How To Find a Hypnotist

People often assume that I have hypnotists on call, ready to trance me at my whim. Honestly, there have been times where this was true, and the tips I’m going to describe are a big part of the reason why.

That said, most of the time it’s not like that! Still, these tips will help you find people to at least talk to, and may lead to hypnosis.

I have no idea what hypnotists see in me…

Use Your Profile

Back when I was new to Second Life, and despairing of ever meeting a hypnotist that wasn’t a hypnotron, I got talking to a wonderful girl named Kia Lorefield. We were chatting about what we each wanted on SL, and when I told her my goals, she said, “You should stick that in your profile – hypnotists will be lining up for you.”

I laughed, but that turned out to be the best advice anyone has given me on SL. I am not exaggerating – every time I logged on I was getting people chatting me up. A good profile works wonders.

Second Life is big – no matter how strange or weird your fetishes may be, there are plenty of other people who share them. You might, like me, be a little shy about discussing them – but adding them to the profile means you don’t have to! People will know what you want. So it’s a good thing.

There can be a dilemma if you have friends who aren’t in the hypnofetish scene – you might be wary of including personal stuff in your profile. In that case, this tip might not be much help to you – and that’s unfortunate, because this is THE most important tip, and all the rest build on it. (Though the Use Groups Proactively tip might still help.)  So, I’d encourage you to find a way of at least hinting what you’re looking for, that won’t cause problems for you with your friends.

When I say use your profile, I mean everything on your Profile page. Use your Group List and Favourite Picks. People can see what you’re interested in, and learn something about your character.

Having anything at all is better than a blank screen. But also, Be Honest. Don’t write things that aren’t true just to get people’s attention. When people meet you, they’ll learn pretty quickly if it’s not true, and their disappointment will count against you.

By all that’s sexy – have a Profile Pic

Profile Pic

Also, as part of making your profile useful, please have a Profile Pic. Find a place in Second Life that flatters you, and get a friend to take a good pic if you have no talent.

Make it a Second Life snapshot – don’t use artwork, and don’t use a RL pic (the First Life tab is for that). People want to see who they’ll be meeting in Second Life – only a Second Life snapshot works for that.

If it’s a blank pic, people will assume you don’t care about your appearance, and trust me, that’s a no-no in the very visual world of Second Life.

Also as an addendum, it’s worth actually taking some care over your avatar. If you have a newbie avatar, even a non-mesh avatar in this day and age, chances are no one is going to be interested.

Disclaimer – My Profile

After reading these tips, you may jump to my profile to get ideas (or even steal my words, haha). But bear in mind, I’m not following my suggestions and there’s a good reason for that.

I deleted my profile because I didn’t want people to contact me. I was going through some personal stuff, and wanted alone time. So I cleared my profile, to stop people contacting me. And it worked!

Let that be a lesson – if your profile is empty, you aren’t going to meet your dream hypnotist.

Lie In Wait

A common tactic is to hang around in hypno-themed places like Live Trance Lab or Cranial Lust. These places often have a comfy lounge where people can sit around, waiting for a hypnotist or subject to come along and catch their fancy. I have met a few hypnotists this way, and it has led to good experiences.

As methods go, this is a good standby, and you can do it at any time. But of the methods I can think of, it’s probably the least rewarding – it takes a lot of time. I’d advise using this selectively. Say, if you have just been hanging out with a friend and that friend has gone offline, visit one of these places and hang out for 10 or 20 minutes. Maybe you’ll strike up a fun conversation, and pass the time pleasantly, and maybe you’ll hit it off with someone and find yourself being tranced.

But – this is very important – as soon as you start getting bored, make your excuses and leave.

One thing a lot of people do, which I strongly advise against, is to go to these places, and then leave the keyboard.

You need to be at the screen, looking at the profiles and group lists of people who pass through, and be willing to respond to any conversation that starts up. A lot of the people sitting around silently are waiting for someone to say something, and when they see you are not idle, they may approach you in IM. That has happened to me many times.

But if you’re idle, people won’t attempt to talk to you, and the chance will pass you by.

So hang out, while you are alert and interested, but once your interest starts to fade, move on.

Join Likeminded Groups

Whenever you meet someone, have a look through their groups. If you find one that catches your eye and seems to speak to you, join that group – and don’t hide it.

After I filled in my profile, I started getting people IMing me as Kia had predicted. It would come and go in waves – sometimes I’d have 2 or 3 in a night, and then weeks might pass before it happened again. These were people who had not met me, and had never been in the same sim at the same time as me. It was baffling. Then one of them told me she had browsed the one of the groups she belonged to, looking at profiles for people she might like.

So, if you have a helpful profile, and join groups that have plenty of hypnotists (or subs if that’s what you are looking for), you can sometimes get people approaching you out of the blue.

This has never stopped happening for me – even after I wiped my profile, I’d still get the very occasional chat up from a group member. Just being in a group tells people you have that shared interest, and that may enough to lead to conversation.

I can’t recommend specific groups, since everyone’s taste is different and by Linden, there are too many to list. By checking people’s profiles, you’ll keep finding new ones. So many…

Use Groups Proactively

But you can do more than just being a member of a group! There are two ways you can use your groups more productively.

First, you can use Group Chat: if you’re a hypnotist, you can ask in the group channel if anyone fancies a hypno-session (someone always will – you’ll probably be inundated!). I’ve seen subs ask for hypnotists and get responses too, though that’s a lot less common.

This has the drawback of being indiscriminate – you are never sure what kind of people you’re going to meet. But, don’t let that put you off. If you need to meet ten people before you find one you really want to have fun with, you do still have to meet people. And this way you might meet people you would normally not give a second glance to, and have a pleasant surprise.

But you don’t have to be so single-minded. Most groups are starved for fun conversations, so if you just start talking, it can lead to interesting conversation, and making friendships, which can lead to trance eventually. There are plenty of times over the years where I’ve joined in a chat about pretty much anything, and soon after had an IM from someone wanting to trance me.

The second way is the reverse of my previous tip: actively browse the group’s members and look at their Profiles. Find people who you might like, and approach them. The group list shows you who is online, so you can meet people immediately if they are willing.

This method does rely on other people having filled in their profiles, but some people do.

However, don’t send messages that you are looking for someone to trance you. Everyone already knows that – everyone in the group is also looking for someone to trance them. It just makes you look desperate. And boring.

That said, if you are very charming, and funny, and sexy – it can work.

Things To Avoid

Don’t Be A Pushy Sub

A classic strip – Oglaf: Submission (warning – very NSFW)

Oh my god, this is a biggie. And I see so many subs doing exactly this, especially with female hypnotists. This is too big a topic to tackle here, but in short, don’t be selfish. Remember that hypnotists don’t exist for your pleasure – they are people who have their own interests and desires. You have to be worth their interest – don’t demand their attention, appeal to it.

Never, ever say you’re bored.

If you tell people you are bored, you are telling them you are only talking to them because it’s marginally better than watching paint dry.

Trust me on this, no-one wants to hear your bored.

If you’re bored – log off and do something fun. Then come back when you’re actually interested and interesting.

Lern 2 spel. Srsly. And avoid text speak.

Hypnotists love language. That means full complete words, in sentences, occasionally if only by accident forming correct grammatical structures. They spend a lot of time using words – picking specific words or phrases to evoke a certain mood or response. So, you’ll get short shrift if you are don’t use at least basic spelling and grammar.

I’m not being snobby here. There are places where it’s appropriate to use shorthand, text speak, and so on – but second life is not one of them. You are going to be sitting at your computer or laptop – use that keyboard!

Don’t Hang Around SL When You’re Bored

I’ve touched on this already, but I really can’t stress this enough. If you’re bored, people can tell, and you will come across as desperate or boring. People will not want your company.

If you’re in SL, find something to do that you find interesting, partly to keep you engaged, but also so that when people reach out, you have something to talk about.

I repeat: if you are bored, or idling, log off.

These rules don’t apply if you’re a hypnotist – because people will give you a lot more leeway. You’re in demand.

But if you’re a sub, there are many, many more just like yourself – you need to stand out. You need to be making the best impression, and if you’re bored, that won’t happen.

It might not be fair, but it’s the reality. You get just one chance to make a first impression – make it count.

In Summary

These are the tips anyone can use. Many of these tips might seem very basic and obvious, but if you’ve never thought about the things mentioned here, give them a try.

But also, if you have any talents or other assets you can use them too.

If you take good snapshots, have a portfolio in your pics, and use that as part of your chat up – ask people if they want a snapshot taken, or want to see your gallery. “Hey babe, come back and see my etchings.”

If you have your own land, make sure you have something interesting there, and invite people to see it.

Here’s the big secret behind this post – when you’re looking for a hypnotist, you are dating. You are doing the same kind of things you would do in Real Life when looking for a fun companion or a partner – just adapted for Second Life.

That means you want to present yourself well, and be the the best you that you can be when meeting people.

And it also means you can’t expect everything to come to you. You have to put some work in. There’s no avoiding that.

And of course, getting the attention of a hypnotist is only the first step. It gives you an opportunity, but you now have to show that you’re worth the hypnotist’s attention. Maybe I’ll make a Hypno-Dating in Second Life series to help with that step… (Spoiler: it’s about having self-respect and treating people with respect. And being humble and sexy like me.)

Do you know of any good places to hang out, or fun, active groups to join? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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Close Your Eyes

Picture the scene. You are sitting there, fixated on your hypnotist’s words as they appear in the chat window. You are deep in trance, sinking deliciously deeper, and becoming more suggestible and willing to obey the tist’s every command as they type them to you… and then says, “At the count of 3, you will Close Your Eyes.”

Maybe he continues typing something like, “Now you are under my power, helpless to resist my every command, muhahaha!” But none of that matters now, because your eyes are closed.

A Very Strange Two Weeks

This has happened here and there several times over the years, but I’m remembering a very special two week period where this happened four times in separate trances with different hypnotists. Was there something in the water that fortnight?

When it happened the first time, I was startled out of trance, and told the tist that telling me to close my eyes while they are using text chat to trance me might not be the greatest idea.

The second time happened just a few days later, and this time I didn’t fully wake up. While still in trance I told the tist that if I closed my eyes I wouldn’t see his instructions, and he amended his commands and the trance continued.

The third time, I had been stressed outside of SL, and really wanted to sink. So I couldn’t bring myself to correct the tist – I let myself fall, closed my eyes, and drifted in a pleasant hypnotic daze for a while until I woke up naturally. They had vanished, probably confused about why I’d stopped responding.

The final time, the scene had been really hot and intense, and I felt extremely submissive and tranced out of my mind. So when the tist told me to close my eyes, I felt a moment of surprise because she was way too competent to make such a rookie mistake, but I was too far gone to have the presence of mind to say anything. That moment of surprise flittered through my mind and out again, and my eyes slammed shut and I dropped like a stone.

Afterwards though I felt really baffled. Why does this keep happening?

So, why does it happen?

I used to think this was a mistake made by newbie hypnotists. People following a script they read in a book – the script intended for face-to-face trances said to say “Close your eyes” so that’s what the newbie hypnotist said and didn’t think things through.

But it happened sometimes with very experienced and competent hypnotists so that didn’t make sense.

A friend suggested to me that it was a roleplay thing. Many people in SL aren’t really expecting to go into trance, and they are simply roleplaying the experience. And so are the hypnotists.

Now, I have had trances from people who thought they were roleplaying, and didnt realise they were roleplaying it well enough to do real hypnosis. That is a thing that can happen, especially with good subjects.

But that doesnt explain why experienced and competent hypnotists have sometimes done it.

But it’s a suggestion that I think contains part of the answer.

Who gets Tranced? The Avatar or the Person?

Here’s something that used to give me a lot of difficulty when trancing in Second Life.

There was an early session where someone told me to kneel. Then repeated it, to my confusion. Then repeated it again, at which point I said, “I am kneeling.” And they were, “oh…”

And the penny dropped that they meant my avatar, who had not moved. OI was kneeling in front of my keyboard, but they couldn’t see that.

I have since adapted, and now when I am given instructions, I have learned toi treat them as if directed to my avatar.

A Possible Explanation

So this might be the explanation. When a hypnotist says, “Close your eyes,” they might be telling the subject to imagine their avatar closing their eyes, while they continue to read the instructions.

This makes a lot of sense. Hypnosis is weird, and the human mind is weird. It’s perfectly possible for your mind to imagine things happening to you avatar, and still feel them happening to you in your own mind.

Hypnosis is all about imagination.

So I think this was one of the funny situations that could easily have been solved by a little pre-talk to get everyone on the same page, but the tists were so immersed in Second Life it never occurred to them that might be necessary.

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Flying High With Cyriacus

Way, way back in 2012, I had a fun trance with a guy I had recently met, named Cyriacus. He invited me for a balloon ride over a sim of the Grand Canyon, and while we travelled, he gave me a lovely trance.

It was a lovely trance from someone who really understood hypnosis, and he used the backdrop of us drifting over the canyon as part of the trance. Describing how my head was floating in the sky, thoughts becoming puffy and insubstantial like pretty clouds, drifting like a balloon…

He then gave me a suggestion that I would feel safe and uninhibited when talking to him. A suggestion that ordinarily makes me a little wary, but he followed it up by asking if it was alright to give that suggestion, and giving me free rein to refuse it and reject anything that made me uncomfortable.

It was a nice move and made me more comfortable. He then woke me up partway, so that we could talk, but i could still enjoy the experience of drifting in the balloon.

We had a little pleasant chat as I drifting, just getting to know each other a bit, then it was time for me to wake and leave.

So, not an overtly sexy story, just a pleasant and lovely personal memory.

He later sent me a video he’d taken of the trip. The quality is pretty low by modern standards, but this was in 2012, remember. It’s not likely to be of much interest to you, since nothing much happens and the real action was going on inside the balloon as he tranced me. But it was a touching gift if a lovely memory.

I’d have loved to get to know him better, but we met in 2012, unfortunately, which was one of the worst years of my life, and my worst year on Second Life (for more on that, look for a coming article on my Hypnosis Meltdown (maybe)). I was keeping everyone at a distance, so we drifted apart. But I’ll always remember the serene comfort of that balloon trip, a lovely oasis when I was feeling really down.

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Design Finished!

Whew, finally finished all the back-end design work (after thinking I’d finished it earlier this week). So now nothing is stopping me from adding new posts – apart from writing them of course.

To commemorate, I added a post about HypnoDolls, a very important place in the history of Hypnosis on SL, and a quick review of a simple Induction trance available there.

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I can’t start a series of articles on hypnosis places in Second Life without talking about HypnoDolls. I can’t overstate how important this place was in its day. For many of us, this was the birthplace of hypnosis in SL.

I came to SL because I heard it had a thriving hypnosis community, and I wanted to explore hypnosis more. My first few weeks were fruitless and pretty depressing until I stumbled across HypnoDolls. And that kicked off a frenzy of hypnosis encounters for me.

Back then, the club was much bigger, and the attractions included a lounge that was always full of people, and where Hypno-dominants would frequently and spontaneously launch into group trances, where everyone would be enthralled for a short time.

There were skilled hypnotists and amateur hypnotists rubbing shoulders with roleplayers, and if there wasn’t a group trance going on, there was a lot of teasing and enticing chat, and plenty of opportunities to meet people and slip away for a private trance.

And small friend groups would publically trance each other, for the voyeuristic enjoyment of the other patrons. I remember times where Raine Shinn, a domme I kind of fell in love with, would trance me publically here and recruit other friends to take part, teaching me I had a bit of an exhibitionist side.

There was also silliness, like the attempts to see how many people could be crammed into a chair at once.

I’m in this picture, but you can’t see me because I’m buried at the back.

And then there was the Hypnotron room.

On the top floor, they had a bunch of Hypnotrons in a circle, filled with trances. So if you weren’t in the mood for social interaction, you could come up here and jump in a machine and explore anything from being bound and sexually tortured, to being turned into a robot, to having your mind emptied and filled with pleasure.

There was another source of attraction there, too. Less skilled ‘hypnotists’ would hang out near the hypnotrons and wait for someone to emerge in a tranced-out and suggestible state, and lead them away to have their fun with them.

You can argue about the ethics of such behaviour, but it was the wild west of hypnosis back then. Lots of Hypno-fetishists have the fantasy of being recruited or enslaved by an ‘eeevil’ hypnotist and this fed that fantasy.

HypnoDolls today, with its lounge, Hypnosphere, store vendors on the walls, and the hypnotic text that rotates around the walls…

Adding to that – the earliest models of hypnotrons had a bit of an oversight: anyone could change the running trance or queue up a new one, even when someone else was inside.

So I had the occasional experience of jumping into a machine for, say, a relaxing experience of being converted to a doll, only to realise that someone had just switched the trance to convert me to a needy, slutty submissive eager to obey whatever command is given.

They’ve closed that loophole now, and I’m glad about it, but for the wild young me going through her second teenager phase (and first slutty teenager phase) it was incredibly exciting. Being in a trance machine, and hearing the footsteps of someone approaching the machine, always gave a frisson of nervous excitement – are they going to change the trance on me, and take advantage of my imagined helplessness?

HypnoDolls was once the living, breathing heart of the hypnosis community on SL. Every other hypnosis place lived in its shadow. But time moves on, and the place is a lot quieter now. One of the two founders, Liriel Saarinen has left Second Life, and while the other, Winterrose Ellison, is still active in SL, she doesn’t do much with the place – I wonder if she mainly keeps it around out of nostalgia.

There are two Hypnotrons available for use. Here a hapless reporter has been caught by the Bimbotron.

For those of us around in its heyday, it’ll never be forgotten. It’s nice that it still exists, and would be even nicer to see it surge into life once more.

Do you have any fond or funny memories of HypnoDolls? If so, share them in the comments and we can reminisce!

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Induction, My First Trance Review

For my first review, I’m starting with a simple, straightforward trance: Induction. This trance is available on the Hypnotron trance machines at HypnoDolls.

This might seem fairly basic, but it’s a good trance for people new to trances, and those who want a bit more deepening before moving on to another trance.

Continue reading

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A Database for Trances, Trance Toys, and Hypnotic Places

One thing I’ve wanted to add to this blog is a series of reviews of the different hypnosis gadgets available in SL, along with reviews of trances and places of interest to hypnosis enthusiasts.

I’ve just spent the last two weeks updating the site’s backend to make it easier to handle those articles, and made a very minor update to the old Hypnotron article to make it compatible. So expect to see some juicy reviews of trances and gadgets soon!

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Three Hypnosis Communities In One

People tend to think of the hypnosis scene on Second Life as one community. I think it might be three separate communities that happen to share the same space and play with each other. There’s a lot of overlap between these communities, and the lines between them are blurred, but there are still distinct differences.

This matters because not recognising these differences can cause problems when people from the different communities play together. I’ll touch on that later.

(I think this is true also of online play in general, but I have most experience with second life.)

The Three Communities

So, what are the groups?

The Roleplayers: These people come to SL to roleplay, and they act out fantasies of mind control, hypnosis, BDSM, and so on. They never knowingly go into trance, and they may not realise hypnosis is actually real. I’ve met people in this group who think everyone into hypnosis is just roleplaying.

The SL Trancers: There only real difference between this group and the first, is that they do seek out real trance, and have real hypnotic experiences. But they are able to isolate their SL experiences from RL, and hypnosis effects rarely last for long.

The RL Trancers: And then there are those who routinely experience deep hypnosis, and have no real concept of the difference between RL and SL. This means that suggestions can have a long-term effect that sticks with them when they leave SL, and they have to be careful to avoid problems caused by that.

SL and RL Trancers

A bit more on what I mean by SL and RL trancers:

My theory is that SL Trancers don’t experience very deep trances – you can achieve all the fun stuff you want, like orgasm suggestions, hypnotic bondage, feeling compelled to obey, and even feeling like you’re in a deep trance, in light trances.

Or, perhaps their mind compartmentalises Second Life as a separate context from Real Life. This phenomenon is actually pretty common: everyone who acts differently when with their boss or parents, compared to their partying or shopping buddies has experienced it. You act completely differently in these contexts, showing a different persona. You may not even consciously realise you are acting differently because you are not acting. These different personas are just different sides of the real you. I think the same thing happens with people on SL. And so, when you are given hypnotic suggestions on SL, they are associated with your SL persona and are left behind when you leave SL.

The RL trancers by contrast have no such filter between RL and SL, and go into deeper trances more easily than SL trancers. This causes them specific problems that the other two groups don’t face, and can cause them to approach play in very different ways.

Playstyle Differences

Before I continue, though, I want to make one thing clear: all three of these groups are equally valid, and none are superior to any other. People in all three groups might be casual and interested only in quick hookups, or serious and seeking long-term, meaningful relationships. What this article is about specifically is how these groups approach play, not their approach to relationships.

Roleplayers and SL Trancers are very similar. The first group sees suggestions as just roleplay, and the second group knows they won’t stick (even though they might want them to), so they both jump into scenes pretty easily. There’s no need to negotiate terms of consent ahead of time, and in fact, doing so might rob the moment of its erotic heat.

This also means that when they give suggestions, they don’t build in safeties. They don’t say things like, “This suggestion will last for this scene, and this scene only. This trigger will work for me, and me alone.” For most of the people in these groups that I’ve played with, it’s not a conscious decision to ignore safeties – they just don’t think about them at all. It’s an alien concept because they’ve never needed them. And when they are asked to use them, they often have no real idea how to do safety suggestions, because it’s so different from their experience.

They are also likely to give suggestions like (assuming they fit the scene being played), “You feel like a slut and will sleep with anyone who asks, at any time. You are always horny and need to masturbate whenever you can. You are my slave, and crave to be near me, nothing else matters to you – not your family, your work, nothing.”

These are real suggestions I’ve been given, by the way. It should take no imagination to realise how suggestions like these could cause problems for RL Trancers, in real life. But for roleplayers and SL trancers, they are just hot fantasies, just harmless fun.

I should mention that your mind will reject most bad suggestions anyway, but the way it rejects them can be unpleasant: you can be shocked out of trance and be upset with the hypnotist, feeling violated. Your hypnotist might be confused and upset too, because they thought they were just having harmless fun and giving you what you wanted and don’t understand why you’re upset.

Or you might start accepting the suggestion a little bit because being exposed to it over and over is conditioning you. And over time, it might get stronger before you realise what is happening.

That’s just one kind of problem that occurs. Another comes from people not identifying which group they are actually in.

The Differences Are Blurred

If you describe these categories to people and ask them what group they are in, a lot of SL trancers will say they are in the RL trance group. They won’t be lying, they’ll think it’s true. But this group is by definition people for whom suggestions do not stick, and whose RL is not impacted by trancing in SL, and whose playing habits have been shaped by the fact that they don’t need to think about safeties. Think about whether that really applies to you.

Remember, these categories are arbitrary, created purely to help me better understand the kind of play I see on Second Life. Being an SL Trancer is not lesser than RL trancers, it’s just different.

RL trancers might be the least common group, but they also might be common – they just don’t play as often as the other groups. You can often identify them because they won’t play without having discussions of safety, and might not play with anyone until they get to know them over time. They have learned through experience to be careful, because carelessly worded suggestions or ones without safeties can screw them up.

To blur the lines again, these categories are not rigid. Some roleplayers can start to experience trance (the line between roleplay and trance is actually pretty slim) and drift into the SL trancers group, and some SL trancers will get better at trance and become RL trancers.

And these changes can be temporary. Someone who is usually a roleplayer might have a scene that is constructed so perfectly for them that they drift into a RL trance experience for that scene.

This means people who normally enjoy themselves in a reckless, carefree way can have experiences they don’t expect and can cause them unpleasant or confusing problems.

The Problems This Causes

Okay, now we get to the real reason I wrote this article. I fall into this last group, and for a long time struggled to understand why the online hypnosis scene was often such a horrible place for me. Figuring out these different categories is my attempt to make sense of it.

I’ve said in this article that these three groups are all valid, and there’s nothing wrong with belonging to either. That is totally true. However…

The hypnosis scene itself is pretty toxic. Consent violations are not merely rife, they are the norm. The reason for this is because most people are approaching play as if it is a game, and frivolously use serious brainwashing techniques and assorted mindfuckery on each other with no thought given to the consequences.

But you can understand how this culture arose by realising that for most people, this has no real consequences – and in fact, it is fun and what they actually want.

But now you are aware that there are different groups of people with different needs, and so should at least think about how you approach play. Think back over scenes that went wrong, and consider – did it go wrong because you were playing with someone in a different one of these categories, and neither of you realised it? Did someone accuse you of being abusive, which seemed unfair at the time because you really didn’t intend to be, but in light of the ideas presented here, you can understand why they might have thought that?

If you can take this article to heart, and adapt your play to account for the differences between these categories, you can help make the scene a much better place for all kinds of hypno enthusiasts.

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10 Tips For Getting Into Trance

Over the years, I have met a lot of people who want to trance, but haven’t been able to. Years ago, I created a file with some tips to help, and handed it out to lots of people. A decent few people came back to thank me, and tell me they had now experienced trance for the first time.

So, I thought, why not share it more widely? And here it is. There’s a lot of text here, but most is explaining the why of it. The essential part of the document is this short list of tips:


  • When you are being tranced, imagine you are going into hypnosis even if you think you aren’t
  • When a hypnotist gives you a suggestion, act on it even if you feel you don’t need to.
  • Know that you can always reject a suggestion and wake up from a trance
  • If you mind wanders, don’t worry. When you realise your mind is wandering, just relax and focus on the words of the hypnotist or hypnotic device.
  • Repeat in your head everything the hypnotist or hypnotic device says: if it says, “you are feeling sleepy,” tell yourself, “I am feeling sleepy.”
  • Try to get into a comfortable position for the trance, and if you become uncomfortable during the trance, just let yourself shift back to a comfortable position and then relax: you might need to do this several times but you can stay in trance while doing it.
  • Whenever you think about how hard it is to go into trance, tell yourself, “Everyone can go into trance. I can go into trance. I just need practice.” You’ll get there.
  • Train yourself with the basic INDUCTION or SAFEGUARD trances from Hypnodolls.
  • If you have a FEAR OF LETTING GO, check out that section below, and maybe try Lady Julia’s Safety Net mp3 each day for a week.
  • Be patient and don’t try to rush it – it’ll come in time.

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Current Affairs


That is, I’m not having any affairs at the moment. I’m not doing any hypnoplay at the moment, and I’ll get to the reason for that terrible state of affairs in the coming posts.

But since I’m not trancing, I am clearheaded enough to write something here! And so…

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Bigger Than Ever!

I created this blog a long, long time ago, and I still regularly meet people in Second Life who recognise my name and demand to know when I’ll be writing new posts. It’s very flattering and as a part-time bimbo, it’s lovely to have the attention giggle.

I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see how things have changed since my early days.

One of my earlier posts reported on a worrying tendency I had started to notice, entitled Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger.

I started out looking like the picture on the left, and had blossomed into the picture on the right. I had seen a lot of other girls grow into much more shapely women, and was wondering if Second Life had some strange effect on women’s chests. Especially those women who did a lot of trances, affecting their desires and self-perceptions…

I recently made myself a new profile picture, and I think I can safely put this worry to rest. There might have been some minor development, but nothing that seems unusual or eye-catching. Whew, that’s a relief. Bring on the New Year!

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Theme Update

Just a minor update: tweaked the blog’s colours and other theme-y stuffs. I hope I didn’t break anything. Who put a bimbo in charge of this stuff?!

Let me know if you see any oddities.


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Touched By Sanura

I have often wondered what Sanura saw in me

I have often wondered what Sanura saw in me

This is the third in a series of three posts about my favourite post hypnotic suggestions. Read about how Sanura gave me the Doll Stand of Mindless Bliss in last Friday’s post, Displayed To Please, and how Angel taught me to spread at her command, in last Tuesday’s post, Hypnotised to Obey – By Accident!

In this post, I’ll tell you how Sanura gave me another very sexy suggestion, the one that has most enhanced my experience of online play and hypnosis ever since.

We were discussing what sort of things I’d like to do with hypnosis. I told Sanura that some suggestions don’t work well with me, like for example, when a hypnotist tells me to visualise something that isn’t there, or when they describe touching me and tell me I should feel it.

This isn’t unusual by the way. Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is different. Some people visualise easily exactly what they are told to see, and see it as if it was really there. Most don’t. Some people strongly feel suggested emotions. (I think I fall into that group.) Some people respond to triggers automatically while others don’t.

So, Sanura suggested using hypnosis to heighten my sense of touch, so that while I was logged into Second Life, I would feel whatever my avatar felt. I’d tried machine trances with similar suggestions, but they hadn’t worked. But improving your ability to do hypnosis takes time and practice, and those trances weren’t interesting enough to me to keep using them.

Playing with Sanura was different. That was always hot! So I was excited about this idea, and eager to see if it would work. Continue reading

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Hypnotised To Obey – By Accident!

An Angel Arrives

A Divine Visitation

In this post, I’ll tell you about a couple of times I was hypnotised by accident, and finish off with one of the sexiest commands I’ve ever been given.

I’ve tranced a lot. If I wasn’t able to find a hypnotist for my fix, I’d be listening to an mp3 before bed or jumping on SL to watch a trance machine. Sometimes I’d go a few days without trancing, and every now and then I would spend the entire day trancing. So, I think it’s reasonable to say my average is roughly one trance a day for roughly eight years. If I hadn’t done so many bimbo trances, I’d be able to tell you how many that is! It’s a lot.

A major benefit of that… enthusiasm?… is that I go into trance very easily. I like a nice long induction, but I can slip into at least a light trance very quickly. It can also happen by accident. And has, a few times.

I have been watching the TV, or driving in the car (as a passenger!), or working, and something has reminded me of a trance. As I remember the feeling of trance, it becomes reality and I feel myself slipping away.

If I’m not busy, I usually let it happen, and enjoy a few moments of drifting. Since there is no hypnotist to give me instructions, I always drift back up before long.

Sometimes on Second Life, a dom/me hypnotises someone in public. Until recently, I couldn’t watch such a scene without falling under myself and following along.

On occasion, a dominant realises I’ve been hypnotised by accident, and takes advantage of that fact… One such tale follows below. Continue reading

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Displayed To Please

As a dedicated hypnotee (which is a polite way of saying, “slut for hypnosis”), I have picked up a fair few Post Hypnotic Suggestions in my time. I mentioned the good girl trigger in a previous post. Two of my three free favourite long-term triggers were originally set by Sanura Messmer.

I’ve mentioned Sanura before. She’s very special to me. I came close to taking her collar (which is a big step for me). Twice! Both times, it was scheduling that interfered. We have stayed friends, and still play every now and then. We had good rapport right from the day we first met, roughly 4 years ago.

During one of our early meetings, she was showing me around the house she had back then. We were also getting to know each other, and talking about what was possible with hypnosis. She said that hypnosis could be used to make you feel me feel I was in love with her. I told her that kind of emotional suggestion didn’t work for me.

She quickly led me into trance. I can’t remember the wording she used, but she gave me that very suggestion, that I was in love with her, and then woke me up.

She asked me how I felt. Upon awaking, I felt no different, but then something started to happen. It is hard to describe. It felt like my world was shifting. I was shrinking, and she was growing, becoming more important. I found myself becoming captivated by her and growing breathless.

Then she cancelled the suggestion, and instantly, it was gone.

I was disappointed! I wanted to explore that feeling more, but it was cut off just when it was starting to get interesting. After that, I really wanted to be hypnotised by her again! Luckily I got my wish…

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Such a Good Girl

It's funny how often my sexiest predicaments start with, "and then Lexie suggested..."

It’s funny how often my sexiest predicaments start with, “And then Lexie suggested…”

The last few Fridays, I’ve posted about some embarrassing moments caused by hypnosis. In this post, I’ll tell you about the most embarrassing for all. Something that happened in a very public place, when I was surrounded by friends and family…

Nowadays, I often ask hypnotists to abide by a set of boundaries. Things like, “Don’t give me addictive suggestions,” and, “Limit your suggestions to apply just when we play.”

I didn’t always do that. I think people assume I do it because I’m worried about hypnotists trying to take control of me, and force me to do things against my will. I’m really not worried about that. These limits are to protect me from myself.

I‘ve found that certain kinds of suggestions can affect me too much, especially ones that give pleasure, and my mind will try to cling to them. Here’s an example.

One of the first hypnotists I played with gave me the trigger, “Good Girl”, and told me something like, “When I call you a good girl, you’ll feel a burst of pleasure.”

That was fun. I loved him calling me his good girl. I knew it was part of my training, that the pleasure was so good, I’d be more eager to listen to him, hoping he would say it. For a submissive like me, that was very exciting.  What could go wrong? Continue reading

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How Deep Is Deep?

Last Friday, I posted about one of my most embarrassing trance interruptions. This one is worse. Especially since I was unaware about what happened, when it happened.

People often think hypnosis isn’t working on them, because they don’t feel any different. They just feel a little relaxed. As you shall see, a little relaxation can go a long way.

One day, I was watching a machine trance. Well, okay, I was watching three trances, chained together, for around two hours. I do that sometimes. I’m a hypnoslut…

While watching, I didn’t feel like I was very deep. My mind wandered several times, and I had to remember to focus back on the trance. But still, it was enjoyable, I felt good by the end of it. Nothing too special, just nice. Then when I got up and looked around, I noticed the door into the room was open.

“That was odd,” I thought. “I’m sure I closed that.”

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Mesmerised by the Snugglubus

There are sexy demons in Second Life. Some of them are dark and devious, eager to corrupt and enslave you. Others are more playful, eager to cuddle you into blissful oblivion.  This is the tale of my encounter with one of the latter kind.

Dolly: i like being cute and cuddly and softly working my demonic snuggle magic into peoples minds
Giggli: so, less of a sexubus, and more of a snugglubus?

The Lair of the Snugglubus

Last week, I was invited to supervise the construction of a new chamber hidden in the bowels of the Vault of Souls. And by “supervise”, I mean lounge around, mesmerized by the pulsating pink walls.

A trio of impressively built Snuggle Demons caught in the act of decorating, tower over the intruders. (Getting a good shot was tricky, they move around a lot!)

Are you getting frisky, Mr Bear?

It’s an interesting room, the lair of the mysterious snuggle demons. The walls really do pulsate by the way.

I have a love of pink that… um.. didn’t develop entirely naturally. There’s a fun story about that. A topic for a later post. So for me, the room’s aura of throbbing pink was already quite mesmerising, and I haven’t even got to the trance yet!

Sadly, I had to leave before they finished decorating. The next time I logged on, I stumbled across two demons lost in each other’s arms. Lisa and Dolly. I did what any respectable second life rezident would do, and took up a quiet position to watch.

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle demons Do

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle Demons Do

Or maybe that’s what I might have done if I had arrived discreetly. But I appeared in the middle of the room, and they spotted me immediately. Gulp!

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The Irresistible Cow(girl)


What is happening…
Must.. .resist

A few years ago, I was playing with a wonderful hypnodomme named Vanity Vandeverre.

I was helpless against her suggestions. One day, we were chatting, and somehow, big boobs and milking came up in conversation. This is pretty normal conversation in Second Life! I think I said something like, “I can see the attraction, but it doesn’t do much for me.”

That was like a red rag to a bull. Vanity started talking about how nice big boobs were, to feel them sway and jiggle. She told me that I would feel mine growing, and swelling, and the heaviness of my udders would pull me down onto all fours.

I found that hilarious, and started to type, “Haha, nice try but no way that is going to happen!”

But before I could finish typing it, I felt the pull. In fact, as I’m writing this post and remembering this experience, I am leaning forward, feeling the extra weight again.

I did manage to type something like, “Oh no no no!”

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Hitting My Limit: Broken By Hypnosis

To Oblivion And Beyond!

To Oblivion And Beyond!

This post is a bit more serious than most of my recent ones. Believe it or not, the life of a hypnoslut is not all mindless bliss and roses!

I joined Second Life because I heard there was an active hypnosis scene there. There was, and I threw myself into it eagerly and recklessly. I consumed every machine trance I could find, chaining them together in sessions two of three hours long. I met hypnotist after hypnotist, and let them have their way with my minds. I did so much hypnosis so enthusiastically, friends often marvelled, “How is it you still have a mind?” Continue reading

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