New Post Announcement

Hi hypnofans! To those of you have been pestering me to update my blog, here it is.

Whew, this writing stuff is hard work, but at least it’s done now so I can go and forget it for a few months!

What, you want more? You slavedrivers! (Wait, I like slave drivers. Hmmm…)

What was I saying? Oh yes. The real announcement. I have had hosting problems for a few months with my blog, and haven’t been able to update it without a lot of tedious jiggery pokery. It put me off, big time – us part-time bimbos don’t like hard work when we could be spending that time having our minds eased away into oblivion instead! But I’ve just changed hosting thingies, so I can start working on it again.

Yay, new posts coming!

So, this post is an announcement that new posts are coming. It’s not really a new post, it’s just an announcement of one. ¬†Regarding the new post… I’ll get right on that… Right after this trance…

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