OMG, I am, like, a total bimbo!

The other day I met up with an old friend, and she complimented me on my body, saying I was hot and had obviously put a lot of work into it. And I felt giddy and excited at her praise. I’m feeling it now as I remember it.

This is a very pronounced change. Way back in the day I made the first Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger post as a joke. The second post was still kind of a joke but had more of a touch of reality to it. And now I’ve gone all-in on looking like a bimbo.

I’m wondering now where this sheer bimbo glee came from. I have been working on my look for at least a couple of years, off and on – at first to look better for Sparrow, and later for him, Mesmero, and Badboy. I wanted to look more and more like a sexy bimbo. (See the upcoming posts on those three.)

So I’m wondering if it’s a result of some specific suggestion one or more of them planted, or if it’s just the cumulative effect of all the bimbo hypnosis I’ve done over the years.

I used to be very prudish. This is going to sound silly since Second Life isn’t real, but it feels real to me. A long time ago, a domme friend, Starfire Desade, had a naked beach party. She said, if you come onto this beach, you have to be nude. And I said, “Okay, I’ll stay in the water.” I swam 15 metres out and kept my modesty.

And now, I’m posting topless pictures of my avatar in a recent Hypno Tale, Slave to Pleasure, and didn’t notice it was out of character until thinking about this post.

That friend who complimented me earlier? She used to be really shy on Second Life. If anything kinky or sexual was mentioned, she’d quickly make her departure. But now she spends her free weekends jumping on Second Life to find the biggest cocks she can (her words), and eagerly jumps into sexual situations.

I do wonder how much of that is her just becoming more comfortable with sex play online over time, and how much is due to the hypnosis she’s been doing to loosen her inhibitions. I also can’t help wondering if any of this crosses over into her offline life. I know I’ve had suggestions affect me in offline life.

So it’s interesting to notice things that used to bother me, that now turn me one. I wonder just how correct Peachey was when she called me a Slave to Pleasure

I might as well give in to that bimbo urge to show off my current appearance.

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