Trance to Devoted

This is a Hypnotic Magic trance. Since that store has closed down, it might not be available for sale anywhere anymore. You can still find it for use in Hypnotic Magic machines that people bought before the store shuttered.

This is the 3rd trance in a series of extreme submission trances. So it works best if you have already listened to the Hypnotic Magic trances called Submission and Slavery.

It’s a long trance, about 70 minutes. The first half of the trance is devoted to sinking you into a deep trance state, and it does this really well. It’s even more effective if you have listened to other Hypnotic Magic trances and have their sleep trigger set in your mind.

It uses this trigger to fractionate you – sinking and waking, then sinking you and waking you again. I don’t know any trance fan who doesn’t like fractionation, and it’s done very well here.

And then the trance moves on to the real subject. It assumes you have developed feelings of submission and slavery to your Dominant, and makes those feelings stronger. Now you want their control more and more, and to feel that, you want them to push your boundaries. You will feel pleasure when your hypnotist pushes you into situations you initially objected to.

You should easily spot the potential for problems here! The trance does tell you that you should already have talked to your Dominant about hard limits so that you don’t violate them. In my opinion, this is little more than a token gesture – the trance doesn’t do enough to ensure that your hard limits are protected.

That’s the one downside in what is otherwise a very well-written and very arousing trance. If you are into corruption and brainwashing, you’ll enjoy it. A lot. But if you care about hard limits you should avoid this trance, or make sure it is only used with a hypnotist you trust.

Description: N/A

Technology Hypnotic Magic
Store Hypnotic Magic
Writer Starfire Desade
Cost L$
Short Name Devoted
Theme Submission, Slavery, Corruption
Triggers Go Deep, Awaken
Duration 74 minutes

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