Second Life Makes Your Boobs Bigger!

This is a phenomena that demands serious study! Second Life seems to be making my boobs bigger! Don’t laugh, I have photographic evidence.

Here’s what I looked like, more or less, when I started a few months ago.

Here’s what I looked more recently. The growth is obvious!

(Also, kneeling – I seem to be doing more of that, too…)

When I was playing with a friend a while back, she told me, “Your boobs are so cute and perky!” By then, I’d been in SL long enough to realise what she really meant:  “Your boobs are so tiny!”

Not only is SL changing my body, it’s changing my mind, and my conception of what’s normal. It’s so insidious! And that boob slider keeps creeping closer and closer to maximum, and stores with names like Implant Nation start to appear curiously attractive…

If this continues, will I look like my friend Kimber in a few more months? Mmm, that looks pretty tempting…

But what then? Who knows, maybe in a year I’ll look like my friend Jorja. In this picture you can see her looking down and thinking, “OMG! where did they come from!”

I think I need a drink of milk to cool down…

Where will it end? How long do I have to stay in SL to get boobs like these? And is that a bad thing?

Note: no offence is intended to my gorgeous friends Kimber and Jorja, or the magnificent lady above – this is a bit of whimsical fun that just might be true! What do you think? have you noticed any changes since you started Second Life?

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