The Pursuit of Happiness

Often, those of us who spend time in online worlds are told to “get a life,” as if ‘living’ in a virtual community is somehow less rewarding or wholesome than, say, spending our evenings in a pub getting wasted. (Of course, it’s not an either/or situation – we can do both! Sometimes at the same time!)

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Slavery and Submission in Second Life

“But doesn’t a small part of you wish … to be so totally enraptured with someone that you don’t even want to say no, much less think it.”

“If you could have a total brainwashing with anyone as the mistress, who would it be?”

I was asked these very intriguing questions within an hour of each other, by two friends who happen to be SL hypnodommes. There’s a hidden assumption in these questions, one which highlights a very interesting difference between the traditional BDSM world, and the hypnosis community of Second Life.

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