How to Subscribe Anonymously

I imagine most of the readers of this blog are Second Life residents, and some of you don’t like to link real world information with your Second Life account. In this post I will show you a very easy way to subscribe to this blog, and others, without using your real world identity.

In brief, you create an email account with a free service, sign up to the blog with that email, and have that service forward emails to your main account. That way the blogs and other sites you sign up with never see your real email address.

GMail makes this easy. First, create a free GMail account (perhaps using the name of your SL avatar).

In that account, go to Mail Settings. It’s hidden in a dropdown you find by clicking the cog at the far right of the mail page (the one below your email address, not the one next to it):

GMail Settings

GMail Settings

That will open the settings screen below. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, to show this:

GMail Forwarding

Forwarding and POP/IMAP Settings

Click the Add a Forwarding Address button. When prompted, enter your real email address. Once you’ve done that, an email will be sent to your account to ask permission to set up forwarding. When you’ve accepted that, return to the screen above, and click “Forward a copy of incoming email to” and select your actual email address.

That’s it. From now on you can subscribe to various sites with a disposable email address. Those sites will not have your real email address, but your main account will get notices, updates and so on.

Now there’s no reason not to subscribe! Which you can do here:

Subscribe to Sleep With Giggli.


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