Kero’s Toybox

The store of Kiro Yifu, a creator – nay inventor of marvellous gadgets and games.

This store is the home of the revolutionary KnK HypnoHud, and Trance-O-Matic. Before their introduction, the hypnosis scene was divided between the trance machines of three companies, HypnoDolls, Rygel & Lustbaby, and Hypnotic Magic. With the introduction of the Trance-o-Matic that changed overnight – suddenly Trance-O-Matics were everywhere. Another post will describe why that happened.

While this blog focuses on hypnosis stuff, this store is not just for hypnosis fans. Kero is a mad scientist and inventor, so you can find doll display cases (where you are the doll), RLV bondage traps, and doll factory; a portal gun, and objects to transform your avatar into motorbikes, picture frames, plants, and more.

There are even playable games. Or you can sit back and watch the bunny minions work away in the toybox:

Getting back to hypnosis, you can also pick up some trances for the KnK HUD and the Trance-O-matic.

In addition to the trances above, there’s also a vendor for Hypnotropolis trances, fully compatible with the KnK hypnodevices.

There’s a public Trance-O-Matic just below the sign above which contains all the trances listed. You can try them all out for free here!

Description: My precious store! It’s been running since 2008 and it’s still open after all this time! Come discover games, toys, transformation and doll stuffs!

Attractions: Toys and Trances

Visit Kero’s Toybox in Second Life

Visit Kero’s Toybox on the Marketplace (if store exists).

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    • Peter on 10/07/2021 at 9:14 PM

    Keep ’em coming Giggli! 🙂

    • Giggli on 15/07/2021 at 8:35 PM

    Hehe, thank you! Sorry for the delay in responding, I got distracted by a mix of RL, the heatwave, and being brainwashed.

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