There are a few places to buy trances, and trance-related toys, in Second Life. I have mentioned Mistress Elizabeth Boissay in other posts. She is a very prolific trance writer, and her trances can be found at her store, Hypnotropolis.

The store is located in one of those sims that disables direct teleports. You are forced to land at a central hub. Fortunately, the store can be seen from the landing position. Just turn around till you can see this view:

Landing view for Hypnotropolis
A very cheery  location

Mistress Elizabeth has over 200 trances, most of which are available in the ground floor of the store. (Prepare for RSI, when clicking through the vendors to view them all!) Her trances use the widely available KnK system, which is available in one of the ground floor vendors.

Also available on the ground floor are hypnosis systems and toys from other creators, such as hypnotrons and lustbaby machines.

On the upper floor, you can find RLV toys, latex outfits, and demo machines.

Hypnotropolis Upper Floor
Empty your mind, for a small fee

Mistress Elizabeth has a reward scheme for dedicated buyers of her trances:

Mistress Rewards Loyalty

First, one of the vendors holds weekly specials. The trances in this vendor are sold at 50% off; they change each week.

Second, there’s a reward scheme. You get a discount trances based on the total amount you’ve spent on Mistress Elizabeth’s trances (not counting those in the weekly specials).

Total Spending Discount
1000L 5%
2,500L 10%
5000L 15%
7,500L 18%
10,000L 20%
15,000L 23%
20,000L 25%
45,000L 30%

This discount applies only to Mistress Elizabeth’s own products, not affiliates. The bimbo in me sees that if you were, like, to buy a lot of trances, you pay less, so buy, buy, buy! That location again is Hypnotropolis.

Description: The Erotic Hypnotic shop – Hypnosis, Erotic Hypnosis, Omega Appliers, Clothes, Bondage, BDSM, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Brain washing, mkultra, collars, S&M, RLV, Trance, mindcontrol, sex, Mama Allpa

Attractions: See above!

Visit Hypnotropolis in Second Life

Visit Hypnotropolis on the Marketplace (if store exists).


    • K on 30/12/2011 at 10:40 AM

    i wonder, might there be a way to contact Mistress Elizabeth outside of SL?
    i dont engage in SL but i did stumble upon her videos through your amazing website and im entranced, and i just HAVE to know more about her
    thank youuuuuuu so so much

    • Giggli on 04/12/2012 at 6:43 PM

    She has a blog listed in my links sidebar (Bliss isn’t easy), you might be able to contact her through that.

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