I can’t start a series of articles on hypnosis places in Second Life without talking about HypnoDolls. I can’t overstate how important this place was in its day. For many of us, this was the birthplace of hypnosis in SL.

I came to SL because I heard it had a thriving hypnosis community, and I wanted to explore hypnosis more. My first few weeks were fruitless and pretty depressing until I stumbled across HypnoDolls. And that kicked off a frenzy of hypnosis encounters for me.

Back then, the club was much bigger, and the attractions included a lounge that was always full of people, and where Hypno-dominants would frequently and spontaneously launch into group trances, where everyone would be enthralled for a short time.

There were skilled hypnotists and amateur hypnotists rubbing shoulders with roleplayers, and if there wasn’t a group trance going on, there was a lot of teasing and enticing chat, and plenty of opportunities to meet people and slip away for a private trance.

And small friend groups would publically trance each other, for the voyeuristic enjoyment of the other patrons. I remember times where Raine Shinn, a domme I kind of fell in love with, would trance me publically here and recruit other friends to take part, teaching me I had a bit of an exhibitionist side.

There was also silliness, like the attempts to see how many people could be crammed into a chair at once.

I’m in this picture, but you can’t see me because I’m buried at the back.

And then there was the Hypnotron room.

On the top floor, they had a bunch of Hypnotrons in a circle, filled with trances. So if you weren’t in the mood for social interaction, you could come up here and jump in a machine and explore anything from being bound and sexually tortured, to being turned into a robot, to having your mind emptied and filled with pleasure.

There was another source of attraction there, too. Less skilled ‘hypnotists’ would hang out near the hypnotrons and wait for someone to emerge in a tranced-out and suggestible state, and lead them away to have their fun with them.

You can argue about the ethics of such behaviour, but it was the wild west of hypnosis back then. Lots of Hypno-fetishists have the fantasy of being recruited or enslaved by an ‘eeevil’ hypnotist and this fed that fantasy.

HypnoDolls today, with its lounge, Hypnosphere, store vendors on the walls, and the hypnotic text that rotates around the walls…

Adding to that – the earliest models of hypnotrons had a bit of an oversight: anyone could change the running trance or queue up a new one, even when someone else was inside.

So I had the occasional experience of jumping into a machine for, say, a relaxing experience of being converted to a doll, only to realise that someone had just switched the trance to convert me to a needy, slutty submissive eager to obey whatever command is given.

They’ve closed that loophole now, and I’m glad about it, but for the wild young me going through her second teenager phase (and first slutty teenager phase) it was incredibly exciting. Being in a trance machine, and hearing the footsteps of someone approaching the machine, always gave a frisson of nervous excitement – are they going to change the trance on me, and take advantage of my imagined helplessness?

HypnoDolls was once the living, breathing heart of the hypnosis community on SL. Every other hypnosis place lived in its shadow. But time moves on, and the place is a lot quieter now. One of the two founders, Liriel Saarinen has left Second Life, and while the other, Winterrose Ellison, is still active in SL, she doesn’t do much with the place – I wonder if she mainly keeps it around out of nostalgia.

There are two Hypnotrons available for use. Here a hapless reporter has been caught by the Bimbotron.

For those of us around in its heyday, it’ll never be forgotten. It’s nice that it still exists, and would be even nicer to see it surge into life once more.

Do you have any fond or funny memories of HypnoDolls? If so, share them in the comments and we can reminisce!

Description: The oldest hypnosis meeting place and store in Second Life.

Attractions: Lounge to chat or trance in, Two hypnotrons, HypnoSphere, Store

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    • Peter on 29/05/2021 at 5:19 PM

    ….and in a moment of “delusions of grandeur”….I ponder….what would it take to bring back that environment? Or possibly find another location? The “old” magical place is gone and will never come back if for no other reason than the people that were there have either moved on or become different people over the years…. But that doesn’t mean we/someone couldn’t try to re-create it for everyone knew…..

    You know where to find me Giggli…..for further discussion….over a pot of coffee….I’ll buy….. 😛 🙂

    • Giggli on 29/05/2021 at 10:29 PM

    I dont know what it would take, quite a lot of work probably!
    There are other hypno-places that are more active, and I’ll post about them soon. But check out Live Trance Lab (which I know you know), Cranial Lust, and The Sleeping City for a start.

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