10 Tips For Getting Into Trance

Over the years, I have met a lot of people who want to trance, but haven’t been able to. Years ago, I created a file with some tips to help, and handed it out to lots of people. A decent few people came back to thank me, and tell me they had now experienced trance for the first time.

So, I thought, why not share it more widely? And here it is. There’s a lot of text here, but most is explaining the why of it. The essential part of the document is this short list of tips:


  • When you are being tranced, imagine you are going into hypnosis even if you think you aren’t
  • When a hypnotist gives you a suggestion, act on it even if you feel you don’t need to.
  • Know that you can always reject a suggestion and wake up from a trance
  • If you mind wanders, don’t worry. When you realise your mind is wandering, just relax and focus on the words of the hypnotist or hypnotic device.
  • Repeat in your head everything the hypnotist or hypnotic device says: if it says, “you are feeling sleepy,” tell yourself, “I am feeling sleepy.”
  • Try to get into a comfortable position for the trance, and if you become uncomfortable during the trance, just let yourself shift back to a comfortable position and then relax: you might need to do this several times but you can stay in trance while doing it.
  • Whenever you think about how hard it is to go into trance, tell yourself, “Everyone can go into trance. I can go into trance. I just need practice.” You’ll get there.
  • Train yourself with the basic INDUCTION or SAFEGUARD trances from Hypnodolls.
  • If you have a FEAR OF LETTING GO, check out that section below, and maybe try Lady Julia’s Safety Net mp3 each day for a week.
  • Be patient and don’t try to rush it – it’ll come in time.


Back when I first started exploring hypnosis, I wasn’t having much luck. During that time, I joined a lot of hypnosis groups and asked for advice, and read a lot about hypnosis. The list above are some of the best tips I was given, and a few I came up with myself. The text below explains why they work.


Hypnosis cannot happen without consent or permission. If you ACT like you are being hypnotised, this can actually trick the conscious mind into becoming hypnotised.

This is why during a trance, hypnotists ask a lot of questions with answers that are always “yes”. Every time the you agree with the hypnotist, you get closer and closer to trance. You are conditioning your mind to do what the hypnotist suggests.

Likewise, if the ’tist tells you to do something, like raise your arm or close your eyes, just do it – you are training your mind to be obedient to hypnosis.

If the tist tells you that you can’t open your eyes, no matter how hard you try, then let yourself strain and tense your eyelids, but don’t open your eyes.

In the beginning, you know it’s not real, but don’t tell yourself that – tell yourself it IS real, you can’t move or open your eyes or whatever. At some point, your mind will learn that this is the proper way to act, and you’ll respond automatically, and it will be real. That’s a delicious feeling.


That said, when a hypnotist asks you questions, answer honestly. When they ask you questions, they are trying to gauge how well the trance is working.  So it’s best to answer honestly – a good hypnotist will know what to do if things aren’t working as well as you would want.

If you just tell them what you think they want to hear, the trance won’t be as effective.


In fact, no matter how deep you are or how helpless you feel, you can ALWAYS reject the hypnotist’s instructions. It might feel like you can’t, but that is an illusion. When a tist tells you that you can’t move, you can always reject that suggestion – but it might feel good, and you feel relaxed, so you just don’t do move. That is what hypnosis is – it’s not really being controlled by someone else, it’s surrendering control to someone else.

This means you have no reason to worry about problems. If there’s an emergency, like a fire alarm, or just some interruption like a phone call or an insistent knock at the door, you will wiake up to handle it.

If a hypnotist gives a terrible or harmful suggestion (“give me your credit card number”), you will reject it and instantly wake up.

So, don’t worry – you can always wake up when you need to. The thing is, if you’re a hypno-fetishist, so when it’s safe to do so you can surrender and lie there, feeling weak, helpless, and horny. Eagerly waiting for instructions.


These two ideas might sound a bit contradictory, but they aren’t. Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration: you concentrate on the hypnotist or source of hypnosis so intensely that you lose awareness of everything everything else. And while your mind is focussed on the hypnotist, your body relaxes.

Don’t be disheartened if your mind wanders and you lose focus – this is normal. It happens to me in every single trance. I’m being told to sink deeper, and I’ll suddenly remember a funny line from a comedy, or remember a task I meant to get done. But this is fine.

When you notice it happening, just tell yourself to relax, to focus on the words or the spiral or whatever – to let whatever it was fade away so you are focussed on the hypnotist again.

It’s perfectly natural for your mind to wander like this, and it doesn’t stop you from trancing. As I say, just relax, and focus on the spiral or the words, and you’ll be happily falling again.

Also, don’t try too hard: if you are excited about going into trance, and desperately want to do it, this can stop you from relaxing and focussing properly. So, just try to put all that out of your mind, clear your mind, relax, and focus on the words.

One good way to achieve this is to simply repeat in your head everything the hypnotist (or hypnotron) says to you. If they say, “you are feeling sleepy,” tell yourself, “I am feeling sleepy.” This helps focus your attention on the trance.


I mentioned I’d been trying to trance for a long time before it finally worked. The truth is, I had been going into trance for a long time without realising it. I just hadn’t been able to recognise it in the beginning.

For many people, trance feels like being calm or relaxed. It doesn’t feel very different from being awake. They only realise they are going into trance with lots of experience.

People who are going into trance without realising it can still obey suggestions given. But you might reject suggestions because you think you aren’t hypnotised. “I’m not going to do that, because I’m not hypnotised.” So the suggestion doesn’t work.

So, you never know, you could be going into trance already, but the fact that you think you aren’t stops it working. Remember to follow the FAIT ACCOMPLI rule above: tell yourself you are going into trance. The subconscious will sooner or later make it true.


One thing that holds a lot of people back from going into trance (and this was my big stumbling block, too) is some sort of fear. Fear of losing control, of being at the mercy of someone else, or whatever. Now, there is no reason to fear, since you can always break a trance and reject a suggestion. But fear is irrational and knowing there is nothing to fear doesn’t always help.

In my case, I only got over this by almost giving up: I had come to the conclusion that hypnosis was never going to work on me, so there was no point worrying. And then, suddenly, I went into trance.

But there is another way to get around it. Here is a suggestion that was given to a hypnosis group by a veteran hypnotist.


As you are getting ready to go into trance, imagine that you are splitting into two people.

Imagine one of you lying down, falling into trance, and imagine the other hovering above, watching your sleeping form. Your watcher is your guardian, taking note of everything your hypnotist says, and the sleeper relaxes in the knowledge they are being watched over and protected.

Visualise this, and imagine watching your sleeping self succumbing to the suggestions as they are given.

I have used this technique and it works for me. It’s worth a try.


Another thing to try is Lady Julia’s Safety Net trance found here: Lady Julia’s Safety Net

Lady Julia is sadly no longer with us, but she was a well-regarded and highly ethical hypnotist. Her trance contains no sexual suggestions: it is simply an induction to get you into trance, then a series of suggestions telling you that you will reject any uncomfortable suggestions, and gives a few examples. It then wakes you up. I was surprised at how effective this trance was at taking me under – she is a very skilled hypnotist. Listen to this trance each day for a week, and you may find it a lot easier to go into trance afterwards.


If you are doing scripted trances, like Trance Machines, MP3s, or youtube videos, you can check them out without trancing.

For Mp3s and videos, you can jumo about a third or a halfway into the trance, and skip the induction. Or you can start at the end, and skip backwards a minute or so listen then skip back again.

For SL machine trances, you can jump into the machine and set it away, then do something in another window, and look back at the trance periodically to read the text.

Using methods like this you can check out the trance before actually trancing with it. Check out several trances, till you find one you are comfortable going under for. Then next time, play the trance and let yourself go – you will probably get a little deeper than you were.

Note: if you are an inexperienced trancer, it helps to know the trance contents before you use it. People often like to be surprised by the trance contents, and think it’ll not work as well if they know what it contains, but this is a huge misunderstanding. You will always trance easier to a trance you know well.

For specific Second Life Trance suggestions, you could try the INDUCTION or SAFEGUARD trances at Hypnodolls. Both are available in the public machines there, and each has a nice long effective induction, and contain nothing that would trigger a subconscious fear of hypnosis.


One final tip: try to get comfortable. Slide down in your chair so your head is supported at the back, or get a cushion and put it behind your neck. If during the trance you start feeling uncomfortable, let yourself shift to a more comfortable position – you can move around, even respond to questions, while remaining in trance. If the discomfort isn’t too great, wallow in it and tell yourself – “This is uncomfortable, but I can’t move because I’m in trance.” That is a great little suggestion you can give yourself to make a trance more effective.

Likewise, don’t try to trance when you are sleepy or fatigued, or hungry or thirsty. Make sure you are comfortable in all ways,

And finally, If a trance tells you to play with yourself, or you feel the need to touch yourself, resist that suggestion. Physical stimulation can easily break a trance, especially if you’re inexperienced. Instead, imagine follwoing the instruction – imagine touching yourself, and imagine feeling how that would make you feel.


Whew, that’s a lot of text. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any other suggestions that worked for you, please comment and share them. And if you have any questions, ask away.


    • Peter on 21/05/2021 at 6:17 PM

    Another deliciously delightful read Giggli 🙂

    An observation from a n00b though…. “You are feeling sleepy.” is a commonly heard suggestion. Let me ask you something…. Did you ever really learn anything while you were asleep? I never have…except maybe how to have a dream…and that’s a subject for another web site altogether.

    If your tist does not want– or insist– on safeguards, don’t walk, run….out the door. The tist certainly cares more about themselves than they do you. Run away.

    I had a thought as I was reading about not knowing that you are in a trance…. The key to giving up– becoming tranced– for me at least….are the words: “I trust you.” Now trust comes in different levels, the first being a little bit of trust…to explore/”test the waters” to see if something is good for me. If I do not trust a tist at at least that level…I’m in the wrong place. I would need to find another tist…. The next level is “I trust you.” at a level where I give someone control over me….typically for a specific purpose. I may want to learn something or I want to achieve a specific roleplay or situation. Lastly, and I can’t really remember the last time I’ve done this, “I trust you.” becomes: “Yes, I know I only make 100K USD per year and if so and so really said that I bought that house for a quarter million dollars, then yes I bought the goddamn house!!!”

    I am exaggerating slightly to make a point but….

    As a sidebar…. Unless one of your fetishes just happens to be that you enjoy the feeling of being *violated*….such a trust typically would be unhealthy for you.

    Another thought….if you are having trouble getting tranced….play your favorite record on low to help get “in the mood”…..something relaxing…not energizing…..

    Lastly, I want you to reject my suggestion Giggli if you feel it inappropriate. If appropriate…feel free to review it liberally….and at your leisure….

    For YOU Giggli…..diarrhea of the keyboard….is a good thing…. 🙂 The world at large will profit…from your “medical condition” 😛

    • Giggli on 21/05/2021 at 6:52 PM

    Hi Peter 🙂 Great comment. I will have more to say on the topic of hypnotic safety in future posts (I have SO MUCH to say on this topic), but you are totally correct – learning about safeguards, and managing trust are both very important. Trust is crucial for good trances, and finding a hypnotist you actually can trust to look after you (and who knows enough about hypnosis and you to be able to do it) when you surrender to them is a joy.
    I like your record suggestion to get in the mood. Some people have said having a drink of wine or something similar to relax them often helps, too. Don’t go overboard though – if you are catually tipsy, or wose, drunk, it won’t be a good trance.

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