for advice or guidance about hypnosis. Which trances are good for them, what’s a good place to meet hypnotists, what toys are good, whether hypnosis is real, etc. I love questions like this, and I try to answer such questions as best I can. I like to be of service! (Maybe I should have an Ask Giggli column *giggle*.)

All these things are nice and fun, and rewarding. There are downsides to being super-famous though. One thing, in particular, bugs me.

Every now and then someone approaches me, and after complimenting me on my blog or otherwise buttering me up, says something like, “Can you introduce me to some hypnodommes?” Or more blatantly, “Can you ask some hypnodommes to hypnotise me?”

This request always made me feel weird. My instinct is always to launch into something of a mini-rant which might go something like this:

“What? No, you have to chat them up yourself.

When you ask me to introduce you to someone, you’re really asking me to recommend you to them as a potential playmate.

But i don’t know you. I don’t want to be put in the position of recommending someone I can’t vouch for. You might be a trouble maker or a pest. I don’t know. How can I recommend you without knowing you?

Also, it’s like you’re assuming that I have dommes hanging on my word, ready to hypnotise anyone I recommend. That’s not the case. If you want to meet dommes, there’s no shortcut. You have to actually meet them yourself.

You managed to approach me with this request. You can approach them too.”

Of course, I don’t say that. What I actually say is more like, “No, I don’t do that. I can tell you a few places and groups you can join where hypnotists can be found, and you can approach them yourself. “

The whole thing makes me feel weird. I think this is a very presumptuous thing to be asking. It feels like I’m being used. What do you think? Is it kind of weird people that ask this of me?

As a footnote, I wouldn’t mind living in that fantasy world of their imagination where I had my own stable of hypnotists ready to hypnotise me at my whim. If that were the case, though, I’d be spending a lot more time in a hypnotic daze and probably wouldn’t be in any condition to recommend people…

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