Mesmerised by the Snugglubus

There are sexy demons in Second Life. Some of them are dark and devious, eager to corrupt and enslave you. Others are more playful, eager to cuddle you into blissful oblivion.  This is the tale of my encounter with one of the latter kind.

Dolly: i like being cute and cuddly and softly working my demonic snuggle magic into peoples minds
Giggli: so, less of a sexubus, and more of a snugglubus?

The Lair of the Snugglubus

Last week, I was invited to supervise the construction of a new chamber hidden in the bowels of the Vault of Souls. And by “supervise”, I mean lounge around, mesmerized by the pulsating pink walls.

A trio of impressively built Snuggle Demons caught in the act of decorating, tower over the intruders. (Getting a good shot was tricky, they move around a lot!)

Are you getting frisky, Mr Bear?

It’s an interesting room, the lair of the mysterious snuggle demons. The walls really do pulsate by the way.

I have a love of pink that… um.. didn’t develop entirely naturally. There’s a fun story about that. A topic for a later post. So for me, the room’s aura of throbbing pink was already quite mesmerising, and I haven’t even got to the trance yet!

Sadly, I had to leave before they finished decorating. The next time I logged on, I stumbled across two demons lost in each other’s arms. Lisa and Dolly. I did what any respectable second life rezident would do, and took up a quiet position to watch.

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle demons Do

Snuggle Demons Doing What Snuggle Demons Do

Or maybe that’s what I might have done if I had arrived discreetly. But I appeared in the middle of the room, and they spotted me immediately. Gulp!

I knew Lisa (she’s the one in red). She’s very sweet, and normally looks a lot less demonic. But now she was the Queen of the Snuggle Demons. We had a silly chat about the increasing number of demonesses around the area lately, it was like an epidemic that was infecting everyone. Dolly suggested that I’d better watch out or I might be next. Turned into a pink bunny demon.

But snuggle demons are cunning. That chat was just to get me to lower my guard. Now Then the two started talking about this room, so full of pink energy. Telling me how natural it would be if some of it seeped into me, a willing girl who loves to filled with pink.

Dolly started talking in that trancey way – short sentences, simple statements that I had no choice but to follow. Things like:

Click Me!

Pounced by the Snugglubus

Dolly: it’s unavoidable. the pink just finds its way in
Dolly: it helps that you want it
Dolly: it makes it flow in even faster
Dolly: even deeper
Dolly: feeling the pink energy
Dolly: you want it
Dolly: you love it
Dolly: so let it in
Dolly: it wants to flow into you
Dolly: it wants to make you feel soo good
Dolly: so happy
Dolly: so warm
Dolly: pink feels soo good
Dolly: doesn’t it, sweetie?

She’d caught me by surprise. When I realised she was starting to trance me, I realised we hadn’t talked about boundaries. But I was slipping under, and feeling so deliciously heavy. Then she said that, “Pink feels sooo good, doesn’t it, sweetie?” I could only answer, “Yes.” After all it was true! And I gave up resisting and let go.


She started talking about how magical the room is, so pink and wondrous, “It makes all of us feel sooo good.” She suggested that as the pink flows in, the stress flows out. In this room, “you can go as deep as you want, be as open to the pink as you want,” just becoming so relaxed, so open, so deep, just floating in the pink.

Demon Furniture hungry!

Lisa had gone quiet. After the trance, we found out why. Demon furniture can get hungry!

After all my boundary issues lately, I feel tense whenever trancing with someone new. But Dolly made me feel very comfortable indeed, and that tension soon slipped away.

I love hypnosis. People often ask me what I like to do in trance, and that’s not an easy question to answer. For me, hypnosis is the fetish. You could recite a phone book, and if you did it in a hypnotic way, I’d be thrilled. This was a lovely relaxing trance that played to my love of pink.

I felt so nice, and the trance was so effective, that after she woke me, I kept slipping back under. I’d see the pink pulsating walls, and start drifting again.

In fact, the next two times I logged on to SL, I found myself in that room, and I just stayed there, feeling nice. I did talk to people, but I saw no reason to leave giggle.

All in all, a lovely experience, from a cuddly and fun demon dolly who I hope to get to know a lot better! This experience shows you don’t need to be ‘evil’ or strict or corrupting or whatever, to offer a fun hypnotic time.

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    • Mandy on 06/03/2013 at 9:35 AM

    This is so true: Hypnosis is the fetish! lol

    I never know how to answer when they ask what do you want to do with hypnosis. They want to know what kind of suggestions to give me, but honestly, I just like sliding under and being there. 🙂

    • Giggli on 11/03/2013 at 10:49 PM

    Yes, exactly the way I feel too.
    I think it’s also my submissive side too. It feels like they should be leading, and me following. I like to see what hypnotists want to to with me, to get a feeling of what sort of things they like, and how I can please them *blush*
    But it does come back to, “um… it’s hypnosis. Do that and I’m happy!”

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