Induction, My First Trance Review

For my first review, I’m starting with a simple, straightforward trance: Induction. This trance is available on the Hypnotron trance machines at HypnoDolls.

This might seem fairly basic, but it’s a good trance for people new to trances, and those who want a bit more deepening before moving on to another trance.

The Trance

When you sit in the machine, a rotating spiral appears, a binaural tone plays in the background to help lull your mind, and words appear in the spiral. The words ask you to take deep breaths while visualising areas of tension in your body and feeling that tension fading away. It sounds simple, but can be quite effective.

Then you are told to imagine the classic hypnosis image of a stairwell. With a count from 10 to zero, you are guided down the stairs, feeling a sense of increasingly blissful relaxation with each step.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you are encouraged to enjoy this feeling of relaxation, and since hypnosis is an enjoyable experience, you may want to experience it again and again.

You are told you may drift in this relaxed, blissful place for as long as you like, and wake up when you are ready.

The trance itself is short, lasting only ten minutes. If I remember correctly, when you do the trance in the Hypnotron, the spiral and binaural tone continue for at least 15 minutes longer, helping you remain in a pleasant, soothing trance until you are ready to wake up. When doing the trance in the Bimbotron, that does not happen. So choose which you want for the mood you’re in.

Where To Buy

The Trance isn’t available for sale. I think it’s supplied free with each purchase of a hypnotron.

But you can use the hypnotrons at hypnodolls to try it, and most hypnotrons in other places also have it.

Things to watch for

The trance contains this suggestion – “You enjoy this and want to experience hypnosis again and again.” Some people have a sensible aversion to trances that contain addictive suggestions and so might be put off by this. My feeling here is that it’s safe since it is just encouraging you to enjoy hypnosis in general.  The trance doesn’t suggest a need for hypnosis, just the kind of desire to do it again – and if you’re into hypnosis, you feel like that already, just as anyone with a hobby or pastime they enjoy wants to do it again. I mention it only because some people are sensitive to that kind of suggestion.


This is a simple induction, a trance that takes you into trance, gives you a feeling of pleasant bliss, lets you drift in that for a while, and wake up at your own pace. It’s a good trance for beginners to try, and is ideal for those wary of hypnosis who want to try something safe. It’s also a good trance to play before listening to another one – to help you relax and open your mind.

If there’s any trances you want me to review, let me know in the comments!

Description: A simple short induction trance, recieved free with purchase of a Hypnotron.

Technology Hypnotron
Store HypnoDolls
Writer Liriel Saarinen
Cost 0L$

Short Name induction
Theme Relaxation
Duration 10 minutes


    • Peter on 01/06/2021 at 6:28 PM

    A very nice “starter” trance to come with the machine and later a nice refresher/warmup trance from time to time. The only down side was that no other trances came with the machine 😛

    • Giggli on 02/06/2021 at 1:53 AM

    You bought the machine? I’ll contact HypnoDolls for my commission!

    Seriously though, you can try out some of the trances at the machines in HypnoDolls, though they don’t have as wide a selection as they used to.

    • Peter Shogren on 17/07/2021 at 4:20 AM

    ….and that’s sad, not having the selection that they used to…..

    As another possible topic or post….how about how to WRITE trances >:) I’m referring to the syntax of writing the trance itself on the NC before you put it into the Hypnotron.

    Dare I dream? 😛

    Cya 🙂

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