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Kero’s Toybox

The store of Kiro Yifu, a creator – nay inventor of marvellous gadgets and games. This store is the home of the revolutionary KnK HypnoHud, and Trance-O-Matic. Before their introduction, the hypnosis scene was divided between the trance machines of three companies, HypnoDolls, Rygel & Lustbaby, and Hypnotic Magic. With the introduction of the Trance-o-Matic …

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Learn a little bit about the place that was once the living, breathing heart of hypnosis community on Second Life, and the kind of crazy shenanigans that used to take place here.


Landing view for Hypnotropolis

The Store of Elizabeth Boissay, a very prolific trance writer. You can find her scripts, as well as a variety of stuff from other vendors.