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Hypnosis and Addiction and Hypnosis Addiction

What is Hypno-addiction and what are the dangers?

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You Are Being Corrupted!


What is Corruption? What is Brainwashing? How effective are they? Should you avoid them?

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The Truth About Hypnotic Amnesia

There are a lot of hypno kinksters who love the idea of being made to forget. I always found that baffling. If you had a good time, wouldn’t you want to remember it? But I’ve experienced it now, and I see the attraction. There’s a sense of deep submission – when you know someone has …

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When They Violate Boundaries

The first in a series on Red Flags to avoid in Hypno-play.

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Slave To Pleasure

A sexy story of how trust in a hypnodomme can easily be subverted…

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Over the years I’ve used my profile picks to describe what kind of play I’m looking for and tell people what I really don’t want. I have written and rewritten these picks so many times, to no avail. But I just saw a screenshot from Twitter that gets to the heart of it so well, …

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